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[2nd International Meeting] The Greeks

Day 1,694, 01:59 Published in Romania Greece by LadyArgana
This is going to be a huge article so... sit back and enjoy or just vote it and shout it and get out of here 😛

All the way back from Thessaloniki to Athens I was thinking about this article. What should I write, how should I do it, how I will be able to express all my feelings and memories about these days in Timisoara and our trip there
Its really very hard to do it because I dont know about the rest but for me was a life time experience in which I gained so many things
Most of all real life friends

A few days before the meeting, I was thinking again (yeah I know 😛) to quit the game. No matter the money I have spend or the damage I have made or the strength my account has
I was very tired from RL issues, game issues, and I was thinking that I am burned out and there is nothing for me here anymore
Though I was smart enough to say to myself that the final decision I will take it after the meeting
Well now I cant quit ... I found the reason I want to stick around and trust me... its not my account!
Its the people that I met, the people I gave hugs, the people I kissed, the people I had drinks with, the people I danced with, the people I traveled with, the people that changed my life in lots of different ways.

I want to thank deeply from my heart the other three Greeks I was traveling with, Atsalenia, Charisiadis Hlias and tasos maximus
They were the best company I could ever imagine I would have on this trip!

The Chronicle of the 21 hours trip
It was 5:30 in the morning when superman Tasos came to our hotel in which Atsalenia and I were spending a few hours before we will leave

We loaded the back of the car with our stuff and we were ready to start traveling

We supposed to have a GPS but someone smart (Tasos) didnt check it at all and we had no maps. So from that moment, our GPS was officially Hlias 😛
We passed the borders on Bulgaria and the first problem came on our way to Sofia when we found an accident
The road was closed and we waited for more than half hour there
So much wasted beer...

When we were passing Sofia it was still very early and we got very ecxited cause we had the idea that the trip wont be this long as we first thought...
Silly us 😃
Since our live GPS picked the road we will take, we went through Bulgarian mountains in our way to Vidin to take the ferry and pass the Borders to Kalafat

The roads to the mountains were so bad that I cant even describe them
It wasnt that the lanes were narrow... that was ok...
It wasnt that it was with lots lots lots of turns... that was ok too!
The HOLES on the road its something you can not imagine!
It was possible one wheel to get in them and never get out 😛

After a few hours on these "great" roads, some new experience eating a sandwich with warmed cucumber called "hamburger" by some ladies which they were not speaking English at all, we still had our spirit high and we were laughing we managed to reach the ferry!
It was SOOOOOOOOO hot, at the borders no one was speaking English as well but still we were hoping... it was already 3:00 in the noon...
No shadow at all but hey... we were at borders!
Kalafat was infront of us...

BUT... We waited there two more hours to pass!!!

Ferry had to be full both sides in order to move...
well, at some point we did and we were on the other side at about 5:30 at afternoon
When we passed the borders from Bulgaria and reached the Romania we all shouted at the same time...
And yes... I am not kidding!

If you Romanians think you dont have good roads... you should try to travel at Bulgaria 😛
You will appreciate your country as I appreciated Greek roads!

Since our GPS Hlias, had no maps, we made a few more kilometers making rounds, we took the wrong way a couple of times and we managed to make a 4 hours trip from Kalafat to Timisoara... 8 hours 😛:P
Yes, that was two times travel 😃
We were very tired and we were thinking that we will go directly to sleep but when alpho with petsku came to pick us from the entrance of the city, everything has been forgotten.
We went to our pension, left there our stuff and we went to met some Romanians were already there among Finns
Most of them were drunk, training for next day 😛

The Chronicle of the days there
I am afraid that this article became more huge than I first thought, so I will try to keep it short


Thats all!
We saw absolutely nothing from the city 😛

EPIC moments memories I will have for the rest of my life
- When we first met the others on our first night on 1.30 in the morning

- Next morning that we couldnt have coffee the way we are used to cause there is no Greek frappe there 😛

- The T-shirt my MU gave me "Soimii Patriei" and the singing all the time Soimii Patriei sha la la la laaaaaaaaaa ... Soimii Patriei sha la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

- The face of Alex Milotin when I was singing to him this song ( 😘 Alex!)

