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[AFA] Official Party Endorsed Voters Club & Liberation of America

Day 2,056, 02:12 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

Join the American Freedom Alliance
Join the American Eagle Division
Officially Endorsed Voters Club of the AFA
Firstly, I want to officially announce that the AFA is pleased to endorse the Italian voters club as our official party endorsed voting organization. As an Italian myself, it is always a pleasure to be able to work with my people, and the founder of this organization has been most kind and inviting so far. I encourage everyone to utilize the services of ‘Voters Italia’ at the above link whenever you want to attract more attention to your article. Also, be sure to add Icona to your friends list:

Secondly, many of you may know I served as Deputy MOFA on behalf of the Ukrainian government during the October term. I am always happy to help friends of the AFA, no matter what land they may hail from. With the election of Hanibal LA, one of AFA’s most seasoned statesmen to the Presidency of Serbia, in what was one of the most competitive elections in eRepublik history, I am pleased to accept a Deputy MOFA position in his government. I more than anyone wants to see the USA restored to its full territory, but this will not happen if the eUSA elites continue with their policy of persecution of our party. It is time they start acting like adults, rather than whiny children. You will respect the AFA as a multinational Pro-American legitimate opposition group and you will leave us alone. Failure to do so will be met with swift reprisals, on all battlefields.

That is all. o/



Nirvana442 Day 2,056, 02:26

neda mi se citat ali evo ti vot

Nirvana442 Day 2,056, 02:27

+ sub

B u z z
B u z z Day 2,056, 02:30


K1tho Day 2,056, 02:31


Chopp Day 2,056, 02:36

We believe a better tomorrow!

Long live AFA!

ElvenCRO Day 2,056, 02:53


Straight.Flush Day 2,056, 02:59

AFA-the best solution of America!



Viarizi Day 2,056, 03:04


Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 03:30

Draža Mihajlović was a NAZI collaborator and a traitor to Yugoslavia and Serbia. His name should be erased from records and purged from memories of people as he deserves not to be remembered at all.

Siljaa Day 2,056, 03:51

Komunisticka propaganda i godine menjanja istorije, ucenja dece u skoli da je Draza bio na strani okupatora je ocigledno ucinilo svoje.... ja ti oprastam na tvom neznanju.


Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 04:03

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 04:04

Tito and Mihailović met again on 27 October 1941 in the town of Brajići near Ravna Gora in an attempt to achieve an understanding, but found consensus only on secondary issues.[39] Immediately following the meeting, Mihailović began preparations for an attack on the Partisans, delaying the attack only for lack of arms.[40] Mihailović reported to his government in exile that he believed occupation of Užice, the location of a gun factory, was required to prevent strengthening of the Communists.[37] On 28 October, two Chetnik liaison officers approached first Nedić and later that day German officer Josef Matl of the Armed Forces Liaison Office, with an offer of Mihailović's services in the struggle against the Partisans in exchange for weapons.[25][40] This offer was relayed to the German general in charge of the Territory of the Military Commander in Serbia, and a meeting was proposed by the German for 3 November. On 1 November, the Chetniks attacked the Partisans' headquarters at Užice, but were beaten back.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 04:10

Obviously to Draža it was more important to fight against the Partizans (who were fighting against the NAZIs) because of the political differences with their leadership (vast majority of Partizans were in the fight because of the NAZIs, not because of the politics, mind you), than to actually fight against the occupiers. To that extent that he even collaborated with the NAZIs against the Partizan Peoples' Liberation Army). And this is an event from 1941, the beginning of the war. Partizans managed to actually liberate a part of Serbia which became the first liberated territory in Europe, which made Hitler send additional troops to Serbia and delay the attack on Russia. One might say that Užička republika won the war. Without it the outcome of Hitler's Eastern offensive might have been quite different and with less fronts and better technology we would now live in Nazi Europe (although one might argue EU lead by Germany doesn't fall too far from that, but that's irrelevant at the moment).

Lord Haldir
Lord Haldir Day 2,056, 08:36

CoT propaganda.

Stari Borac
Stari Borac Day 2,057, 00:00

First of all, history can not and should not be erased, ever and under no conditions.

Second, Titoist propaganda marks Chetniks and Draza as a colaborator only because he was against communism. However, Draza did retreat to Bosnia near the end of the war, because by then even UK refused to send aid to the Chetniks so they had no support. During that time, Chetniks struck a deal with Nazis because otherwise they would be destroyed and that wouldn't benefit anyone. The deal was that Nazis won't attack Chetniks nor the villages they protect, they will forbid Ustashe (nazi croats) from raiding those villages, but Chetniks would sometimes have to fight Tito with nazis. That deal benefited Serbian people the most, as certan areas were free of occupation, but like in every deal there is a price that has to be paid. Chetniks secured freedom of certan Serbian populated areas, but they had to fight with the nazis to maintain that freedom. That is the price that had to be payed, for the security of Serbian people.

