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[1 DIO]Šta mislite o eBIH?-Italy

Day 1,879, 02:44 Published in Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina by nemanja pavlovic

Kao i što sam rekao nastavićemo sa serijelom zvanim "Šta mislite o eBIH".U uvodu sam rekao da je danas na redu predsednik Italije "God Dark".Da iskoristim priliku da se zahvalim,sto nam je izašao u susret i prihvatioi da odgovori na postavljena pitanja.
Sad da se ne iznenadite pitanja su postavljena na engleskom,pa sad ko zna engleski znaće i šta piše
Pa da krenemo!
1. Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I am a normal player who sees this game as a game, my best experience in this game was in the Theocratic Army, only your older players can remember. We were a group of international players, all tanks, we had our nation in Switzerland (in the year 2009).

2. Have you ever fought for or against eBIH?
I think I have always fought for Bosnia, unfortunately, you are surrounded by the most powerful states

3. What do you think about the citizens of eBIH?
Honestly, I have sympathy for your country and I really like your flag 🙂

4. Since eBIH now no territory, do you think that it is militarily capable to liberate territories?
The Serbia is a major obstacle for your freedom and for the freedom of my country, now I think that only with great coordination between the ally bosnia can be freed

5. What do you think about eBIH (in general)?
I think that Bosnia is a nation of strong character and desire for revenge can free

6. Do you mean to open embassy in eBIH / If you already have that,how can you help our citizens?
Yes we have ambassador in BiH, he is Fanaxidiel, he is even our MoD

7. Do you think that the current government is capable to pull eBIH out of the crisis?
I do not know your political situation so I can not make judgments

8. In the end, what message do you want to send to people of eBIH?
To BiH i want say that at this difficult time my people share their own pain and hope to soon be able to get rid of the oppression of the enemy
To bi bilo to za danas,u Uvodnom dijelu ste predložili da sledeći predsednik bude iz Srbije,potrudićemo se da dobijemo odgovore,ali nemožemo garantovati.
Nadam se da ste zadovoljni i da cete dati Vote & Sub,i morate priznati da parlam engleski samo tako 😉


Belo Horizontee
Belo Horizontee Day 1,879, 02:51


Osvetnik21 Day 1,879, 03:13

Eh, da si jos done napravio prevedenu verziju na BiH, bilo bi odlicno. Ali i ovako sve pohvale. Vote

Henry Hull
Henry Hull Day 1,879, 03:55

Nekoliko gramatckih gresaka, ali nema veze.

Dobar clanak! o/

Wezir Day 1,879, 05:06

Samo rokaj 😃

BNK The Glavatt
BNK The Glavatt Day 1,879, 05:15

o/ odlično

ErminZe Day 1,879, 05:52


Bosnian Patriot
Bosnian Patriot Day 1,879, 07:09

Evo VOTE sub vec odavno 😃 De pitaj poljsku isto 😛 ❤ Sam naprijed

nemanja  pavlovic
nemanja pavlovic Day 1,879, 07:40

Ukoliko predsjednik eSrbije nehtjedne odgovoriti pitat cu predjednika Poljske

Bresha 87
Bresha 87 Day 1,879, 08:01

Super haha posebno mi je drago što dijeli moje mišljenje o zastavi, crknite dušmani xD

Fanaxidiel Day 1,879, 08:25


eBiH & Italy Togezza forevva!!!

Ezio Auditore da Bosona
Ezio Auditore da Bosona Day 1,879, 09:16

de Sjevernokorejance pitaj .. hocu njihovo misljenje o nasem potencijalnom napadu na njih hh .. ozbiljno !

ZmajOdPosavine Day 1,879, 10:41

Ti amo, ITALIA!


Tomislav Diablo
Tomislav Diablo Day 1,879, 15:42

"Honestly, I have sympathy for your country and I really like your flag"

He is obviously a fan od VARTA batteries:


"I think that Bosnia is a nation of strong character and desire for revenge can free"

There is no such thing as "bosnian nation". Bosnia is a multinational country like Switzerland and Belgium and there are three different nations living in it:
-Muslims, descendants of islamized Croats and Serbs who formed their own separate nation because islam forbids muslims to be a part of a predominantly christian nation (like croatian and serbian).

Muslims renamed themeselves into "Bosniaks" on 27th september, 1993. (after the breakup of Yugoslavia, and the proclamation of country's independence) so they could claim Bosnia as their national state in which there would be no room for Croats and Serbs. They don't want to ethnically divide the country like Switzerland or Belgium which would guarantee equal rights for all three nations, but they want to constitute it like a Muslim ("Bosnak" since 1993.) national state which they would eventually clense from christians - Croats and Serbs.

Now Serbs have their autonomy in a region Republic of Srpska and they are seeking a way to proclaim independence of this entity and merge it with Serbia, but Croats are stuck with Muslims in the Croatian-Muslim Federation of BiH, and since muslims are three times more numerous, they are denying Croats the rights which they are supposed to have as a constituent nation. The election system enables Muslims to elect croatian representatives in government and to have absolute control over the "Croatian"- Muslim Federation.

That's why most bosnian Croats and Serbs play for Croatia or Serbia, and only Muslims play for Bosnia.

Bosansko Day 1,879, 20:07

Tomislave kompleksasu

BriZgonja Day 1,881, 01:25

Hahahhahahahahha XDDDDDDDDDDDD Tomislave, niko te ne jebe ni 2%, ne znam kako ti nije mrsko onda pisat' jedne te iste kilometarske komentare ?

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