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[ACP NEWS] Day 1,915

Day 1,915, 06:34 Published in Australia Australia by Lord TJ


To start off - thanks to Callumh123 for his grand service as our leader. We aren't a party that's representative of its members - we are a party that is governed democratically by members. Callum upheld the ACP tradition with a tough act to follow on from. Thanks, Cal. o/

This election was up and down all the way. Nicky3Fingers is a great bloke and deserves the utmost respect for his candidacy. I would like to see Nicky come on the leadership should it be the will of the members to so nominate.

We have a lot of challenges and I want to speak about them frankly and up front so there can be no confusion of the tasks ahead.

Party Leadership

With a new PP term, I'll open nominations for the in-game and meta game leadership of the party, from VP across.

Congress/Senate elections

In just six (6) days time (inclusive) is the cut-off for the Congressional (Senate) election nominations. I will do my best to see that the ACP can contend this election. It won't be easy but I promise to give it my all.

Name Ideas - Leaving the Communist Label behind

It cannot be denied that one of the issues we as a party have faced from a PR standpoint is our name. While there was nothing illicit about it whatsoever and it was all in the name of fun, it has cost us support due to RL attitudes.

People can get offended over anything, or they can fake offence for the sake of whatever. We can sit and blame the attitudes. We have done so - and months on the problem remains. Alternatively, we can debate new ideas for a fresh name and one that reflects an image that isn't going to outright offend people for no reason.

This will be one of the first issues debated.

Policies - Ideology compatible with the game

While the idea of a social democratic state is grand, it is virtually impossible to enforce under the eRep game mechanics. I'll amend that statement: it IS impossible. Even if everyone in the country was recruited to work in a commune, it can't be enforced nor should players feel their freedom impinged. That's not the democratic way.

The ACP's ideals will remain at its core: A country's people have the right to experience freedom, a state has the obligation to help and not hinder, the people are our prime concern.

A public relations and education campaign

The party will embark on an education campaign, particularly as reforms are decided by the members and come to pass, to educate the public on what we have to offer. We don't promise the world, or that we are the first inventors. We are players - we support each other by playing what's in front of us and sharing of our skills and other things of value.

Party Radio

As of next Friday, ACP Radio National will be on the air via BlogTalkRadio. I'm allowing the week to put it to party vote and get approval for its sanction, produce the script and then I'll pay the subscription to have it on the air.

It's a good way to ask questions and engage with the party leaders, candidates for office and get beyond the echo chamber of text. I ask for the party and the public for their support.


There are other issues of general discussion pertaining to the party that will take place over the course of the next few days. I won't take up the public's time with the forensics.

Hold your fights if the bar is higher than 55%

Fight with q7 weapons whenever possible

Always use your gold wisely, use gold to gold train or to build companies.

Make sure to work and train everyday.

Joining an MU will give you Daily Orders to fufill, when you have finished the orders you get some special items! (Bazooka and a candy bar).

Subscribe to eCentrelink, and also message them for supplies.

Want an easy to understand guide to eRepublik read this!

Join the Australian Communist Party
Join us at #aus.commie on Rizon iRC
Join us on the eAustralian forums (request membership of the ACP member group)

ACP website (NEW):

Quote of the day:

"Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe" - Gail Devers.

Later champ.

Mick Gatto
President, ACP


Septimius Maximinus
Septimius Maximinus Day 1,915, 13:08


Jeffrey Skilling
Jeffrey Skilling Day 1,915, 16:19

Congratulations, Mick. 🙂

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Day 1,915, 18:06

Thanks, Jeffrey

Callumh123 Day 1,915, 16:30

It was a tight race between two very good candidates. The way it should be. Congrats Mick and hope you the best this month.

CH123 signing out bitches.

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