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[American Civil War] Vote Kathee93 for AFA president!

Day 1,883, 23:04 Published in USA USA by Kathee93

Elections start in 60 minutes. To avoid the civil war, we must stop TO forces and defeat them in their top party, AFA!

In the first wave I'm asking for 20 votes from you! After 20 votes received, please HOLD YOUR VOTE! Only vote when you last time log in on elections day!

If we fail now, we must take drastic steps. If we fail now, maybe the whole pink pony-dreamworld will change forever.




FormulaUno Day 1,883, 23:26


Viarizi Day 1,883, 01:12

Meh infiltrator

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 1,883, 02:06


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