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[AFA] Friends of Freedom: Come to the eUnited States of America. You are Needed!

Day 2,047, 01:32 Published in USA USA by Ronald Gipper Reagan

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Watch my reaction to being sick of the “Unity” Borg PTOers.
International Friends,

I know this must not be an attractive time to come to the eUSA with our bonuses being reduced even more, but it is a crucial time for you all to come. I urge those of you who are in the USA and are supporting us to stay, and to bring your friends if you can. For those of you who want to stand up for freedom and join our cause, all we ask for is that you stay in the USA for a minimum of three months and support the American Freedom Alliance. Everyone who is interested in USA citizenship please let me know. We need your help to stop these schoolyard bullies. Just look at what the elites are trying to do.

I was going to wait to write this article, but I felt compelled to do so now after reading a disturbing article where Croatia and Brazil now signed some sort of treaty promising to send people over to PTO us. Our party is not a threat to anyone. We simply want to be left alone. You are telling me that more than 70% of the population needs reinforcements to be safe from the oppressed minority? This is nothing more than an attempt to crush all rebellion in the USA. It is quite sad too that CoT still goes along with this despite the USA being the worst, most deceptive and manipulative “ally” ever.

This has nothing to do with Serbs. These same people have been PTOing and making excuses to destroy every party and opposition movement that I have been a part of forming and leading for the past four years. Most of that time there were few Serbs in the USA. This is just the latest excuse. Congratulations. You’ve been duped into assisting with PTOing and helping to destroy a country which has declared its own personal little war against me over a bunch of IRC arguments in mid-2009 when I made my personal conservative and Christian beliefs known. This is the root cause of ALL of this. If we ran the government, and if I were Country President, we would run the country honorably. We just wouldn’t implement the same rampant corruption that exists today.

For those of you who actually pay attention to what is going on, we will need all of you to step up and make a difference. We have not fought for this long and stood defiant for this long to let these people destroy our legitimate and diverse opposition movement. I will close this out with a simple statement of what I believe, what I feel those of us who fight on the right side all believe and what they will never accept.

1. We do not discriminate based on people’s real-life ethnicity. We have people from dozens of nations in AFA. We accept them all and value them all equally.

2. Yes, believe it or not our party likes me and are not going to give in to your childish demands to disown me, or ANY of our members for that matter.

3. We have the mechanical right to approve anyone we want for citizenship. We do not recognize and will never recognize an immigration czar who tells us who we can and cannot approve. We also never charge for citizenship, unlike the INCI allies who the eUSA government hypocritically coddled for two years.

4. We do not recognize the legitimacy of discriminatory private forums which are administered by trolls and do not have a sense of belonging to the entire community collectively.

5. We oppose the military discrimination in which anyone affiliated with us is denied government supplies which are paid for by our very tax dollars.

6. Until you respect us and stop persecuting us, we will continue to resist you. You will leave us alone and stop attempting to undermine our party or to destroy us.

7. We are the protagonists in this story, not you. Typically those who will not listen to reason and are mad with hatred without limits are the bad guys. That would be the Unity elitists who control the eUSA government. Other people who you hate far less than me(Hanibal LA, Viarizi, K1tho, etc.) and even people who you like(Candor) have been put in positions to change the dialogue in AFA. You have rejected all of this.

8. You are driven by your desire to destroy us. We are driven by our desire to stop you from carrying out your evil plans. You can make peace with us now, or you can continue this for eons. The choice is yours. Sadly, we can guess which one you’ll make.

In Defiance of Tyranny,
Ronald Gipper Reagan
American Patriot



Edward de Vere
Edward de Vere Day 2,047, 01:37

v3 panpa

candymanson Day 2,047, 20:20

Comment deleted

candymanson Day 2,047, 20:21


Tripkovic Day 2,048, 00:01

what are you talking americans? we are comeing to free your ppl from your corupt guvernmant... and this is how you react? shame on you... xD

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Day 2,048, 17:00

I prefer a tyrant that is in my face, over a tyrant that is 4000 miles away.

olygator Day 2,047, 01:38


Abhinay Gupta
Abhinay Gupta Day 2,047, 01:41


epssia Day 2,047, 01:42


I Takashi I
I Takashi I Day 2,047, 01:49

v o7

Boris The Communist
Boris The Communist Day 2,047, 01:50


Jasher Day 2,047, 08:35


LordRahl2 Day 2,048, 04:29

Did you move?

naturaIMystic Day 2,047, 02:09

for mother AFA!!

Jasher Day 2,047, 08:36

Is RGR your mother?

naturaIMystic Day 2,047, 08:38

no man.. i think im your father! 😃

Jasher Day 2,047, 08:41

I doubt you are even out of diapers yet to be anyone's father, but nice try 🙂

naturaIMystic Day 2,047, 08:52

ask her.. she remembers who am i.. 😉

Jasher Day 2,047, 10:19

I have no mother to ask, I have no father to ask, therefore I AM

naturaIMystic Day 2,047, 10:21

yes u are.. im sure about that..

theAbsynthius Day 2,048, 02:47

Comment deleted

Felix Mironow
Felix Mironow Day 2,047, 02:17

v o7

VuXman Day 2,047, 02:35


Depak Chopra
Depak Chopra Day 2,047, 02:43

RGR4CP \o/

Jasher Day 2,047, 10:20


vidojko81 Day 2,047, 02:47

v o7

Delevic Ljubomir
Delevic Ljubomir Day 2,047, 02:55

We need you people from around the world. We have to win against both domestic and foreign terrorism!

Jasher Day 2,047, 08:37

AFA is that group that represents domestic and foreign terrorism.

B.D.JOE Day 2,047, 03:04


Crank DJ
Crank DJ Day 2,047, 03:04

✪✪✪ Ω ρ λ o β и ✪✪✪

✔ 20 q7 за сваког новог Орла
✔ Свакодневни удари
✔ Награде за најактивније

✪✪✪ Ω ρ λ o β и ✪✪✪

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,047, 03:06


D E A N M A R T I N Day 2,047, 03:07


Zeng999 Day 2,047, 03:13


Uschmidt Day 2,047, 03:33


Midium Day 2,047, 03:41


Thee Koncerned Citizen
Thee Koncerned Citizen Day 2,047, 03:48


Gunsncoffee Day 2,047, 03:53

Voted ...o7

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Day 2,047, 04:01

Douche bag....

Poncho Warrior
Poncho Warrior Day 2,047, 04:04


Minho Village Day 2,047, 04:14

Comment deleted

Vucko74 Day 2,047, 04:45


Jasher Day 2,047, 08:38


The Baron Samedi
The Baron Samedi Day 2,047, 05:05

Normally I hate such blatant TO's. But as the US is a COT member, thus an enemy, guess it's ok.

De Ve T
De Ve T Day 2,047, 14:31

AFA isn't a TO

Syz2 Day 2,047, 17:05

Bribing for votes, trying to fake names and parties on elections? Its an obvious TO

Viarizi Day 2,047, 18:18

Nope, its called FIGHTING BACK!

Pitcity Day 2,047, 05:21


Harry Potthead
Harry Potthead Day 2,047, 05:36

We are America!

Jasher Day 2,047, 08:38

Who is American?

Harry Potthead
Harry Potthead Day 2,047, 09:38

Who isn't?

ElReyPitufo Day 2,047, 18:20

im not american, im from argentina, but i have friends in america, and i fight for US since 2012

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