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ONE: The History of an Alliance

Dia 1,898, 16:29 Publicado em USA Canadá por New Faustian Man

This article is part 1 of a short two-part History of the alliance called ORDER of the NEW E-WORLD, popularly known as ONE. Its not meant as a potted history, more an attempt to get a sense of the biggest, nastiest and most successful alliance there ever was from those who actually led it in times of triumph and travail, as well as get their take on what's next for the alliances of the New World.

Part 1 is here presented for your edification.



"It begins..."

The speaker – or to be more exact – the author of the above, was Blank Keating (incumbent president who served an eUnited States almost totally occupied by ONE). And that “It” was the invasion of continental North America, a major theatre in World War 5 – two – or was it three? – enjoyable(!) months (if you were EDEN or TERRA) of getting repeatedly smashed this way and that by the ONE juggernaut.

I’m e-old enough to remember Phoenix, an alliance that pre-dated ONE and in a lot of ways, laid the template for what ONE became. And I remember the glee older players in eIreland experienced when it went down, but I also remember the rumours flying about at the time about "they" were doing this, and "yes they're gonna", "nah apparently its off", “nope its on” etc etc. The "they" in this instance turned out to be Poland and Spain, two EDEN heavyweights that, as Phoenix collapsed, jumped ship to the burgeoning alliance that became ONE. And that was the true beginning, a few months before Blank’s words, and where the story really starts.

It begins?

What begins was specifically the Swedish attack against Canada. Its Day 1293 of the New World and Sweden, a former EDEN ally, have cut through Norway, then the UK -- and are now pounding Canada, and getting massive support from their ONE cohorts.

Elsewhere in the New World most EDEN countries had already fallen to the ONE surge that fanned out from the Balkans and central Europe and was in the process of submerging most of Europe and Asia.

Now it was the turn of the Americas. Within a month of Blank's words, ONE had all but wiped the US as Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Indonesia, Poland and Serbia launched staggered assaults against the US mainland.

This was the beginning of the greatest, most brutal war the New World has yet seen, prosecuted by the most powerful alliance that’s yet existed, and that was able to smash EDEN and TERRA from Berlin to California, and from the southern most tip of Brazil to outer Mongolia. It's what EDEN/TERRA called World War V and ONE: the One World Tour.

ONE rampant: Here we see most of the globe submerged under the ONE advance: Check out the extent of Polish gains(!)

Then a couple months into all this -- something changed. I remember posting on my MU’s feed something along the lines of: Hey how come we’re suddenly winning!? To which I got the reply: Turkey left ONE

Turkey have left ONE...? Awesome.

Less than a month later the eUS were camped in France and Spain – Erasing the Pink – ridding western Europe of the Polish menace and relieving TERRA allies France and Germany -- and, alongside Brazil, wiping Spain. Twice. Once for punishment and once for luck. Good times. o7

The Interviewees

AThompson - Two time Secretary-General of ONE. Three time MoFA of Hungary, former MoD of Hungary, and former President of Hungary

coolinbun - Longtime contributor in ONE HQ and Serbian representative

Iain Keers - Former multiple-term treasurer and SG of Phoenix, former President of the UK and Secretary-General of ONE

k0stek - Former Polish President, multi-term Polish MoFA and a regular member of ONE HQ

mikel_ahone - Self-declared ‘founder of ONE’ and once considered part of the furniture in ONE HQ. Founder of Rompi stalker club (and secret EDENfanboi)

Rhual - AKA the The Masked DJ. Amongst the founders of ONE and regular HQ member, was also the last ever Military Commander of the alliance. Is also a four-time President of Hungary, and has served in countless Hungarian cabinets

I'd like to again thank all of the interviewees for taking the time out of their RL schedules to complete the interviews, it was greatly appreciated, and I hope they enjoy how its turned out. Sorry its been such a long time in the works guys.

NFM o7

The Beginning

QUESTION: Can each of you tell us a bit about ONE, how it came about, what motivated the original members to create it, and how you personally became involved with it?

