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[MoFA}Super bumper bonus edition!

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Let us hope you are having a good week and are currently fighting hard for the eUK! This edition of the MoFA Round-Up will be a bumper publication. At the very top we’ve been working hard on communicating with friends around the globe, perhaps at the cost of communicating our work across to the taxpayer. It’s such an important matter, I’ll reiterate the need for communication throughout this communique. Get the picture?

We hope you’ll allow this article to be our productive apology if so.



1. Message to our allies
2. Alliance Info
3. Country Reports
4. Education

Firstly let us thank our allies, and our wonderful brothers in arms for their help over the last few weeks in what is a difficult situation for the eUK. You have shown just how much you value us as partners and are committed to our future. We truly are grateful for your contribution and for your help, through fighting for us, NE’ing our would-be invaders, and just putting up with us in general 🙂

So, we’re coming up to the end of our second month as allies and members of TWO, The World is Ours. This month has been a bit of a rockier one for certain, with a little bit of confusion from communication issues but on the whole TWO has carried on going from strength to strength, and the UK pulling it’s weight by providing two members to HQ. The treasurer and SoFA were staffed by Iain Keers (Ignore that Polish CS, he’s British stock really!) and Kravenn respectively. Their terms come to an end soon and we thank them for giving TWO just a taste of what we have to offer!

Of course, we are not the most important part in our alliance, no single country is. We are only worth as much as the victories and battles we have together so we’ll have a quick summary of TWO from this month! In the first week the full might of TWO military power marched ever onwards, generating extra income through the renting back of regions to EDEN countries unable to muster up enough to fight back. Romania was also forced to suffer the brunt of an attack whilst Croatia was repelled from Europe via mobile troops. The UK, looking to not be left behind in dismantling EDEN launched an attack against Norway. After a chain reaction of battles including another successful removal of Canada from British shores and the start of a Spanish tour around our the regions of our Canadian friends. After hard work, Norway has been added to the list of countries wiped. Soldiering on, Romania was brought down and wiped at the hands of TWO, with significant effort from our Polish and Hungarian allies, netting an extra 2 resources for Hungary for a while and taking Poland up to 46 congress seats! Spain are still making progress against Canada, securing the final necessary resource becoming the third member with 10/10 bonuses!

At congress time, it was unsurprising to see that every member of TWO had a congress, as did every member of ACT, if slightly reduced. The same cannot be said however for Bosnia, Portugal, Israel, Romania or Ukraine, and reduced lists were available for Colombia, Italy and Norway too! Since then, TWO have carried on their campaigns and have been working hard behind the scenes so keep your eyes open for a big reveal coming soon!

Report of the work of the MoFA

This term we have dealt with several situations and issues that members of the public may not be aware of, or not have been able to get information on. We know congress are happy with our performance and the level and breadth of the advice that Butjam & I have been able to deliver to them, assisted by the fantastic information we can get our hands on from ambassadors, advisors and the Red spies in the base.

Firstly we started by opening up a heartfelt and mutually respectful dialogue with our friends in Mexico, primarily focusing on the ties between our two great nations, but also encompassing discussions on statesmanship and topics diverse as recruitment, retention, education, supplying, fiscal policy and gave our thoughts on each, and an insight into the differing methodologies of both countries, with a view to closer integration of key successful strategies that wouldn’t cost the taxpayer a penny. They came to us as brothers and allies, they left as friends close to our hearts. They came to us asking for an open and frank discussion on dropping the MPP between our countries, and we replied. “We don’t need to have an MPP to have good relations with you, we just need the same willingness to work together in the future that we see before us now.” It matters not that because of financial difficulty on both ends that an MPP isn’t viable right now, it matters only that we are open to the concept that we have friends outside of the battle module, friends that one day WILL join us there again. And we should be prepared to celebrate that.


The theme of dropping (or reducing, or cutting back on - however you want to word it to spin it politically) MPPs has been a common one this month. It is a fact that the eUK is at a point right now where the foreign affairs policy must be to enact good financial prudence and sense with
regard to strict MPP criteria. We cannot afford to support a bloated and wasteful stack of MPPs that are held for sentimental reasons. We can afford to nurture relationships with awesome countries filled with awesome players, such as our friends in Mexico, Slovakia and New Zealand to name just a few. This then should be our foreign policy, and we shall set criteria accordingly. Congress have agreed to reduce the current MPP stack to balance damage for most effective cost. I will be petitioning the next president to continue this policy for all non-TWO MPPs, this means examining and re-confirming our desire to work with our great friends in Chile, Brazil, Indo and MKD, and letting them know we still value them, support them and wish to continue doing so but looking at MPPs such as Slovakia and Mexico to examine their financial viability. We want to make this clear to all Pro-CoT and Pro-TWO nations, we are your ready to be your friends, whether we have an MPP with you or not. It’s just a matter putting in the effort on both sides to get to know/and continue to work with us. Plainly put the UK, we have been struggling with Tax revenue, and particularly in our ability to pay for MPPs. It's with great regret that we have to talk about dropping UK MPPs with any of our allies. We appreciate all the support that you guys give us on the battlefield, and for all the personal friendships that I know exist between us.

At the MoFA we realise that education is key in ensuring we provide the best possible service to the UK. As such, we want to make sure that you, the British public, understand why the Brazilian MPP was rejected on their end. Happily, it was nothing to do with any failures on our end and our friendship remains strong and firm! Unfortunately, with the dire economic situation facing the whole world at the moment, every country is faced with the prospect of running short on cash. For Brazil, that time has come now and as a cost saving measure the MPP has been dropped, nothing to worry about! We thank our Brazilian allies and look forward to the time where we can come together as a team again! Remember, if there is anything you want to know, be you citizen or Government, your friendly neighbourhood MoFA team are just an inbox away!

Thank you for reading!

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Foreign Affairs


Joku Gones
Joku Gones Tag 1,900, 13:38

Hail eUK!
Hail Allies!
Hail those handsome chaps in the MoFA!

BigAnt Tag 1,900, 13:41

Hail eUK!
Hail Allies!
Hail Handsome BA!

Rfeist Tag 1,900, 13:41

Voted Hard o7

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Tag 1,900, 13:49

Good work : )

On Guard

Huey George
Huey George Tag 1,900, 14:27

Voted, Well written and good article.

Minino. Tag 1,900, 16:18

Greetings from the HQ o7

WayneKerr Tag 1,900, 18:40


Bohemond4 Tag 1,900, 20:12

Hail eUK!
Hail Allies!
Hail TWO!

Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Tag 1,900, 20:39

Nice work done.

T White II
T White II Tag 1,901, 07:00

Hail eUK!
Hail Allies!
Hail TWO!

maxde Tag 1,901, 07:31

Hail eSerbia!
Hail eUK!
Hail TWO!

Arfan-Khan Tag 1,901, 08:14


Brigadier General Sikora
Brigadier General Sikora Tag 1,901, 11:40

I read bomber. ..

Do I see an alliance in the making?

Brigadier General Sikora
Brigadier General Sikora Tag 1,901, 11:40

super pact

Massacar Tag 1,901, 20:17

Thanks for the information, voted.

Funky 24
Funky 24 Tag 1,901, 22:08


alexg737 Tag 1,902, 04:28

Good article, needs proof reading and editing though.

Spygon Tag 1,902, 06:27

The Economy module slowing making other parts of this game redundant.

Mario A Morsik
Mario A Morsik Tag 1,902, 08:35

Hail TWO Hail THREE Hail FOUR !

Go go TWO puppets!@

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