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[ALIEN] Ang Bagong Dating Doon III

Day 1,921, 22:55 Published in Philippines Philippines by Boy Pick Up

1. No Family Planning

"Here comes the sun (doo doo doo doo)"
Filipino: Unang anak nila lalaki, sanggol pa lang kaya dumedede pa.
English: Their first child was a boy. It was still breastfeeding.

"Here comes the sun..."
Filipino: Lalaki na naman ang anak.
English: Their second child was a boy again.

"And I say, It's all right"
Filipino: Ayos lang daw sa nanay na dalawang lalake't walang babae.
English: The mother said, It's all right to have two sons and no daughter.

"Little darling"
Filipino: Babae naman ang anak.
English: Their third child was finally a girl.

"Sun, sun, sun, here it comes"
Filipino: Sunod-sunod laalaki ang naging anak. Halatang walang family planning.
English: The next three were boys. Obviously, there was no family planning.

2. Man Living Without a Heart
Jueteng 7:7

"Walang hiya ka! Lumayas ka! Wala kang Puso!" (You're shameless! Get out of here! You don't have a heart!)
Filipino: Wala siyang puso.
English: He has no heart.

"Mamatay ka na sana!" (You should die!)
English: He is still alive, even without a heart

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Liana Paldrov
Liana Paldrov Day 1,923, 19:45

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