[Air Estonia Project] #3 week statistics ✈️🇪🇪

Day 3,977, 10:52 Published in Estonia Estonia by Mixliarder

Hello eEstonians,

Air Estonia project has gathered 24 participants last week. This week's grant is sponsored by Plato Foundation.
I would like to thank BM_investor, Peacilyk and Vambola Vikat for help in counting the kills, daily orders, etc. and filling cells in spreadsheet. Aitäh!! 🙂

I have added additional bonuses this week:
- for 7 Daily Orders completed - 2k EEK
- any Sky Hero achieved - 2k EEK
- air kills increase based on previous (2nd week) - 2k EEK

Here are the results (image below).



Current participants will be automatically transferred. If someone new would like to apply, please write "apply" / "osalen" in comment section.

If any of you have got Sky Hero or Rank Increase, and it's not in the table, contact me please!

Best regards,
President of eEstonia