- The backgammon game I had with M Bogdan and at the end we were 1-1 on after about 12-13 sets 😛

- when avec got boobs

- when Plato met headless chicken

- the 30 minutes walking on my high heels from one place to another for more party 😛 (I am still in pain 😛)

- when our room became operation center for tanking and M Bogdan become GoW

- when ion-voda was taking pictures all the time like the official erep photographer

- when I met "enemies" LOL

- when all Soimii Patriei we went into the rain to get our picture all together (love you all guys! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making me feel better than home!)

- when sunny was feeling soooooooooo tired

- when Hlias gave money tip to Tasos on our way back home after he was cleaning the front glass of our car

And so so so many other moments...

The way back home
Since we had so hard trip to go up there through Bulgaria we decided to take our chances and try to pass borders through Serbia and Skopje WITHOUT passports and only with our "kind of international ID's"
We have been told that we wouldnt make it, and that was the reason we went at first through Bulgaria
But we took our chances and we had some Serbian "enemies" with us (lol)
Deep thanks to Srnica and bandigarf
I love you both! THANK YOU!

Srnica even wanted to give us her GPS but we had Hlias and we rejected her offer 😛

We traveled through Serbia, we made only a few circles inside Belgrade because our guys fell in love with every Serbian woman they saw and they were missing all the time the road signs 😛

Our Stop to Skopje
I am close friend with AlexSkopje and I am a very lucky woman
He is half Greek and he also speaks Greek and he has a lot of Greek spirit laughing like an idiot like myself all the time 😛
So when we decided to go this way, I got in touch with him and he arranged a very very small meeting for us 🙂
So we had the pleasure to meet him, among Mudash and Aexil Kong
It was amazing, they are very warm and smiling guys and they hosted us great!
We had a great dinner with a table FULL of food on Alex treat
-Alex I owe you one-
THANK YOU my "enemies" for this meeting
It was a real honor to meet you all!

So we left Skopje with full stomachs and we were on our way back home...

The Conclusion
This is a game full of PEOPLE. We have no REAL enemies, we can all be friends and party together for long long time
We can enjoy ourselves even if we fight in opposite sides
Dont let the real life issues to get in to you
We are all much much better than this, we are all educated young people and we can change the world
After all, this is the NEW WORLD!

This is what I gained from this trip

I gave hugs and kisses to all these persons, I laughed with them and had GREAT time!

A THANK YOU is not enough, but its all I got
THANK YOU! And I REALLY HOPE I will see you all next year in 3rd international meeting in Greece where will be hosting it and even more and new faces and friends!



GSmyrlis Day 1,694, 02:02


CRIS 99 Day 1,694, 02:03

votadooo !!!

next time i will be there with u !!

VOIDOKOILIAS Day 1,694, 02:04

τοση μπυρα στο δρομο, ιεροσυλια!!!!
συγχαρητηρια για το εχγειρημα παιδια, θα ηθελα να ημουν μαζι σας

Aexil Kong PRC
Aexil Kong PRC Day 1,694, 02:05

harika pou sas gnorisa

: D

Gabinheta II
Gabinheta II Day 1,694, 02:05

omg !!! i'm so jealous !!! : (
hard voted !!
hope u've enjoyed sweet Lady !!! ... and i know u did 😘**

Skyattacker Day 1,694, 02:05


You seem to have had a great time, next year in Greece i will prolly be there, especially if it's gonna take place in Athens or Thessaloniki!! o/ o/

Meddussa Day 1,694, 02:05


alzena Day 1,694, 02:07

I was nice to meet you all 😃

hardly wait for next year - greeceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

tatovic Day 1,694, 02:08


arxaios Day 1,694, 02:08


alpho Day 1,694, 02:09

Heh, welcome to my point of view over eRep for the last 2 years : ). Good to have you here.

vasspana Day 1,694, 02:09


Elbert Gong
Elbert Gong Day 1,694, 02:10

i still regret that i couldnt come : (
damn ...

