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Pre-manifesto jargon control and a podcast

Dia 1,837, 13:03 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Count Drakula

Hey again eUK!

Rather than starting my campaign with specific manifesto ideas, I thought it would be a good idea to outline each ministry such that applicants for each role know what they’re signing up for. These are fairly similar to the wiki but nobody uses the wiki anymore anyway and it’s a bit out of date too. Personally, the badges for each ministry are p good too and we should consider using them more (although the titles on them could use changing).

The Country President:

Starting at the top of the “chain of command” the CP is the head of it all. If a good cabinet is chosen then a CP doesn’t need to do a lot other than be the figurehead of a great working government. However, not as good cabinets will require a more “hands on” CP willing to take a complete interest in all activities organised to make sure they run smoothly. CPs will also participate heavily in terms of foreign affairs as governments try to look for the CP over the MoFA when something urgent is going on.

The vice Country President(s) (ingame role Prime Minister):

This job can depend vastly on who the CP is at the time as a vCPs main role is to make sure that the country runs well when the CP isn’t there and to look over their specific ministries to make sure that they are working well themselves. Ideally, they would have their own project to work on (Madacaion has worked on the wiki and I have done a podcast, which I’ll link a little later).

The Ministry of Defence:

A position I have served in many many times, the MoD is a fairly simple position on paper. They’re responsible for setting orders (via the forums, the ingame article and the MU commander PM) and the twice weekly strikes. However, orders requires being on early in the day, an ability to know where our damage can be utilized properly and during full scale war they (or a deputy/supplier) need to be on to supply (I spent a wonderful two whole days supplying during Keers last CP term).

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

The MoFA is another of the core ministries along with the MoD. The MoFA is tasked with making releasing articles so the general public have easy access of world affairs and communicating with foreign governments (note this is somewhat different to the role a CP has). It tends to have more “offical” roles (deputy/ambassador roles) than other ministries as it has can have a higher workload in times of war.

The Ministry of Finance:

The MoF is the final of the three core ministries that are required within any egovernment. They are tasked with keeping track of our income and expenses as well as keeping our reserve levels at healthy amounts. Typically speaking this is a trusted person, but after talking with Carlini he has agreed to mentor a newer player (Carlini will, of course, keep reserve access) as we don’t have as many IRC active MoFs as we used to.

The Ministry of Education:

The MoE (or MoHA as it was once called) is a long standing ministry of the eUK. It’s job has changed a lot but the main theme of this ministry is to keep track of internal affairs. In more recent months, it has been changed into the Ministry of Education (due to ingame titles) and has taken mentoring and writing guides as a larger part of its work. The ability to write articles is crucial in this role, an example of the standard of writing ability you’d need is the latest article by Betafoxtrot, the current MoE.

The Ministry of Legislative Affairs:

The MoLA basically does what it says on the tin. The minister helps in the legislative process and keeping legislation running smoothly. A good example of this would be the congress citizenship committee, were the current minister (Minecrafting Instead or Appleby) sorted out congress candidature for the committee and then vote on who was put into the committee.

The Ministry of Health (ingame role: Governor):

The final current ministry is another simple to explain one. The MoH is tasked with running the NHS, sending out food to new players as well as giving them a bit of advice about how the game runs and how to get involved (without getting too far into the MoE/MoHAs role).

I hope that with this additional knowledge that more of you will apply for ministerial jobs! The steps for how to apply are as follows:

Step 1: Send me a PM with information about yourself (a brief bit on you, what ministry you want to apply for, what experience you have and how IRC active you are/willing to be)
Step 2: Wait for a reply, I’ll try and reply to most if not all of them, I may want to ask you another couple of questions or want to arrange a meeting on IRC.
Step 3: ???
Step 4: Become minister.

The current positions I am looking for are:
1 x vice Country President (I plan on continuing Karrdes 2 vCP idea, however I plan on giving the 2nd vCP role to whomever is 2nd if I am elected)
2 x Minister of Defense
1 x Minister of Education
1 x Minister of Finance
1 x Minister of Health
1 x Minister of Legislative Affairs
2 x Minister of Foreign Affairs

Just before I finish the article, I recently did a podcast with the current eUK CP Talon Karrde. If you want to have a listen this is the link. This will hopefully become a weekly project, especially with the amount of positive comments I’ve had back from people! In this first episode me and Talon discuss some of the key issues surrounding the eUK, including the possibility of war and why we haven’t had any yet.

Thanks for reading, proper manifesto stuff will be out tomorrow!



Count Drakula
Count Drakula Dia 1,837, 13:05

inb4 podcast doesn't work

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Dia 1,837, 13:08


Invalidation Dia 1,837, 13:09


Kravenn Dia 1,837, 13:12


Major Lee Hung
Major Lee Hung Dia 1,837, 13:35

Good luck sir!

Horice G Fossil
Horice G Fossil Dia 1,837, 13:49


Horice (:

Bohemond4 Dia 1,837, 14:05

voted! CD for CP!

Niemand Dia 1,837, 14:16

Good luck!

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dia 1,837, 14:58

I remember when we had a few months of bad CP campaigns where we had a UKRP and TUP candidate explaining what each ministry did at each other and not listing any improvements they would make themselves.

I hope for some actual content in your manifesto!

Bob Arnot
Bob Arnot Dia 1,838, 23:07

I listened to the pod cast - i enjoyed the complexity of the entire political muhahaha - I see TUP as being reasonable and New Era as being aggressive but could get us wiped - for the current I guess TUP - enjoy 16 for my lvl 4 wpns factory -

I guess I need to join IRC - but am i ready to join the game inside a game???

lancer450 Dia 1,838, 23:45


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,838, 01:30

I hope for some actual content in your manifesto! x2

Would be nice but with four days left I know you'll write something by then.

Gucio Dia 1,838, 02:10


Good Luck!

wigibob Dia 1,838, 02:30

Good luck

Vice PP of New Era

Topher Fair
Topher Fair Dia 1,838, 02:53

Bob Arnot: New Era isn't planning any wars soon other than training wars?

AdmiralNelson Dia 1,838, 08:14

tup reasonable? you didnt see the sh*t thrown from them a few weeks ago

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,838, 15:43

We were just scooping up the stuff that we'd had chucked at us and throwing it back : ) It wasn't CD doing the throwing anyway, he's the only candidate that not been involved in internal UK divisions:

BigAnt quit the NHS to be party political, CD stayed in government and signed the pledge to leave party politics behind in order to best help those new players.

Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,838, 15:44

That law was against BigAnt when he was last CP btw.

Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,838, 17:27

Keers resigned as well, so you are saying he is unsuitable to ever be CP again?

AdmiralNelson Dia 1,839, 06:04

scooping it up and throwing it back? yeah b*llshit like that might make your pansies grow in your garden but dont get spreading that sh*t in here. And why have i not heard of this tup candidate or is he another mug who dont play this poxy game but thinks he has the right to tell us how to play it because he sits in a bloody tup chatroom?

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