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Инсајдер 2...

Day 2,446, 21:19 Published in Thailand South Korea by de Medici

Последњи у низу чланака везан за представљање еУК.
Интервјуи са Iain Keers , Mr Woldy и WookieO 🙂

1)Can You tell me something about current political situation in eUK? As much as I could see- you guys have constant abuse of power, I see CP’s stealing money etc... Quite frivolous, wont You say?

Mr Woldy: What has happened in the eUK is that politics has become polarised around two groups who had a blood feud for each other. Loosely speaking, one group was full of rhetoric about bashing elites, and it is this group that was recently placed in power through their importing of voters. Under pressure from the public and negative attention attracted from being a buffoon, the CP snapped and pinched the treasury, including money belonging to private citizens that was in orgs for investment purposes. This has happened a lot recently, the previous CP took some GBP incase the new CP stole the bank (good foresight) and a previous CP also from the anti-elite side of the political spectrum stole some too.

WookieO: To be honest there have only really been a couple of instances recently where treasury money has been stolen, specifically ChewChewShoe and now BigAnt.
On the whole the CP situation is generally pretty dull and boring in the eUK. There's always a lot of bickering and bawwwww amongst political rivals, but that's just politics, isn't it?
The best times are when the Royal Army Dental Corps get heavily involved.

2)Can You tell me, who are current members of political elite here in eUK, peoples of influence, and who could be new hopes of eUK politics, now when some “oldfags”– have left the eUK?

Mr Woldy: It's hard to pinpoint a national elite, we have a fairly mixed milieu. Citizens such as myself are quite influential but personally I have avoided taking government positions to encourage new players. People such as Kdogground2 and Akarin Weston represent fresh faces, though they are long time ereppers. Vendetta party has a group of elite members who wish to discriminate based on age, strength and level but most people oppose such categorisation and encourage all players to get involved.

WookieO: The Dental Corps are a major influence in the politics of the eUK, WayneKerr being our loudspeaker. There are a number of players who I have great hopes for though such as Rob the Bruce and Charles Moncrieff for example.
But there are a number of good players still in the eUK who wouldn't be labelled as 'oldfags', such as FightAndProduce, Neil Lewis, Aultman and ArgoFookYourself just off the top of my head.

3)Mentioning “oldfags”, what actually happen so Keers and Kravenn, among others, have left eUK?

Mr Woldy: Their party was PTO'd by BigAnt and some imported voters, and so they gave up on the eUK. Kravenn was subject to much abuse from people such as Dapper and left due to bullying. I cannot say I blame them for their choices.

WookieO: They buggered off and left the country to explore other avenues. When The Unity Party was taken over by BigAnt both Keers and Kravenn decided that it was easier to leave the eUK than fight for something that I think they'd grown tired of.
I would never condone a PTO of a party if it's done as a long term measure (unlike for example when DC took over TUP for one month, but handed it back the following one) but in my opinion I think even Keers and Kravenn themselves felt they were getting stale. So this move was probably good for them.

4)Can You tell me something about Your possible partners in running the country, and opponents, and what are the main differences on approach between you guys?

WookieO : I've always been a proponent of fun and entertainment being a key factor in making the community a good one. That's the policy I used when I became CP last year and it's one I look for in potential CP candidates, hence my support of Prof Moriarty.
There are many differing views in the eUK, we have our 'dirty commies', we still have TUP, there's a new offshoot of the UKPP and of course the party that I find myself in these days, the UK Reform Party.
My personal preference on the way to run this country is to make sure there's a community that people want to be a part of. This involves stuff going on, humourous articles and a place where you can come and be abused...but in a loving way.

(I haven’t asked Mr Woldy this question. He is, kind of, retired from politics officially and acts more as adviser. But, have in mind that his influеnce is pretty high).

5)I see much talk here, about so called PTO? What are Your standings concerning that matter?

Mr Woldy : When the PTO was first discovered I succesfully lead efforts to stop it, however due to the polarisation of the parties mentioned above one group (Vendetta) began allowing in possible PTO'ers, notably from serbia, in order to help their party win elections. When those imported voters fell out with BigAnt the cracks which led to the treasury theft were split open. We are now in that cliche time when the new citizens claim they are here to help and should be given a chance and the old citizens are suspicious of their motives, and dont know whether to let them stay or go.

WookieO : The group of ringleaders who were part of New Era (which became Vendetta), that's BigAnt, Dapper (You may call me V), Sir Winston S Churchill had made some sort of deal with a group of Serbians. As I understand it, the deal was for the Serbs to come in and help these ringleaders gain power and topple what they saw as an 'elitist oldfag leadership'. What the Serbs were to get out of it, I'm unsure...possibly they were using BigAnt and co as much as they were being used.

As it stands those New Era/Vendetta lot have shown that they were in fact merely thieving sods. They had no plans to make the eUK better, they just wanted to steal some cash.
Regarding the Serbians that they invited in and who then went on to hand out citizenship to other Serbs, I've no ill will directly towards them. They were being used for numbers to get Vendetta into they'll probably head back to Serbia I would imagine

1) For long period of time- You, Kravenn and few others have been a symbol of eUnited Kingdom. I see you have left the eUK-You are now in ePoland, Kravenn in eAlbania...
What actually happen?