KlNG MINOAS Day 1,694, 02:12

tassos is single?

MermaidPrincess Day 1,694, 02:14

See you next year! 🙂

Sir.Devil Day 1,694, 02:14


mappas Day 1,694, 02:14

βόουτιντ να'ουμ!!
it's just another game, enjoy!

Vrilissia7 Day 1,694, 02:15

= V =


alzena Day 1,694, 02:15

we missed you there wea

Sunsetter Day 1,694, 02:16

We love you too, Lady 😘
It was great great great to have you all here and you're welcome anytime!

panvot Day 1,694, 02:16

Nice trip, perfect meeting, story well told by Lady!
Gongrats to all of you for what you did!
We are jealous of you! 🙂

Florys Day 1,694, 02:17

it was a pleasure to meet you !

@CRIS 99 : we, Myrmidons, felt alone whitout our captain...

kampg Day 1,694, 02:18

αυτος απο την one εχει ωραια ματια στην επομενη συναντηση ρωτηστε τον απο που γινετε.....

M Bogdan
M Bogdan Day 1,694, 02:18

Lady special order for you, greek frape:D.
Thanks for the GoW night.
Was an awesome meeting.
M Bogdanopoulos (Half greek:P)-u owe me the meeting in salonica:D

Didei Day 1,694, 02:20


The Ghazi
The Ghazi Day 1,694, 02:20


WayMilky Day 1,694, 02:21


Prottank Day 1,694, 02:23


blackpanther76 Day 1,694, 02:23

We had great time indeed...and I'm so so happy that we finally meet : D
I'm waiting for the next meeting xD should be there too....but...see you next time : D

Finway Day 1,694, 02:24

( =

CRAZY BLACK Day 1,694, 02:24


Ivan Vancho Makedonski
Ivan Vancho Makedonski Day 1,694, 02:24

AlexSkopje, Mudash and Aexil Kong are on the black list now...thank you Lady for revealing those information to us


Btw you passed trough Macedonia, Skopje is just the capital city : ***

Monaxoulis Day 1,694, 02:25


EpiCourious Day 1,694, 02:26

till next year that we will join you

Maced0n Day 1,694, 02:26

nice road trip : )

Apo Nenormalnio
Apo Nenormalnio Day 1,694, 02:27


Apo Nenormalnio Day 1,694, 02:27

Comment deleted

Apo Nenormalnio Day 1,694, 02:27

Comment deleted

Atsalenia Day 1,694, 02:27

lady mhn tous peis gia thn sexy adelfh tou alex ok? 😃
egw ta ezhsa ola ayta kai de tha ksexasw to poso omorfa perasame 🙂

Jurukov Day 1,694, 02:28


Dejan836 Day 1,694, 02:29

Btw you passed trough Macedonia, Skopje is just the capital city : ***

CRIS 99 Day 1,694, 02:29

hahah...i promise !

Aradstorm Reloaded
Aradstorm Reloaded Day 1,694, 02:31

I hope you have a good time with your friends.‎ in stop Greece !

TaLoS Day 1,694, 02:32

very nice .. 🙂

ElektrodataNaTiger Day 1,694, 02:32

Comment deleted

kthniatros Day 1,694, 02:33


lef-7 Day 1,694, 02:34


LadyArgana Day 1,694, 02:34

Guys, please dont troll here 😁) as you see, I was polite enough not to call your country FYROM.
Please stop provocation here, lets have just some good time 🙂
Thank you 😘😘😘😘😘

Stef40 Day 1,694, 02:36

Btw you passed trough Macedonia, Skopje is just the capital city : ***

And put photo of you and Alex,Mudash and Kong

Kanopy Day 1,694, 02:36


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