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[AIM] Presidential Elections

Day 1,840, 17:06 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Trogdorthetroll100

Of all the opportunities citizens have in selecting their representative government, I find the presidential elections are the most important. The president is the leader of a nation. A president has incredible power, authority, and impact on the direction of the country. A president has to be strong, valued, and noble. A president has to be experienced, determined, and open to suggestions. A president must be humble.

Tomorrow, you will use your right to contribute as a citizen to your government. You may vote for either Chukcha, Cronoss, or Jutih. Chukcha is the "AIM" representative. Cronoss is "The others" representative. Jutih is the "Swiss Independent" representative.

The representative from the Swiss Independent party. Less than a month old. No profile picture. No news media. 7 friends. No medals. ....

The representative from "The Others" party. He is sponsored by "Reunited for Freedom". He is high leveled, and a 2 time president of somewhere. He arrived in this country a few months ago. Since then, he has not been in the government, and had an overall hostile attitude toward country and local leadership. He certainly fulfills the requirement of strong, experienced, and determined (in his conquest for leadership in the government), but after that he falls short. Some call him a PTOer, as a immigrant of Romania in Switzerland. He has been referred to as a man who gives a bad name to Romanians. "Humble" is a word not used to describe Cronoss. He is also homophobic, as Archien will be quick to point out. But whatever your decision about him, know his history, know who he is, and what his goals are. If I had an article about his presidency to show you, I would be able to show you these goals. But I do not.

The representative of the "AIM", my own party. He is sponsored by
- Swiss Revolutionary Party
- Swiss Freedom Party
- Umbrella Research Party
- Swiss Liberal Party
- Swiss Peace Party

He is high leveled as well, a eRepublik ambassador. He is also a past president. He has lived in this country for ever. Since then, he has held a variety of positions, in parties, congress, and the government. This includes his current leadership, as

-Current Military Commander of CoT
-Current Minister of Defence of Switzerland
-Current Minister of Health of Switzerland

He helps command one of the largest alliances in the eWorld, he coordinates the military actions of our country, including his position of 2nd command in the Swiss National army. He is also the minister of health, a position designed to provide players with free food for fighting, training, and working. Party wise, he is the Vice-President of the AIM, and a past PP of the AIM. His commitment to Switzerland and her interests are unmatched by anyone. Chukcha is strong, valued, and noble. I encourage you to talk to him. He is experienced, and determined to represent the Swiss citizens to the best of his ability. He is open to suggestions, I suggest you drop him a line via in game message. Lastly, he is humble. I have never seen him brag or put down another player.
Know the history of these players before you make your decision. The AIM supports its member, Chukcha, for the presidential elections.

Good luck to all candidates involved in running.

(yes this article is biased to favor the AIM, duh)

Chukcha's article is found here-
Cronoss's article is found here- N/A
Jutih's article is found here- N/A


Hunter4Life123 Day 1,840, 17:56

o7 chukcha has 100% of my support

Paul Proteus
Paul Proteus Day 1,840, 18:58

Bolded text everywhere

Good article, good luck Chukcha o7

Hoffman12 Day 1,840, 21:56

o7 Chukcha for CP

Cronoss Day 1,841, 23:47

Same crap as always, you should saved your 2 gold.

Rican Day 1,841, 23:49

I support Chukcha for CP 100%

Cronoss Day 1,841, 00:21

"...but after that he falls short. Some call him a PTOer, a immigrant of Romania in Switzerland. He has been referred to as a man who gives a bad name to Romanians. "Humble" is a word not used to describe Cronoss. He is also homophobic, as Archien will be quick to point out."

Says who?!

Reported for insults and flaming.

Asmadi Day 1,841, 01:28

I don't support Chukcha for CP 100%

Elvetianul Day 1,841, 02:43


Trogdorthetroll100 Day 1,841, 03:32

Haters are my motivaters

Petru.S Day 1,841, 04:43

ce panarama

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,841, 06:58

Says me Cronoss, your comments are proof.

MadelineJoshua Day 1,841, 07:17

Cronoss : You are reported for insults and flaming !

Cronoss Day 1,841, 08:03 puppets are so cute : x

Archein von Drakenov
Archein von Drakenov Day 1,841, 08:04

Not like you Cronoss, at least, we have a style... you're tasteless.

Fronte Anarchico eItaliano
Fronte Anarchico eItaliano Day 1,841, 09:03

Chukcha for CP! \o/

(I reported the baby for insults ... come on, not to be capricious ...)

vukio Day 1,841, 16:06

Ha ha, insults, look who is talking about insults?! :😁

Cronoss Day 1,841, 22:59

Girls, be patient...step by step ; )

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