Iain Keers :Well I’ve spent a lot of time abroad in the last few years- Romania, Poland, China to name a few. But yes, I finally drew a line and said I was going to leave. My party in the UK got PTO’d by certain traitors working with a Serbian PTO group, and other UK groups stood by and let it happen because they wanted to see it hurt more than they cared about the UK being safe. As a result of this the UK got a PTOer CP who has stolen the UK treasury. I always fought for the UK because I cared about the community, but it has been in decline for a long time and those who are left are mostly not worth fighting for. I took the core of the country into my new MU and I will still work to support and protect them. The rest can try and do it themselves.

2) Can You tell me something about current political situation in eUK? As much as I could see- they have constant abuse of power, I see CP’s stealing money etc... Quite frivolous, wont You say?

Iain Keers :Well there was one group in particular who are bad- called Vendetta/New Era, their ring leaders are BigAnt, Don Dapper, Goku Jones, Hollenboer, Sven Goran-Goran and several others including now several Serb leaders. However there are also two smaller groups which whilst being pro-UK are not pro-Community and only look to themselves. These two groups are relatively powerful, so their lack of cooperation means that the UK community is rarely united enough to protect itself against threats. It will only get worse in future.

3.) Can You tell me what the main differences on approach are, concerning eUK internal politics, between You and Your opponents?

Iain Keers :Really there aren’t any. They would say that they believe in greater democracy or letting new players have a chance. However they themselves don’t practice this with the majority of their leaders being 5+ years old and having undemocratic practices like PTO. I think there is a general feeling in the UK that I and my party have controlled the UK over the past five years, so “anything but TUP” is their main policy. They are oppositionist and lack any talent or ability. Really it’s just politics of envy, but I can’t work in a country where everyone opposes me for the sake of it, so I left.

4) According to You, who are, at the moment, members of political elite in the eUK (among both- Your “friends and foe’s”), and do You think that they will be able to run the country- concerning foreign affairs, organizing the Army, and above all- struggle with PTO that knocks on the e-country’s door (as much as I could see for this short period of time)?

Iain Keers : I think that they will be able to run the country at a basic level. However many of the faces in the Unity movement are world-striding figures. We have a high non-British membership (in the MU it is over 50%) including many former Presidents, ministers and alliance leaders, as well as MU leaders. This means that we have a global influence that has given the UK a strong voice in the past. However we’re tired of it now, I guess they will have their chance to show their credentials but several figures have said to me already that with the changing circumstances it’s unlikely UK will be at the top table in future discussions. It’s likely they will take a similar position to other countries with their damage, like France, Sweden, Lithuania, etc.

5) Within this few days, I’ve noticed that there is always TO present here, in the eUK, concerning political parties. If that become pattern of behavior in future- they will be overtaken by PTOist. Do you have in mind comeback, and taking the responsibility again?

Iain Keers :No I won’t return to the UK, or I have no plans to do so. The community has been shrinking for a long time- UK has only 300 active citizens now, only maybe 150 of those are really active. That makes PTO very easy and the country will just descend into a cycle of PTO and hate filled retribution now. Really it isn’t worth fighting over a country with only 150 active citizens anyway. Any British citizen who wants refuge from that is welcome in my MU- any citizen anywhere to be honest. When it all started going wrong I made the MU to sum up the spirit of TUP. Something internationalist, something strong politically, somewhere people can talk and relax without worrying. We have many old players there, but we also train new players for high office. It’s a great environment and a new chapter in my eLife.

Захваљујем се свим учесницима интервјуа на издвојеном времену, а надам се да сам грађанима еТајланда, бар оним заинтересованим за политичка дешавања широм еСвета, барем мало допринео у креирању става и поимању о дешавањима у некада нам савезничкој едржави. еДржави која је дала, и верујем да ће то наставити и у будуће, многе врхунске политичаре на светској политичкој сцени. 🙂



Nebojsa Novakovic
Nebojsa Novakovic Day 2,446, 22:29

Prvi,jel sam dobio neku nagradu?🙂

de Medici
de Medici Day 2,446, 22:43

Успешно послат(о) 5 производ(а) Nebojsa Novakovic.

arhangellord Day 2,447, 00:42


Omar Mali
Omar Mali Day 2,447, 00:42

Nepojmljivo mi je da nismo više saveznici sa UK, šta uradi loša diplomatija..

de Medici
de Medici Day 2,447, 03:53

Па није се ту могло пуно урадити. Геостратешки, њихова судбина везана је за Пољску.

BG Pobednik
BG Pobednik Day 2,447, 00:46



Kiza No Sleep
Kiza No Sleep Day 2,447, 00:56

Hvin clanak 🙂


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Day 2,447, 01:31

Voted, interesting read o7

mrle1982 Day 2,447, 02:53

good one

Kirito 77
Kirito 77 Day 2,447, 03:24


WookieO Day 2,447, 04:07

A good read mate, especially my bits 😉

Fataliix Day 2,447, 07:07


Achilles Of Troy
Achilles Of Troy Day 2,447, 07:09

An interesting insight to life here in euk. Thanks.

FightAndProduce Day 2,447, 07:14

Comment deleted

FightAndProduce Day 2,447, 07:15

Keers comes across as a very likable person in this article.

Says no one at all ever.

Fataliix Day 2,447, 08:01

My favourite bit is where he's still accusing other parties of being the problem for not helping TUP, but I'm pretty sure that UKPP and ESO were PTO'd first and we were told we deserved it!

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