[ADP] Presidential Address and Food Drop

Day 2,794, 22:18 Published in Australia Australia by The ADPs official Org

G'day Australia and particularly the Australian Democratic Party,

Thank you for electing me your party president. It is my honor and pleasure to serve this party at the will of its members. I hope my efforts this past month as vPP have set the tone for the month to come. I want to take the ADP to the top and in order to do that we all need to give it our best. I hope to serve the party to the best of my ability but I cannot do it on my own. I hope to bring some fresh blood into the party leadership this month while revitalizing our existing members' activity. I will now list a few of the goals I hope to accomplish in my term in order to hold myself to them:

Maintain open communication threads for all active ADP members

Continue Weekly Food Drops with the occasional forum weapons drop

Try out a weekly forum salary for checking into the ADP forums (Details to come)

Encourage party members to utilize IRC and Forums

Recruit some fresh blood for party leadership among younger or less experienced players

I will need all of your help in order to make these goals possible. Activity and community are what drives this game. Be a vital part of that community. You can make the change you wish to see. Together we can better Australia for ourselves and the citizens of tomorrow. Please login into the forums, join in the IRC chat, write an article, and get involved in politics, but most importantly be a voice to be heard.

In celebration, every ADP member who votes and comments on this article gets 500 Q4 food.

An additional 10 Q7 weapons for shouting this article as well.

MoEE and President of the Australian Democratic Party