[AMP]Day One and Beyond

Day 1,884, 15:03 Published in USA Canada by Haliman

Queen is the single greatest musical group in the history of the world.

We’ve hit the ground running! Already we have set up a shout squad, radio show, and Battle Buddies, and we’ve also made progress on reviving the Writers Guild! We’re amending the constitution to help propel our party back into the future, we’ve reorganized some departments and programs, and party members can now ask me anything 🙂

Pretty eventful Day One, if I do say so myself! Now, let’s get into more detail.

Shout Squad

We now have a shout squad up! I remember when I was Chief of Staff during David Wilson’s terms as PP, we got all of our congressional candidates in one PM and asked them all to publish their platforms. After they did that, everyone else in the PM would vote, comment, and shout that article to get it votes. I have expanded upon this. Getting a ton of MMs from party leadership can be monotonous, so hopefully this can take off the MM load!

Want to take part? This is easy: whenever you see AMPers shouting an article, YOU SHOUT TOO! You’ll be helping your party out immensely.

eAMP Radio
I am proud to announce the genesis of eAMP Radio!!! The AMP will be entering the online radio business! And we’re starting very soon. In fact, OUR FIRST SHOW IS TOMORROW, JANUARY 17TH AT 18:00 EREP!!. That’s at 9:00 PM for you east coast people.

On the agenda for the show are the PP election results, ATO operations, new congressional procedures, and comments on the nation as a whole. In addition, we will be running a game of trivia on the air with your hosts, Dr Luis Sentieiro, George S Patton Jr, and Saraht0ga!

Battle Buddies

BATTLE BUDDIES HAS RETURNED! Do you like tanks? Do you like helping the AMP grow? Battle buddies is for you!

All you have to do is invite your friends to join the AMP! When they join us, get them to join the forum, and have them fill out your name in the profile field “Who invited you?” After that, both of you post in the Battle Buddies official topic! We’ll get both of you guys tanks. The person with the most Battle Buddies by the end of the month will get a grand prize of even more tanks and food 🙂

Last, but certainly not least, The Writers’ Guild!

Currently, we are looking for a director to run this program. We need you to have a little bit of writing experience, as well as a little bit of experience in the AMP. You’ll be tasked with recruiting writers for the guild, as well as getting those writers to write Pro-AMP articles so we can hit the media hard this month!


Be sure to check out the forum!
That’s it for this article. We’ve done a lot, so far, but there is much to come!!


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