AThompson - The story of ONE started on the spring of 2010, when a few Hungarian and Polish oldfags started to talk in a separated room in the shadowy depths of Rizon Web Chat, that time the idea of Hungarian-Polish cooperation popped up, but it was mostly sleeping until the summer, when Hungary had to cooperate with Slovakia to arrange a swap to Podolia (valuable high region that time). This cooperation woke up the idea, because of the Polish groups in Slovakia and the RL sympathy. As far as I know it was S.Timi’s (CP of October) idea to start something with Poland, and that was the time when I became involved as past MoFA. In November there were a few accomplishment that month, even a draft of a NAP, but it remained unsigned. That time I was pretty much against the idea of ONE, I hoped that Phoenix could fix itself internally. In December along with a few others we picked up the Polish case where S.Timi left it in November and started pushing it.

I can’t tell you a bit about every country, but I can only tell you a bit more about Hungary, because I’m only sure about them. It is pretty common that at the end of 2010 every country was pretty upset of her alliance, the status quo, and after the political, geographical changes of V a new political elite (supported by some really old players) was happy to support the pretence to pursue new ideas.

Keers - Hm, well really the basis of ONE would be what happened in the closing days of Phoenix. As you know Phoenix died because several members left (Brazil, Bulgaria, and others) because of disagreements and inactivity. What became clear is that the two power bases of PHX, the Balkan countries and the non-Euro countries were divided. The Balkan countries eventually found common ground with SPoland (mainly due to Polish-Hungarian links IRL) and formed ONE. Motivation was to create a powerful European alliance which could squash the other Euro countries and secure bonuses.

PEACE alliance - precursor to ONE (give or take) - Quite a line-up!

mikel_ahone - Basically it came about because the founder members were tired of their respective alliances/allies. We all needed and wanted a change, and this shared feelings and goals made possible the new alliance.

Rhual - The Atlantis/EDEN and the Peace/Phoenix alliances waged wars against each other for years. On the beginning of this, it was practically shaped which countries stand on which side. As a result of this similar big wars started to form, which disinclined the players. So few players found out, what would be if we would break it and try out something new. We all knew, if this comes alive, we may get something new and exciting, so in fact, creating this alliance was not hard.

coolinbun - I think that ONE was great idea. Main reason for that is because forming ONE, eWorld come in balance again. EDEN was to strong in that moment to not have opposite alliance. ONE was created by to pair of brothers: Spain and Poland from one side, and Serbia and Hungary from another side. That was crucial for ONE. 4 countries and two real brotherhoods.

k0stek - There were many reasons that made us to leave EDEN. First of all we had some problems with Romania. In December we didn't renew our MPP with them and HQ of EDEN was forcing us to renew it. As far as I know we did that because we didn't want to be their puppets anymore. Also we have to say something about one of their tanks BogdanL who insulted polish community and few well known Poles. What's more this screenshot should be interesting:

QUESTION: What was your reaction when you first heard there may be an alliance between Poland, Spain, Serbia and Hungary?

AThompson - My really first reaction was : ’Only across my dead body.’ J. This was at the summer of 2010.

mikel_ahone - First I couldn’t believe it since at that time an alliance between Spoland and Serhun sounded impossible. But then, when I started talking to the “dark side” I realized it was going to be the best thing we had made in this game.

Rhual - I was the Hungarian president who signed the charter when the ONE was formed officially. My opinion? Well, as well-known, the Hungarians enjoy a tight and exceptionally good relation with Poland IRL, so it was not questionable, that both sides could get used to the thought to form an alliance together. There were little issues with the Spaniards, but not from our side (I mean for the 16K gold story ^^). But finally, we all had/have good relations, of which we know the result: we conquered the eWorld.

coolinbun - First reaction was: wow GREAT! I especially was happy because of Poland. This country, even when they was truly enemy, have my respect.

QUESTION: What do you make of the accusations that Poland and Spain leaving EDEN to join ONE was a genuine act of “betrayal”?

k0stek - I think that this game creates really strong bonds between single citizens and even whole nations but I wouldn't call our move an "act of betrayal". To be honest being in same alliance with Romania wasn't good idea. This was really toxic relation :F

NFM - Was it difficult, as far as you know, for the then leadership of Poland to leave EDEN?

k0stek - For sure it wasn't easy for us. We had strong connections with Croatia. We could always count on them, They were really good ally (I think that most of Poles will confirm that). Even few of polish military units left Poland and stayed in Croatia after that for some time (Red Cat Army, Husari) and one became Croatian military unit (Polska Organizacja Wojskowa).

