[2089-2091]The e-Lottery!

Day 2,089, 02:56 Published in Norway Norway by Indigodavo95

Dear citizen of the new world, as Plato would have written. But this is not Plato, this is Indigodavo95!
Hello there! It's me! MARIO!

I've thought for a long time about creating a type of lottery / giveaway, so today I started to prepare all documents that I need.

This is how I plan to do this
- Once a week, probably friday around 04:00 eReptime
- There will be a form that you will have to fill

- I will be using www.random.org to pick out the winner or sometimes winners.
- The form will be open for 48 hours. Forms filled after 48 hours will not be counted.
- Everything that is written in the form will be be added to a spreadsheet.

If you want to join this please


This time i will have the form open to sunday midday, when i get home again, after this i will send the reward to the winners!

If you want to support this Lottery. please send me a message