Third,the dictatorship of Tito wasn't communism, it was a classic dictatorship. He was the one who decided about everything. He could decide to kill someone just because he was singing old Serbian songs. That is not communism, communism was never implemented because it can not be implemented. Even in USSR there was bolsevism, which is basicly a somwhat -softer- kind of dictatorship (if that even exists), in Yougoslavia there was Titoism. The nation which is the clossest to real communism is Cuba.

LordRahl2 Day 2,057, 10:01

This is pretty accurate tbh.

Your assessment of the impact of the impact of the Serbian resistance is overblown though. Not irrelevant but not game changing either.

funky_ribar Day 2,058, 23:36

Stari Borac ok, pretty much fair, but can you give me a source where did the chetniks fought against the nazis to assure freedom to Serbian people? and also, how can you lie about Tito could kill someone for singing Serbian songs? LOL yeah and in the meantime people in Croatia could sing Vilo Velebita for instance..

funky_ribar Day 2,058, 23:40

oh yeah and one more thing, Chetniks openly worked with Ustashas in late phase of war. we all know about that. Chetnicks in Croatia even had an agreement with the Croatian nazi government, about raiding partisan controlled sectors and getting supplies and medical care. You are aware of that?

Morgan LaFaye
Morgan LaFaye Day 2,056, 04:51

'As an Italian myself....'
Thought you were American. My parents are from Ireland, when they immigrated here they became Americans. I was born in western NY and though I have family still in Ireland, I am AMERICAN.

Condemnation Day 2,056, 12:18

Being American isn't about a citizenship or passing immigrations, it's about having a song of freedom in your heart and voicing it through your actions and words.

funky_ribar Day 2,057, 06:01

RGR told me he's Jewish bcs I told him that I'm Jewish.. well he just wanted me to enter AFA I presume.. Is there any Jewish Italians in the USA?

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,057, 12:16

I am Polish & Russian(that is my Jewish side), secondly there are lots of Jewish Italians....

funky_ribar Day 2,057, 16:34

RGR really who are you? no offence but seems to me everyone has their own version.

funky_ribar Day 2,057, 16:35

they have* I suppose

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,058, 22:48

I was born in the US, and I am of Italian, Polish, & Russian ancestry. My Polish & Russian family were Jews..... It is not that complicated.

funky_ribar Day 2,058, 23:30

well you don't have to get mad.. seems my bad anyway. regarding MIhajlovics. I think you're brainwashed by Serbian nationalistic idiots. Croatian and Slovenian partisans liberated even more airmen during ww2 and Slovene partisans even raided POW camp Stalag XVIII-D near Maribor liberating 105 POW at once. Mihajlovic fell of the favor from the allies because of his open hostility towards the partisans and non serb population. Check OSS, SOE, documents and you'll soon know what I'm talking about. Mihajlovic is a war criminal... Period

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,056, 05:04

'You will respect the AFA as a multinational Pro-American legitimate opposition group and you will leave us alone. Failure to do so will be met with swift reprisals, on all battlefields.'
Ronald Gipper Reagan
Serbian Minister of Foreign Affairs
American Traitor

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls if this two lines don't convince you that RGR is Serbian sock puppet nothing will.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,056, 06:25

You are bringing RL into the game, again and again.
This Mihajlovic fellow commanded armed forces that have slaughtered thousands of non-Serbian civilians during WW2. He was a fascist collaborator and a convict war criminals. Saving US pilots lives don't make a difference in that regard!

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 08:12

Putting it like that sounds like he and his Chetniks were racists. They slaughtered thousands of civilians, Serbian and non-Serbian (effectively everyone from Yugoslavia that didn't want to join their movement).

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,056, 12:23

They were corrupt war-criminals constantly switching sides and betraying every side in the conflict.
Sounds somehow familiar regarding the writer of the article...

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 15:24

Nope, they weren't war criminals because there were no laws that managed wars at that time. Also, I'm not sure they were constantly switching sides, I think they switched sides somewhere at the beginning of the war. They did start as the liberation movement, but ended up quite fast as an anti-partisan (anti-communist) army governed by the Nazi regime. Pathetic traitors.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,056, 15:31

Slaughtering whole villages in Bosnia is war-crime, whether there was a law or not. What they did was ethnic cleansing! And they did switch sides: first they were financed by the Serbian royal family that fled to the UK, but as they started to collaborate with the Italians and Germans they were renounced.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 15:37

That's what I said. They switched sides only once, not constantly kept switching sides. And they switched sides in the beginning of '41.

