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[AFA] Join the American Freedom Alliance! Defend Democracy!

Day 2,104, 01:30 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

Join the American Freedom Alliance
Join the American Eagle Division
I am asking every eUSA citizen who understands the plight of a persecuted political faction to help defend our party from the aggression of tyrants. Please join the American Freedom Alliance NEW party at least until Congress Elections so we will have Congressmen. Here is the link:

Throughout our history, Americans have long valued the ideals instilled in our Democratic Republic. It is only in recent times that a majority have decided to voluntarily sacrifice their essential liberties to a government run rampant. Sadly, we see this very same thing happening in the eUSA. Today is the day that will determine the destiny of our country. The stakes could not be higher, and no Patriot can stand on the sidelines for this game.

After the AFA was PTO'd yet again, everyone counted us out, but like a Phoenix we have risen from the ashes. We are not yet out of danger, and we will need people to join our party to make sure it is we who are in the Top 5 for Congress, and not our old party which has been boosted up as a blocker party to keep us out. If the AFA is not in Congress, you can expect unanimous votes all month long. I ask you, what kind of a country is it when the Congress all votes as one bloc and does not tolerate dissent? Not an American one, that's for sure.

Further, they recently passed a "law" on their silly little private forums owned by PigInZen meant to discriminate against immigrants to our country and establish very strict quotas. Immigration(as long as the people wish to become American and be a part of our nation) always makes our country stronger. It is intolerance towards newcomers that is not American. The AFA is a party with people from all over the world. We are happy to welcome them all, and it is probably the thing I love most about this party. You can bet our Congressmen will approve anyone from any country who seems like they would make a good addition to the eUSA, and there sure won't be any quotas.

If you want a country which actually has a real party of dissent that challenges the status quo, if you want a country with a party that promises no more crushing taxes, no more misuse of government funds to enrich a few people in a few elitist MU's while the rest of the nation struggles to get by, if you want a country with a party that will stand up and defend our country both on the military and political battlefield, then join the AFA. Keep us in the Top 5! Vote for us! and throw a wrench in to the plans of the corrupt elites who have already prematurely celebrated their victory over liberty.

Stand up and fight for what is right. To the people of eAmerica, Operation Valiant Eagle is a go!

AFA! o7



F.U.C.K.GREECE Day 2,104, 01:35

V and S

TheRomanWarrior Day 2,104, 19:24

Hmmm... 1st of all you're from North Korea, like no offense but you can't speak for the American people and defending our freedom... also, AFA is just a bunch of Serbian fools so... get your mind straight

StrahmDude Day 2,105, 07:41

hey look the alt got pema banned!

TheRomanWarrior Day 2,105, 10:38

Haha all of these alts... his main should be banned as well. 😛

Justjosh Day 2,104, 01:36

You're still doing these?

Woodstock Libertarian
Woodstock Libertarian Day 2,105, 07:08

anyone correlate that when the AFA actually got powr in congress is when the eUS got wiped? Hmm? Do not support the AFA. Any other party. AMA, WTP, anything. Just don't vote AFA

sony toprano
sony toprano Day 2,105, 10:52

It was when our president Artela started a war we couldn't win that we got wiped. You have a right to your opinion, but not to your facts. AFA was strong for over 6 months before USA got wiped.

Justjosh Day 2,105, 13:13

SrboVitez111: Damage 93,008,874 for Slovenia
Achieved while successfully conquering Basilicata from Italy on day 2090

Djiber Djontra
Djiber Djontra Day 2,104, 01:37


Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,104, 04:45

Yeeeeeehaaaaaaa !!!!

TellUrGrlThx Day 2,104, 15:42

Damage 9,329,664 for Serbia
Achieved while trying to conquer Alabama from USA on day 2,020

ScottMo Day 2,105, 04:23

And don't forget: Mass destruction weapons history

Last used: Small Bomb for Serbia in the battle against USA on day 2,104

Freedom indeed. A good solid eSerbian member of the AFA.

Uschmidt Day 2,104, 03:09

Down with tyranny, down with taxes, yes to new citizens!

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,104, 19:25

down with the AFA

Uschmidt Day 2,104, 21:04

Down with dummies who have Tom Cruise as avatar!

PaJoot Day 2,105, 12:50

Yet you have the avatar and name of a Nazi.

Uschmidt Day 2,105, 21:12

Learn about history you ignorant.

