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Се собрале педерите

Day 2,112, 05:00 Published in Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by viktor159
Се собрале педерите, партија да прават во педерска држава :3



Master_Blaster Day 2,112, 05:59

al to su srbi ne poljaci 😉

trckoT Day 2,112, 11:33

Comment deleted

cel eSvet ke go ispederat

Ivcak.A Day 2,113, 01:11

aaaaaahahahahha eGayovi haahahahahha i ova ne sum videl 😃 i tuka li ke baraat prava be ahahaahah

danielrules Day 2,113, 03:01

Plato's propaganda is pushing for eGay eRights on eRepublik hip hip...hoooooooray

VardarEgejPirinMacedonia Day 2,113, 06:04


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