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[AFA] We’re Still Standing: Join the new American Freedom Alliance

Day 2,036, 00:15 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

Join the American Freedom Alliance
Join the American Eagle Division
The United States of America recently experienced the most brutal act of oppressive tyranny in its history. Despite this massive PTO attempt, we’re still standing. I ask all AFA members, and even those in other parties or who prefer to usually not be in a party to join us now. The elites will try to keep us out of the top five for Congress, and it is absolutely critical to our nation that there be Congressmen to represent the disenfranchised citizens of our nation in government.
You may join our new party at the following link:

It truly is disturbing and sad when you look at the amount of time and effort people will put in to be cruel to others and to try to eliminate all opposition. The elites literally used every single citizenship they could to bring in foreign votes, created many bahts(and no, not the Thai currency), and manipulated hordes of uneducated and ill-informed people to follow their nefarious plans. In fact, this little scheme they dedicated endless waking days to accomplished very little. The only thing they did was make my inbox a living nightmare for a couple of days and make it easier for me to get votes for this article. Make no mistake about it, AFA will be right back up there in short order. They cannot break our spirit or our resolve, and we fight on together for a better America! President Reagan said it best about the spirit of Americans to stand up to these sort of shameful tactics.

AFA is the only party which welcomes all groups and treats all its members equally. People like to complain about our Serbian members. I think you should compare them to some of our so-called “allies” by looking at the sort of trolling that goes on. Theirs is always lighthearted and in good fun, while other groups bring RL nonsense in to eRepublik and instead of being good natured, it crosses into the territory of downright hatred. Our party has people from all across the world, and we welcome all with open arms. What we do not welcome, and will never stand for, is being persecuted for standing by our principles. We are free people, and freedom is not something given to us by an elite cabal of Pfeifferist puppets. Freedom is something we take for ourselves because it is our natural right to possess it. The United States of America has a long history of standing up for freedom at home and all across the world. Let us remember the lessons of the past and not forget them today. We are Americans, and we will NEVER back down!

Yours in Service,
Ronald Gipper Reagan
American Patriot



Viarizi Day 2,036, 00:31

We are the American Freedom Alliance!

Bringer of peace

Defender of justice

Promotor of equality

Destroyer of elitists

Join us now

We are eAmerica only hope of stoping the wipe!

Dillan Stone Day 2,036, 01:30

Comment deleted

Dillan Stone
Dillan Stone Day 2,036, 01:34

There is literally nothing the AFA could do to stop the wipe anyway. We will be wiped before the next elections could take place. Nevermind the AFA has done everything in its power to facilitate the wipe, and that RGR has gone around telling everyone that Servia is the #1 ally to the eUS (I suppose Poland, Hungary, Thailand and the UK are numbers 2-5 respectively).

Viarizi Day 2,036, 01:37

Thank you sir,

We do try our best to impress.

All you all be gone wiped with the wind!

The South is rising again!

Lucian Stark
Lucian Stark Day 2,037, 01:25

You are the American Freedom Alliance!

Bringer of eUS defeat

Defender of slavery

Promoter of traitorism

Destroyer of everything what normal, honest, honorable people want

Viarizi Day 2,037, 02:10

Such an eloquent gentleman.


Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,037, 05:53

It is absolutely critical to our enemies that there be mole congressmen to put forward Bullshit money grab proposals, impeachment proceedings doomed to failure, grant citizenship to more self declared enemies of America, and tie up the natural enemy designation in a deliberate traitorous attempt to hand over our nation to my Serbian masters.

There i fixed it for you, no need to thank me Ajay. You're welcome!

Lucian Stark
Lucian Stark Day 2,037, 09:34

the only hope to stop the wipe would be an internet blackout on the balkans for a

Boris The Communist
Boris The Communist Day 2,036, 00:37


WhiteEagle1950 Day 2,036, 00:49


Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,036, 00:55

This is actually a well written speech 😃

JetonGreenMan Day 2,037, 11:39

I recommend you watch Devil's Advocate, if you haven't done it yet 🙂.
If you appreciate this "speech" you will LOVE that movie!