PaJoot Day 2,106, 16:07

Perhaps you are the one who should learn about history. While you are at it, learn about grammar too. So you are saying Kurt Meyer wasn't a Nazi?

ecnar Day 2,104, 03:33

This party is RGR and a bunch of Serbians trying to get into congress and take over the eUS from the inside. If you are an eUS citizen and want a free eUS - join WTP, NLRP, or AMP - NOT AFA!

It's a lot of talk, and Ronald Gipper Reagan's image to APPEAR for helping the eUS, but in reality will be trying to keep the bad taxes in place to cripple our ability to kick Serbia out of our country!

any eUS citizen who has been mislead, please leave the AFA and join one of the other 3 parties!

o7 Ecnar

SrbiNarodNajstariji Day 2,104, 09:24

You have good sense of humer... 😃

ecnar Day 2,104, 09:59

Humor? Even your name starts with Serbian! SrBiN - one click on your name shows it as well - if it's humor, why is a Serbian responding to me and reading this?

SrbiNarodNajstariji Day 2,104, 10:13

Listen, i will read what ever i want,and nobody can tell me what to do.
By the way, level of democracy in eUSA(but also it can be said for RL USA 😛 ) is very low, and we are here to bring freedom to America...

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,104, 10:16

Bring freedom to America??
How about you start in South America?! LOL

Sheppherd Day 2,104, 17:26

Before worrying about "bringing freedom" to our country, how 'bout focusing on bringing it to your own first. Just saying.

stephen s
stephen s Day 2,104, 19:25

The Department of Homeland Security approves of this message. Join AMP, WTP, NLRP... NOT AFA.
-Stephen S
Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security under Josh Frost

CristianRep74 Day 2,105, 23:31


D E A N M A R T I N Day 2,104, 03:51


We will save american democracy!!!!

DeathTurd Day 2,104, 13:04

TP Damage
60,548,402 for Hungary
Achieved while successfully defending Wyoming against USA on day 2,072

K1tho Day 2,104, 04:07

Long Live AFA!!!!!

Dr. Strangeclock
Dr. Strangeclock Day 2,105, 23:58

geeko, i'll bring you some macedons here? go home.

K1tho Day 2,106, 03:46

lol, yeah bring some greeks bro, thx a lot 😛

Tyler Bubblar
Tyler Bubblar Day 2,104, 04:22

If you want rogue proposals designed to thwart the American war effort, if you want congress people actively importing terrorist individuals who will seek to destroy us from within then yes stay in the AFA. If you want lower taxes, higher bonuses, and a stronger war effort go to the NLRP, WTP, or AMP. It's as simple as that folks.

Gunsncoffee Day 2,104, 05:57

got sub already...and just voted o7

Chopp Day 2,104, 07:09



StrahmDude Day 2,105, 07:54

Down with the Serbian!
Anything, but the AFA!

Chopp Day 2,105, 14:09


Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,104, 09:43


(Too Stupid; Didn't Read)

Bill Hook
Bill Hook Day 2,104, 10:19

I notice the melting pot doesn't include Serbians, even though that's 95% of the AFA.

supersob Day 2,104, 14:08

Not really look at the members before you speak no where near 95% fool.

Bill Hook
Bill Hook Day 2,104, 17:37

Serbian speaks.

Hampton H. Hampton
Hampton H. Hampton Day 2,104, 19:06

He's right, they all went back to Serbia when they won the 4 gold mines, and now they can't get back because no congress visas.

WhydoIbother Day 2,105, 06:55

more like 75% Serb, 20% multi and 5% noob

StrahmDude Day 2,105, 07:55

I think the multi percent is low.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,104, 10:19

I couldn't do it for 1000 treasury notes.

Valiant Thor
Valiant Thor Day 2,104, 10:37

I think the "Reagan revolution" has lost his momentum.
How about a Dan Quayle revolution?
Here are some quotes for your inspiration huehuehue:

"If we don't succeed, we run the risk of failure."

"A low voter turnout is an indication of fewer people going to the polls."

"We are ready for any unforeseen event that may or may not occur."

"The future will be better tomorrow."

sean ralls
sean ralls Day 2,104, 10:40

AFA is a plague like usual caused by rgrs manifest destiny of total utter nonsense. If you want a serb for president then stay AFA. If not, then join a party that will make sure they do not get seats.

BlueTheNick Day 2,104, 11:43


DeathTurd Day 2,104, 13:03

TP Damage
9,855,880 for Serbia
Achieved while trying to defend Tirana against Albania on day 2,074

dmjohnston Day 2,104, 11:50

Hey AFA, do any of you know the origin of Duty Honor Country?

Quit quoting it as your battle cry, it's offensive to those of us who lived it.

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