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[1846] Q2 Weapons and Food to Order Seafood

Day 1,846, 06:20 Published in USA USA by AeroGent
Weapons Resource Bonus has stayed at 60%.
Q2 weapons and food provide the best energy and damage per currency.
Gold remains at resistance at 390.

A current mission encourages defeating many opponents per battle, and adds a significant damage requirement for the 25 battles.

The eUSA Natural Enemy proclamation against eTaiwan continues. The current attack on Central Taiwan, if successful, will increase the food resource bonus to 80% with the addition of a fish region.

There are 32 fewer citizens than yesterday, with 95 new arrivals.

The treasury has collected 53.4k eUSD since yesterday for 5.84 eUSD per active citizen. This is an increase of 0.43 eUSD per citizen from the previous day.

The most effective way to make money, for everyone except Division 4, continues to be purchasing an aluminum mine and selling the production on the open market.

Gold is currently trading near resistance at 390, with a low of 382.000 at the open, and a high of 388.000 at 06:27. Current volatility is very low.



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