Also, crime is something punishable by law. If killing random people is not regulated by law, then it would be no crime to kill random people. In the same way they weren't war criminals, because there were no laws that regulated what one can and cannot do in wars. Didn't say they weren't war criminals by today's standards. Also, I don't know where you got the idea they had anything to do with ethnic cleansing. I don't want to defend the morons, but they didn't do ethnic cleansing, they were cleansing those that weren't on their side regardless of their ethnicity. They also killed off villages in Serbia and everywhere else they went.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,056, 15:43

The Hague Conventions of 1899 and 1907 were the first multilateral treaties that addressed the conducts of warfare and were largely based on the Lieber Code, which was signed and issued by U.S. President Abraham Lincoln to the Union Forces of the United States in April 24, 1863, during the American Civil War. The Lieber Code was the first official comprehensive codified law that set out regulations for behavior in times of martial law; protection of civilians and civilian property and punishment of transgression; deserters, prisoners of war, hostages, and pillaging; partisans; spies; truces and prisoner exchange; parole of former rebel troops; the conditions of any armistice, and respect for human life; assassination and murder of soldiers or citizens in hostile territory; and the status of individuals engaged in a state of civil war against the government. As such, the codes were widely regarded as the best summary of the first customary laws and customs of war in the 19th century and were welcomed and adopted by military establishments of other nations.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,056, 15:53

In September 1941 Mihailovic submitted to the Serbian refugee-government in London the program of the Chetnik movement during and after the Second World War. In it, among other things:

" surround 'de facto' Serbian lands and let only the Serbian population to stay there."
"d) in this Serbian unit a particularly difficult problem is to take the issue of Muslims and possibly solve it at this stage ..."
"g) develop a plan for cleaning or displacement of the rural population with the goal of a homogeneous Serbian state union."
"v) particularly have in mind the rapid and radical cleansing of cities and their replenishment with fresh Serbian elements". [1]

After that, 20 December 1941 Draza Mihailovic's subordinate commanders had received "Instructions" which clearly is a plan to create a Greater Serbia, based on the killing and expulsion of non-Serbs, particularly Croats and Muslims. In these instructions he writes:
"... Create Great Yugoslavia and in it a Greater Serbia, ethnically clean within the borders of pre-war Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srem, Banat and Backa (Vojvodina) ... "
"... Cleaning the state territory of all national minorities and national elements ... "
"... Create just the common border between Serbia and Montenegro, as well as between Serbia and Slovenia, cleansing Sandzak of Muslim population, and Bosnia and Herzegovina of Muslim and Catholic population ... "

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 2,057, 10:00

Yes, and the Nazi-endorsed Croatian Ustasha and the Bosnian Muslim SS Handzar were pure saints. Had they not gone into an all out rampage of slaughter against Serbian civilians, maybe the Četniks wouldn't have done the same to Croat and Muslim populations. Croats are always the first to put the knives to the throats of Serbs whenever they have a chance, and then their great-grandchildren whine about Serbian reprisals.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,057, 10:18

@SrboVitez, Ustaše and SS Handžar are much worse, but that wasn't the topic of the discussion. Četnici were Nazi collaborators, quislings and traitors and they should have all been executed just like Ustaše, SS Handžar and the rest of the Nazi scum along with everyone even remotely connected to them. If it were up to me, Germany would to this day be a wasteland, Carthago style.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 15:46

Ok, I didn't know that. I thought those laws came after WWII...

TimbusReven Day 2,056, 22:51

it is typical to assume and to not look before you speak. Sad day this world has come to no?

Defactor.swf Day 2,056, 06:29


Talostastic Day 2,056, 06:40

"You will respect the AFA as a multinational Pro-American legitimate opposition group and you will leave us alone."

Yeah? Nah.

I'll happily respect the AFA as a multinational blahblahblah the moment they kick you to the curb.
Or you teach all your members English, since that's what your conservative values teach you that everyone living in America should speak.

Dio Hostilian
Dio Hostilian Day 2,056, 08:15

How about Spanish? AFAIK a great many people in the South speaks Spanish, and I for one would like to learn a new language 😉

dmjohnston Day 2,057, 12:42

Talostatic was making reference to Ajay being very conservative IRL.

Ldwamego Day 2,056, 07:04

I just realized how much time and effort all legitimate e Americans put into responding to this traitorous loser, at some point we need to all CHOOSE to ignore him. He is a narcissist, if he is no longer the center of attention it will drive him away. I will no longer be responding to his BS, I suggest everyone else do the same.

Derphoof Day 2,056, 08:05

"You will respect the AFA as a multinational Pro-American legitimate opposition group and you will leave us alone. Failure to do so will be met with swift reprisals, on all battlefields."

How about no?

US State Department

Emperor Zorokian
Emperor Zorokian Day 2,056, 17:23

There are only two types of people I don't like in this world. People who dont like other people based on their nationality, and the dutch.

(And may I add RGR)

AmericanColbert Day 2,056, 18:40

Ha! I see what you did there... 😉

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,056, 08:31

So now that you have aligned yourself with mass murders will we soon see you strutting down the avenue like a goose...?


Pitcity Day 2,056, 08:35

omg 😑

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Day 2,056, 10:29

lol! what? xD.

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