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Добави приятел + новите мисии

Day 2,275, 00:18 Published in Bulgaria India by Rivaldo1914

Една от новите мисии е вързана с добавяне на приятели. Нека всеки, който има желание, да ме добави в приятелите си. Всички желаещи може да оставяте коментари "добавете и мен", за да получите покани за приятелство.
Ще съм благодарен, ако получа и малко абонаменти за вестника.
По-късно ще направя статията по-подробна и за останалите мисии.

Cupid's Revenge Part 1

Description: Cupid's army of chubby angels is descending toward your country. Cover it in the thick smoke of war to make them fly away. They really hate getting their white wings dirty.

Conditions: You and the citizens of your country, together, must defeat 251,281 opponents.

20 energy per 6 mins

Stay Busy

Description: Cupid will try to shoot his arrows at you and turn you into a "love zombie". But his poision won't work on a busy man, so keep busy with the Daily Tasks.

Conditions: Get the reward for completing the Daily Tasks.

Energy Bar: 2

Save Your Friends

Description: People are already turning to love zombies in the real world. Invite them to eRepublik or contribute with 100 kills to the national goal.

Conditions: Invite 2 friends and help them reach level 20 OR Defeat 100 Enemies.

Bazooka Booster: 3

Lead the line

Description: Lead the offensive line in one battle to inspire your comrades and frighten Cupid

1. Finish in top 5 in one battle
2. Fight in 3 different campaigns

8 hours booster

Keep the Angels Away

Description: Stay on the battlefield for a whole day and keep the chubby winged creatures away!

Conditions: Recover 6000 Energy in 1 day

Rewards: 60 strength

Training Day

Description: A strong warrior has no time for romantic walks on the beach or casual strolls under the moonlight. Hit the gym now!

Conditions: Increase your Strength with 10 points.

Energy Bar: 1

More Training

Description: The only romantic walk you are allowed to have is on the way to the gym. Train more and gain 90 strength.

Conditions: Increase your strength with 90 points

Bazooka Boosters: 3

Love Strike

Description: Cupid sends in new armies every day. Deal with that for 3 days or make one big stand once and for all.

Conditions: Defeat 50 enemies every day for 3 days OR Defeat 300 enemies

Damage booster: 8 hours

The Army With Wings

Description: The biggest wave of winged creatures is aproaching with their bows ready to shoot. Make them go away.

Conditions: Defeat 400 in one day.

2 rockets

The Friend Zone

Description: A trusty group of buddies will keep you safe from becoming one of the love zombies.

Conditions: Add 10 citizens to your friends list.

bazooka: 1

War Contribution

Description: Complete the Daily Tasks twice or defeat 100 enemies to contribute to the national goal.

Conditions: Complete Daily Tasks for 2 days OR Defeat 100 enemies in one day

Energy Bar: 4

Resist Love

Description: All over the new world people are organising the resistance against the love virus. Contribute to the war effort.

Conditions: Fight in 5 different resistance wars and defeat 25 enemies in each

Rewards: 40 str

Lead the Line - 3 Times

Description: Lead the offensive line in three battles to inspire your comrades and frighten Cupid

Conditions: Finish in top 5 in three battles
Rewards:5 energy bars + 1 rocket

Banish Cupid

Description: The New World needs a hero to banish Cupid back to his pink cloud in the skies!

1. Kill Cupid
2. Win a Battle Hero Medal.

Rewards:200 energy center for 15 days
2 small bombs



rogue123 Day 2,275, 00:21

добавете и мен

Gonzo bie tyk
Gonzo bie tyk Day 2,275, 11:58

и мен моля 🙂

JamesBondBG Day 2,276, 11:40

добавете и мен

bate bobby
bate bobby Day 2,275, 16:44

i men

stankorbg Day 2,276, 08:17

TrollPower2 Day 2,276, 05:14

add meee

batedoko Day 2,276, 06:18

Добавете и мен

stankorbg Day 2,276, 08:17


BGmilioners Day 2,277, 04:26

Включете ме и мен!

Apachi50 Day 2,275, 00:22

добавете и мен

LordGelu Day 2,275, 00:27

Не че нямам приятели, ама щом е за мисията. 🙂

NealCaffrey Day 2,275, 00:36

Comment deleted

ArtSBobo Day 2,275, 00:38

ако някой желае може да ме добави : )

Bibby30 Day 2,275, 00:55

добавете и мен

Palt0 Day 2,275, 01:26

не ме добавяйте
след 3 дни ще ме махате заради спама
не си струва

LogainAblar Day 2,275, 08:53

вярно е

Palt0 Day 2,275, 09:19

е вярно е де 🙂

Artiomov33 Day 2,275, 12:50

що ли не ме плашиш 🙂

Palt0 Day 2,275, 12:51

щот си слаП

Artiomov33 Day 2,275, 13:08

нямам молдаги-затва 🙂

haidenashte Day 2,275, 01:35

Comment deleted

velikiat Day 2,275, 01:40

Comment deleted

Sir Mort
Sir Mort Day 2,275, 02:03

добавете ме 🙂

Predatora89 Day 2,275, 02:04

добавете и мен

KillerAssasin Day 2,275, 02:06

добавете ме 🙂

ambreo Day 2,275, 02:22

добавете ме, моля

PegazisBg Day 2,275, 02:27

dobavete i men 🙂 v+s

Gushanski Day 2,275, 02:27

добавете и мен

Ssapient Day 2,275, 02:28

убо де, добавете ме 🙂

cerber80 Day 2,275, 02:30

добавете и мен

Adrenalinn Day 2,275, 11:49


cerber80 Day 2,275, 02:30

Comment deleted

mi6ma6 Day 2,275, 02:32

добавете ме 🙂

mariniv Day 2,275, 02:47

вот 18/ съм стар добавете и мен

jstyle Day 2,275, 02:52

добавете и мен

LSFC HOOLIGAN Day 2,275, 03:11

добавете и мен

SerbianAssaultForce Day 2,275, 03:19

добавете и мен

eWhiteCrow Day 2,275, 03:53

Добавяйте :🙂

Sparda Dante
Sparda Dante Day 2,275, 04:51

Удобен момент да си добавя малко приятелчета, добавяйте на воля 🙂

UltrasPlovdiv1926 Day 2,275, 05:05

добавете и мен 🙂

Sollomon Kane
Sollomon Kane Day 2,275, 05:40

добавете и мен

chavo1996 Day 2,275, 06:43

добавете и мен

SPARTANECA BG Day 2,275, 06:43

Comment deleted

SNEAX Day 2,275, 06:47

добавете и мен

Mas que un club
Mas que un club Day 2,275, 06:52

добавете и мен

n0 c0mment
n0 c0mment Day 2,275, 07:29

добавете и мен

varkulak Day 2,275, 07:34

Айде добавяйте ме .. 😃

Pacolin The Great
Pacolin The Great Day 2,275, 07:44

Ей, добавете ме и мене 😃

Auditek89 Day 2,275, 07:54

Добавете ме и мен! 🙂

buba4ko Day 2,275, 08:54

Ето затова Путо съживи стотици българи последните дни...за да ни се вдигне нужната щета!
Мазния мангал, винаги си е мангал 😉

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