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Abbout Hallowen

Day 2,172, 12:02 Published in Belgium Cyprus by Pargali Ibrahim Pasha

Halloween or HALLOWEEN-Praise Jesus NOT WITCHES
(The night before All Saints October 31st)
Fr Stella Catholics really should not celebrate Halloween because their attention is devoted to prayer to saints, models of Christian life, but also the memory of the deceased, and the days of meditation, peace and remembrance, not masked fun and occultism.
Already before the feast of All Saints, some Christian believers will 'decorate' your windows and garden carved and lit pumpkins in the form of demonic faces.

Already before the feast of All Saints, some Christian believers will 'decorate' your windows and garden carved and lit pumpkins in the form of demonic faces. Will lend horror movies at the video store and enjoy it. Wholeheartedly cooperate with a nursery school teacher at the school. Will generously open their wallets to their beloved child was as bloody costume for kindergarten or school events to the louder, unleashing in bars celebrating 'Halloween' or usual domestic.
Parent today as one can be ignorant , uninformed and ill advised. But one who is a Christian believer , who is more adept and more who knows no right to be reckless , be naive. Otherwise failure occurs . That omission might seem a parent - a believer , educator , teacher or catechist . Failure may seem even the parish priest , who , as a moral authority in their community of believers , each year re- interpret it in all that is good and what is evil . Of course no solution is not only in the mere assertion that " Halloween" observe many of us . No comfort is not to assert that they do and our good neighbors and acquaintances .
If a man is a believer , he should always and everywhere be a good advocate , a fighter for the dignity and quality of the physical and especially the spiritual and mental health. We live in a world that is rich declarative rights, freedoms and opportunities appreciation of other and different . When we read or hear about ourselves and the rights we have voted , almost to yourself and do not believe in such a fairy tale. In our real life, we try to have our children 's favorite and most important . Because they are protected by laws , regulations , conventions , organizations, Attorney ... in our laws is even written that a parent has the right to raise children according to their moral and religious principles .
Why, then, let us bad company constantly stealing our parental rights , why can not we manage to find some time together with your child talk about what is good and what is evil ? You really do not know your child the warmth of the family home to explain what to All Saints 'Day and All Souls' Day is ?
Are we , as usual, still naive to think that it would instead
We do someone else ?



Fettis Day 2,172, 12:56

yes christijan godd artikle, when u will back to finland yes? no?

Polegar1 Day 2,172, 14:02

Cjhistian come finlands, many infidel, not mani Cat Holicks! Converse finlads Cat holicks! Sword sharp road open!

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 2,172, 14:47

There is no god....

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,173, 05:37

I agree!! 🙂

Vincent Pain
Vincent Pain Day 2,173, 05:38

Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people.

Karl Marx, Introduction to A Contribution to the Critique of Hegel’s Philosophy of Right (1843)

boer jan
boer jan Day 2,172, 16:06

Halloween is made by Christians, original it was the feast of the beginning of the (dark) winter. As usual it was converted by religion.

Lord Milorad
Lord Milorad Day 2,173, 08:21

Votado o/

Pedersprii Day 2,173, 13:32

Hey my frend I votings all yur artiglos!

Director9 Day 2,173, 15:09

Temp ban, lol, why does that not surprise me 🙂

HK416 Day 2,174, 04:59

In Portugal the halloween is known as "Dia dos Fiezinhos", and it means the day of the deaths, is a catholic ceremony. It´s the day of the year when the families visit massively their deceased loved ones, and of course the children do in the eve the trick or treat thing.


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