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[CP] Revolution

11 Dia 2,897, 04:04 Publicado em Canada Canada Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

Revolution is coming this week.

Nuff said.

Please stand by

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[CP] Canadian Serbian Hope

64 Dia 2,897, 01:05 Publicado em Serbia Serbia Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

Canada was met with an offer to never sign a MPP with Serbia ever again by Albania and Colin Lantrip.

If we didn't agree it meant we … mais informações »

[CP] Path of most Resistance

29 Dia 2,896, 23:04 Publicado em Canada Canada Análise da guerra Análise da guerra

I apologize for not writing more and keeping everyone updated lately as I was travelling to get my daughter to see a specialist in the city. Then when I came back I had to deal with my work that pays … mais informações »

[CP] This and That Updates

23 Dia 2,885, 16:59 Publicado em Canada Canada Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

Rylde defended Democracy?

Well as the CP it is my job to write and communicate as I have not done so far this term. I won't lie after defending my soon to be presidency … mais informações »

Drunken CP

33 Dia 2,880, 03:46 Publicado em Canada Canada Ordens de batalha Ordens de batalha

Ever buy two big crunches no lettuce and no mayo before you planned on getting drunk?

Then you ate one before the Oilers loss and the second had the nerve to be dried out as F**k at 4 in the morning.

still cheqwing

Military Orders

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