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A Super hero is born!

6 Dia 2,414, 01:58 Publicado em United Kingdom United Kingdom Entretenimento e interações sociais Entretenimento e interações sociais

Well, in the wake of our great king Woldy possibly being toppled, teh evil villains of Vendetta running around causing mischief, and general debauchery, the people of the UK need someone to protect them at night, so they don't get jumped on by

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A rather important article for the survival of the eUK

25 Dia 1,985, 04:31 Publicado em United Kingdom United Kingdom Primeiros passos no eRepublik Primeiros passos no eRepublik

Greetings fellow peasants.

Recently i have been bullied and forced feeling morally pushed towards releasing an article as a member of spamicans. Now, i, unlike others care about robbing the treasury gaining the respect of the

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