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Day 2,132, 06:55 Published in Pakistan Colombia by WOLF HQ

“Within the Soul of each Man beats the Heart of a Beast”

Greetings One & All!

In this Article, we would like to explain why countries should join World Organization of Loyalty and Freedom.

Why should a country join WOLF?

The Alliance is based on empowering our members through loyalty as opposed to ranking them according to damage. We know that many of our eRepublik nations wish for a similar foundation of banding together and know that they will realize WOLF is not only a good choice (damage-wise) but the best one for a fruitful relationship!

We aren’t just a military alliance. We aim to strengthen and enlarge the relations between the members and make the basis for a better common future.

Some are just to fight against X enemy. We don’t look after that, WOLF hopes to get beyond this pettiness. We did not make an alliance for the sake of making one.

The Alliance wants loyalty between their members, full loyalty. Every progress, problem, achievement or defeat, affects directly to the pack.

WOLF is looking forward to expanding our Alliance and invite all countries that are currently not in Alliances to join a Pack that looks after it's own!

For more information please explore the following links:

We work as a pack, we fight as a pack, we stand as a pack. The WOLF Pack of eRepublik

Signing off,

Alpha Leader