AThompson - Every notion depends on how we define it. I could make up a definition to prove that it was a betrayal, but I could make up one to prove that it was not. J For EDEN it’s always going to be a betrayal, for Poland, Serbia and others it won’t be. eRepublik was always more than a browser game, because it was always irrefragable from RL world. I do think that every human emotion, intrest good or bad habit has a place here, because that is what we are, but besides of this – here – we are more likely to be able to make several borders, which we should not break. There should be some kind of hard ethics here so it can remain a game.

Rhual - Let’s look around in the game first. We do not find many countries, that would not be “betrayers” according to your question. If we look this word as the meaning of the question, it is needed let me say then that question is formulated badly. ONE formed as an alliance of 2-2 countries arriving from 2 different alliances, on the other hand these 2-2 countries had to sacrifice their previous allies for this. As I started my words, many countries already did it. While some single countries did it, because they thought the other side is a stronger one or they can live there more safely, then SerHun and Spoland did it for a new game experience. Admit it, for letting the game be able to bring excitements yet (if the admins do not do it), we, eCitizens and eLeaders must work for it. In the other interpretation of the word, not just a given country opposite an alliance but the an alliance opposite a given country is able to carry this out as a “betrayal” (think about the Turkish and Bulgarian case).
But sure, it is relative.

mikel_ahone - To be honest, it has become the funniest thing in the whole process. To be accused of betraying my former allies and the way we have “defend” ourselves has given the game a lot of fun. So, EDENities guys, you should be thankful of what we did, because if not the game would had died long time ago : D

coolinbun - I would never call that betreyal. See, Poland and Spain form ONE with SerHun after they leave EDEN. And another thing, I realy think that there is just a couple of truly "brotherhoods" in the game. All the rest is interest. And that is normal.

Keers - Well I do believe it is possible to betray allies. But only if you’re supposed to be defending them and you aren’t. Leaving an alliance because you’re unhappy with it isn’t a betrayal, neither is joining another one. I don’t feel any ill-feeling toward France, for example, because they’re in an enemy alliance (or were), just because of their constant breaking of treaties.

NFM to Iain Keers - What about the UK, was it difficult for the then leadership to leave TERRA?

Keers - Not really. The UK was divided over what to do when PHX collapsed. Our allies France and Germany had both opted for Terra, and at the time we were very close. The UK leadership at the time, especially jamesw/Artela/Thatcher all opted to throw in our lot with them. I prefered to remain allied with Serbia and Hungary. We rushed into Terra before that argument ended. The addition of Ireland in EDEN meant we were fighting our “allies” which was the final straw, but a majority of the public already opposed Terra by that point.

NFM - So the accusation UK alliance-hopped without much provocation and out of sheer self-interest has always been a fallacy?

Keers - Well I think that self interest plays a role in the decision of every country. I mean the common accusation thrown about by EDEN and the USA is that x countries are traitors or alliance hoppers, but most countries have changed sides at some point for whatever reason. The USA was willing to do so, and so were most countries in EDEN at some point or another. Like I said, the UK was divided on the issue and we were rushed into Terra against the beliefs of many in the community including myself. There’s an element of the UK that sees North America as “natural” allies because of our RL alliances, and similarly feels like we have more in common with FR/DE than we do with the mainly slavic nations in ONE. Truth is that all that is so much bull, that ingame means everything and RL means nothing. In Terra or CTRL the UK would have been completely surrounded by allies on all sides- in ONE we were completely surrounded by enemies and were wiped for 3 months. But you have to take a long term view. ONE was in our interests in my opinion, but it didn’t make us safe and it didn’t give us more bonuses.

QUESTION: Do you believe ONE was good for its members? Who do you think came out stronger for the experience -- and who weaker?

Coolinbun - In the beginning, ONE was alliance of 4 countries that manage to take over all world. Just remember erasing USA (with zillion regions) etc. After some time, ONE HQ start to bring some smaller countries in alliance. For me, that was crucial mistake, and that was start of slow death of ONE.

