ДК! за еПеру

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След като ме върнаха в ДК, интервюирах министър председателя им, външния им министър и диктатора им. Първо моите впечатления, после откъси от интервютата...

еПеру е верен съюзник на еБългария, интересно е че Диктатора им е женен за българка, намира българките за по-красиви от перуанките. Идвал е до България, знае малко български и най-важните думи ракия и наздраве!

еПеру имат политика да взимат важните решения заедно и да диктуват на диктатора какво да прави. Тук ще споделя малко инфо за тяхното правителство!

В момента на писането на статията имат 5 региона и 739 активни граждани.
Диктатор е DnPijote
Президент избран със 100 процента е A V C Khalifa
Министър-председател е Hitman79
Военен министър е Jota Gee
Външен министър е EBM
нямат министър на образованието
в еПеру има 4 партии само, за разлика от еБългария!
Във военно положение нямат ЕВ

Първо диктатора
Who are you in real life?
I am an Electronic engineer
I studied in a university in Lima and go in student exchange to Canada
I am natal of Trujillo, Chimor region

What is the feeling to be dictator of Asteria country?
I became dictator because others UM commanders didn't want to spend 1 million of cc or we're too lazy to do it so i need to be fast before receive a Chilean attack and can fly into Romania after a long time ago wiped.

What do you know about Bulgaria and eBulgaria?
I don't like to use a lot of telegram. My wife use it because she is natal of Bulgaria.
I always had good relations with them because i know few about your language.

Do you know Nazdrave and Rakia?
Yes. I was in Bulgaria real life too to know my wife's parents.

So you know Bulgarian women, which are better - Peruvian or Bulgarian?

Bulgarian for me.

Say something to your Bulgarian friends.
We are more interrelationated than you expect. If not, ask to mattrim

He doesn't like me.

Long story short - I am spammer, ask him about me, he blocked me!

Ето и откъси от другите 2 интервюта - започвам с мофа-та
Who are you in real life?
I am a guy who love geopolitics in RL so this kind of game is perfect to me. Unfortunatly the visa has more importance than strategy and you have to make plans according the budget you manage and you think your enemy manage.

What is your role in ePeru?
I am mofa. Eternal mofa and so time ago the unique nexo between my country and Asteria and other countries. But in the last months i invited and involved to other guys of my country in this task. I am not alone anymore

But can you explain your role in the government and some spicy things about your team ruling one of Asteria countries?
I was one of the CO Masters. Making strategies in ePerú and Asteria or previous alliances
Now i am only a diplomatic because a Lot of people in the world know me as Peruvian

Avc khalifa was elected with 100 percent as president...
We don't put attention in who is the CP. The dictator do what the community ask to do. As difference of the past, the decisions are taken in a general channel with all Peruvians.

Can you explain rotocafe?
Rotocafé. Character celebrated among native users in eArgentina and adopted by other countries in the region, especially ePerú. It serves to indicate sarcasm, mockery or some kind of irony. It is also used when you want to respond to the user message using the words. In these cases, the meaning can reach very complex levels.

Say something to eBulgarians...
Sorry if I put CO against you in the past. But I was so hurt when you betray us when COT finished only by Chileans orders. I am sure now you understand me and my country how it feel.

Накрая министър-председателя
Who are you in real life?
My name is Alexander Korotvok or better known as Uncle Fredy. I am a civil engineer specialized in hydraulics, geotechnics and risk management.

What is your role in ePeru?
Warehouse and resource manager for troops and primer minister

What about Tupan Amaru?
He is a traitor, who conspired against the Spanish crown, joined the English, so he was executed, by traitor

Най накрая искам да споделя моите впечатления от перуанците...
Те са верен съюзник, радвам се че ме приемат и се чувствам лама почти толкова колкото техния диктатор се чувства българин! Когато започнах работа в ДК хауса се беше постарал да ги нахрани, началото бе трудно, но лека полека нещата се случиха - направиха чат в телеграм специално за мен, благодарение на друг приятел от там! 23 човека и някак не ме баннаха въпреки спама ми за разлика от повечето български чатове.


Finally, I want to share my impressions of the Peruvians ...
They are a loyal ally, I am glad that they accept me and I feel lama almost as much as their dictator feels Bulgarian! When I started working at DC, the Chaos did his best to tell them that they are not true ally, the beginning was difficult for me, but slowly things happened - they made a chat in a telegram especially for me, thanks to another friend from there! 23 people and somehow did not ban me despite my spam unlike most Bulgarian chats.