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[Ambassador] Some information from Eastern Europe

Day 1,730, 14:09 Published in Philippines Philippines by kb1992


Few days ago I was appointed as Philippine ambassador to Eastern Europe so I'll try present the situation of this region in this article.


Let's go!

As most of readers probably know, on the 4th of August the Order of New EWorld, commonly known as ONE, was officially dissolved (article HERE). Cooperation between former members of ONE still working.
Poland, as usual, occupying German, Dutch and French cores, and have full bonuses to production both Food and Weapons, and the total number of regions currently controlled by Poland is 38 (more have only China and USA).
Now four countries - Brazil, Poland, Spain and the USA are going to consolidate cooperation under the new arrangement - CTRL.
The presidential elections in this month won Twoj Stary (a.k.a. Marvin) and it's his second presidential term (first was in June). He won with 47.88% of votes. (Full results HERE).

Polish territory extends to the whole of Europe

Two weeks ago Ukraine was erased from the map by Russia, Bulgaria and Moldova. This was the result of long-running diplomatic conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Although both countries are in friendly alliances (Ukraine - EDEN, Russia - TERRA), they didn't decide to sign a MPP with each other. After the attack on Russia, relations between Ukraine and other EDEN countries are deteriorated. Currently Ukrainians have control over most of its regions. However, they have a problems with regaining the northern provinces from Russians. On the other hand, they succeeded to conquer Moldova.
A word about presidential election in Ukraine: the difference between xSteviex (winner) and imamradyk (runner-up) was exactly 12 votes!

Ukraine have some problems with Russia and Hungary...

Furthermore, Ukraine is in talks on possible accession to the ABC alliance (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia). Belarus has recently returned to all core regions - term of the rental agreement between Belarus and Lithuania (concerning the region Vitsebskaya) has expired.

Free Belarus in their cores

That's all for today,


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Awesome work

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V, great article

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Keep it up xD

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Polish Empire! : O

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Hail eMalaysia !!!!

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