AThompson - The fact that a country is stronger or weaker – I think – is secondary. What we should purse is fun, and I think it was fun, sometimes more (at the start) sometimes less (at the middle). J

mikel_ahone - Ofc it was good. It was extremely good. We ruled the world, conquering countries like USA or China, which have lots of region so it seemed impossible to do it. We had fun deleting our enemies while seeing them crying because we were stronger. Ofc we were stronger, but we make the right steps to become stronger. After all, this is a war game where the main goal should be to win wars, right? Or it was about forming the best brotherhood while you don’t have any region? I have always been a bit lost in this aspect : P

Rhual - Absolutely. At least on the beginning. The ONE moulded into an exceptionally strong alliance with an accurate and concerted management. If an alliance is strong, it does not mean the fact yet, it can win the wars. A suitable organizing and coordination ability is needed for this and in the first half year of ONE it was extraordinary and attained big successes and due to this sweeped throughout on the eWorld. The huge glory was the ruin though. Reaching everything under short time and no motivates left, many players left the game or cared only about themselves. The Turkish side changing, which the balance of power were upset with, made this worse and already had to struggle to be alive. But the Turkish side changing brought the Bulgarian change, so the power relations equalised again, tipping over onto the other side. I believe everyone just won with this alliance: a good community, a successful era and a faithful one too, which taught us ALOT. Perhaps Iran pulled the short one, the Turkish changing hit them down as nobody else.

k0stek - In the beginning it was really nice alliance. It was small and CPs cooperated well. Imho main problem of it was when it grew bigger. It's harder to coordinate bigger alliance + it starts conflicts of interests. ONE case taught us that so I can say that we left it much stronger.

Keers - Strategically [UK leaving TERRA] appeared to be a mistake. But in reality Poland came through as predicted, the US split from it’s allies in West Europe and we gained many powerful allies. If you look at our geopolitical situation today, we’re in a very good position. It’s the long view that counts in these things.

NFM - And yet the UK was for a long time ignored by ONE HQ, it suffered the indignity of numerous wipes and this when it was a member of numerically the strongest alliance – how could this be described as a “benefit” to the UK?

Keers - The UK only joined ONE in late 2011, remember. It was a low priority yes, but you have to understand the UK isn’t a nation of angry people like some are. I was SG of ONE before UK was even a member, but after that the floodgates opened and the ONE HQ nearly always had 2-3 Brits serving in all the different roles. We often gave priority to other countries above the UK, because it is strategically necessary for the alliance to benefit, and the UK was rarely strategically important territory. Once we had a solid base, we pushed the enemy out. Besides, most ONE countries were wiped at one point or another.

QUESTION: In terms of ONE’s motivation to create a powerful European alliance which could squash all other European countries, was the aim to target specifically TERRA or EDEN countries considering their relative strengths and weaknesses?

mikel_ahone - We didn’t want to target TERRA or EDEN countries specifically. We all desired to give a lesson to Romania…I think our main enemy at that time for all what happened before we created ONE, but we couldn’t close the eyes and believe that TERRA was going to leave us make whatever we wanted. So, sometimes we focus on EDEN and sometimes in TERRA, depending on how they acted against us and also depending on the threat they supposed in different moments of time.

coolinbun - I think its basic mistake if you set up alliance in that way to be against some other alliance. Main goal of every alliance must be to secure resources for member countries. Second goal is to ruin enemies economy, but only if you have time for that.

Keers - Well obviously the two blocks had different goals. Serbia’s resources are based in the West Balkans and Italy, Hungary’s in Ukraine, Poland in France and Spain’s in Latin America. So the initial targets are always going to be to secure those. After that the main enemies were going to be EDEN ones (practically speaking, EDEN is better organised, more aggressive and stronger than Terra). America got attacked a few times, but that’s always a silly mistake and a waste of resources.

QUESTION: Can you explain the distinction ONE HQ made between TERRA and EDEN countries on the battlefield, did ONE HQ perceive them as being different challenges?

Keers - Not really. Terra countries didn’t really make much effort to defend each other. For example you rarely saw US troops fighting in RWs against Poland in France or Germany, but they regularly fought for EDEN. It was more EDEN+USA on the battlefield. I suppose the key problem with any alliance is balancing defending cores on one hand and establishing an advantage on the other. No alliance ever defended its way to domination, so at some point you have to make sacrifices to win elsewhere. It was often the Balkan countries, closest to their historic rivals, which bore the brunt of this. So most of the fierce wars were against Cromania.

