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Day 1,919, 11:01 Published in Germany Germany by Winston Snowball


You think there is Freedom in eGermark? Do you realy? The freedom in eGermark is the freedom of the FILZ. You have the freedom to think exactly what the FILZ does. Of course you can say something else ... but the puppets of the FILZ will bring you down right at the same moment. Your ideas might be better, the most citizen might even like to follow you … But the FILZ makes the decisions and they do not care about you, they just care about themselves. Of course they might let you talk: talking never changes something.
You think you are free to act like you want? Well, then try to take the CH supplies and fight against the FILZ-orders. Get elected to the congress and try to make same laws against the will of the FILZ. Criticize the FILZ and try to become a member of the government.
Freedom in this state is the freedom of FILZ. You don't get anything from that freedom. In fact it's an illusion created by the FILZ to let you feel comfortable in your chains. The demand to give up the illusion of a condition is the demand to give up a condition that requires an illusion. FILZ-Freedom is nothing but opium for the people. Don't let yourself get blinded by that.
The views and the welfare of the people of Germark are only represented by the KPeD. We don't need liberal freedom when the KPeD rules, because the KPeD is the expression of the peoples thoughts and wishes. The Dictatorship of the KPeD and Snowball is the only way to the only real - the communist - freedom.

citizens of eGermany, citizens of eDenmark,
citizens of every land and clime,
Hearken well and spread my tidings
Of the golden future time.

PS: Find the (entire) Marx quote first and get a free cookie!



eisenmutter2 Day 1,919, 12:46

there are no "puppets of the FILZ" and everyone who says otherwise should get perma banned.

Badass Dave
Badass Dave Day 1,919, 14:47

Cookies sind scheiße, Muffins sind besser. ._.
Für noch mehr "Der Filz is fol pöhse!!1" solltest du in die "Red Army" gehen. Und eine goldene Zukunft haben schon viele vor dir in eD prophezeit... im übrigen: Der Artikel enthält alles was einige von uns schon zig mal gesehen haben. Trotzdem ein Vote wegen "F.I.L.Z" o/

eisenmutter2 Day 1,919, 16:03

nur der filz kann eine goldene zukunft sichern. sichert euch euren filz jetzt:

Badass Dave
Badass Dave Day 1,919, 18:04

Toll! Gibt's da auch Rendite, Kredite und Zineszinz? Ein kostenloser Trojaner-Virus wäre im Übrigen auch toll, meiner wurde gerade von Avast vernichtet :C

crvnazvezda Day 1,919, 15:02

we believe in objektive wahrheit
we believe in art and absurd.
wir sind kommunisten

Konrad Neumann
Konrad Neumann Day 1,921, 03:35

Typical eCommie crap. All rhetoric and no substance. Just a lot of bla bla bla and you hate Filz which I doubt you really have any understanding about. You make noise about freedom but you clearly have no idea what freedom and eGerman politics is.

You hint a bit of Gramsci in your argument but you lack proper understanding of his ideals. You can never get rid of the elites for it is human nature to be govern in hierarchy. If you get rid of the filz, you replace it with a new filz. There can be no freedom if freedom is that of a classless/ no elite society.

In the end, this is your typical commie nonsense. Militant rhetoric but no substance, understanding, and comprehension of the theories and philosophy they try to evoke.

Winston Snowball
Winston Snowball Day 1,921, 03:51

Who needs substance when he has rhetoric 😉

KingRobertBaratheon Day 1,921, 04:29

"We don't need liberal freedom when the KPeD rules, because the KPeD is the expression of the peoples thoughts and wishes"

We do need liberal freedom, because the KPeD is neither the expression of my thoughts nor of my wishes.

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