Nyx Lynx
Nyx Lynx Day 2,038, 07:46

lol Vanity, definitely my favorite sin. I don't think this speech as THAT good though 😛

Talostastic Day 2,036, 00:57

Remember to visit the New AFA official IRC channel at #AFA

Only with your help can we defeat the lying tyrants in the eUSA.

Boris The Communist
Boris The Communist Day 2,036, 01:18


Talostastic Day 2,036, 01:20

New ingame party, new IRC channel.

Viarizi Day 2,036, 01:21


Viarizi Day 2,036, 01:22

Talostastic is elitist troll from WTP.

Irc channel as all AFAers know is #amfa

Nice try though


Talostastic Day 2,036, 01:28

Why you lying to everyone?

Viarizi Day 2,036, 01:37

I dunno cuzz I am AFA leadership and you are just a low ranked WTP member...

nick.bergman Day 2,036, 23:59

Stewy says the official channel of the AFA is #afa. As PP, I think he'd be the one to know

Viarizi Day 2,036, 01:24

Comment deleted

Viarizi Day 2,036, 01:26





loftedraptor Day 2,036, 01:39


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,036, 01:50


ilphen Day 2,036, 02:22

Yeah! Down with those evil Pfeifferist British scum!

Colonel Jack ONeal
Colonel Jack ONeal Day 2,036, 02:22

Huooo! Booooo! Jos Basescu!

11Julius11 Day 2,036, 03:07


Uschmidt Day 2,036, 03:39

We werent destroyed! We are still here!

Otto Von Max
Otto Von Max Day 2,036, 03:56


Ldwamego Day 2,036, 04:09

You guys are like a serius case of herpes; ugly, painful and impossible to get rid of.

Sir Martin
Sir Martin Day 2,036, 04:14


Vucko74 Day 2,036, 04:23



Layin Day 2,036, 04:37

V o7

fingerguns Day 2,036, 06:18


Viarizi Day 2,037, 01:27


Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,037, 15:55

um, no

Skarbrandus Day 2,036, 06:27


Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,036, 07:39

Oh, Ronnie, didn't you learn anything AMERICA HATES YOU; go home to Serbia -or join your brother Henry Pfeiffer Arundel in the UK....

Fluffer and Gimper,
sitting in a tree,
touching each other,

Winter Night
Winter Night Day 2,036, 15:46

Come on now Drew Blood, be honest and tell us how many times you voted for Pfeiffer. He was your president, after all.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,036, 21:02

Never voted for 'Fluffer', he tricked his way into the president's office; and I have never even been in the same party -let alone vote for him as PP....

Morgan LaFaye
Morgan LaFaye Day 2,036, 07:52

I am truly curious. I have found no other use for the word Bahts, other than as a currency for Thailand. Please explain to America just WTF do you mean when you say, 'The elites literally used every single citizenship they could to bring in foreign votes, created many bahts(and no, not the Thai currency)...'

Talostastic Day 2,036, 15:15

He's accusing "the elites" of using multi's. It's part of his standard rhetoric. You don't have to offer proof, just scream about multi's and everyone falls over themselves to side with you... or so he thinks.

nick.bergman Day 2,037, 00:06

Unlike the mountains of proof the admins had when they banned ajay for having multis those numerous times.

Viarizi Day 2,037, 01:31

Ajay has ressurected cleansed of all Forfeit Points
On His third ressurection He adopted the name Ronald Gipper Reagan
And lead His people in a cruzade against the elitists destroying 'murrica

Read a book, learn something, you infidels!

JetonGreenMan Day 2,037, 11:44

Comment deleted

Syz2 Day 2,037, 12:46

Ronald Gipper Reagan is like his 5th account, not third.

Viarizi Day 2,037, 14:33

Torpedo007 if u cant play the game just quit!

Gunsncoffee Day 2,036, 08:23


B.D.JOE Day 2,036, 08:45


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