AThompson - EDEN has always been a bigger challenge. They were more organized, also more powerful, and besides of this EDEN was always ready to spend money on any battle. TERRA was a bunch of countries without real coordination, but there were nice movements also : Germany for example.

mikel_ahone - I don’t remember well but I think we didn’t make any distinction between them. We usually fought against EDEN during the day and then, when TERRA had initiative in night battles, we wanted to win the first rounds to be able to flip the score next morning when we had again a favourable timing. But both of them were treated as a unique enemy.

Coolinbun - My personal opinion is that TERRA and EDEN was one alliance with two commands. They fight to much time together to look at them like two different alliances. I agree that sometime they goals was not same, but on the battlefield, they was same alliance for me. Main problem of ONE was night rounds, end EDEN and TERRA win most of those minis.

QUESTION: Much has been made of the supposed mutual dislike amongst ONE members, can you qualify these or put them to bed: What really motivated Turkey to leave? Was their an alliance-within-an-alliance in ONE that withheld Damage from Spain?

AThompson - The Turkish leadership consists all the ’youngsters’ of Turkish population after the booms of late 2010. These people was always riding on their pride and national greatness. Like the population like the political elite. I’m not harming them with this, there should be a country like this. This is the real motivation behind Turkey’s departure, all the other things are just causes to whine about. J

Coolinbun - ONE countries did not argue between eachother. ONE HQ and govs of member countries kill alliance, not people. Turkey always was un-secure ally. They can one day fight fanatically for you, and second day you can see Turkish avatar on opposite side. I was in ONE HQ when Turkey was in process of leaving ONE. I can tell you honestly from this time distance, that ONE HQ did not do anything to release Turkish from ONE. that was only they decision. Till today, what is real reason why Turkey go from ONE stay secret for me.

Keers - Turkey never really joined in my opinion. Spain came with Poland just like Serbia came with Hungary. I guess out of the countries in ONE, Spain was the weak link. It faced onto two superpowers that were stronger than it, both of which had a timezone advantage. ONE could only help to a limited degree against that- you’ll see time and again ONE struggles against the American timezones, even when it’s Poland or Serbia fighting. So Spain felt they were getting a rough deal out of it at times. If there was ever an alliance in an alliance, it was formed by certain players in an attempt to maintain control, rather than by countries. This eventually led to its downfall.

mikel_ahone - As in every alliance there were problems among members when things started to go bad, but I don’t think there were mutual dislike between ONE members. And about Turkey, well they never became an official member so they couldn’t leave at all : D Being a bit serious, I don’t want to remember again the Spanish-Turkish conflict cause both sides have its point of view and it’s not going to change, but being diplomatic I can say that everyone was better off after they went to EDEN. They seem to be better without us and ofc we’re much better without them.

QUESTION: What do you think was the single greatest achievement of ONE?

AThompson - Giving people battles unimagined before. Conquering Romania, deleting USA, fulfilling the dreams of every country in it : conquering Brazil, Romania, Croatia, the USA etc.

Coolinbun - Erasing USA

Keers - Kicking Croatia out of it’s colonies maybe? I suppose the greatest achievement was actually lasting as long as it did. Like I said there were major structural problems and it looked due to collapse by autumn 2011, but we reformed it and kept it going. EDEN will probably go on about how long they lasted, but the truth is the EDEN of today bears no resemblance to the EDEN of yesteryear. The only difference is that the ONE alliance (and predecessors) changed their names each times, EDEN didn’t. I mean EDEN only has 5 of its founding members left 😛 11 countries have left the alliance since founding.

mikel_ahone - Without any doubt our greatest achievement was to show the true face of those who were (and still are) claiming that what only matters is their “lovely” brotherhood. Very funny to uncover their hypocrisy.

QUESTION: What was the general perception within ONE HQ regarding which EDEN country would present the most difficult fight because of the support they got from other allies? And which country did you’s see as the weak link?

mikel_ahone - It’s very easy. Cromania had/has/will have the whole support from EDEN : )

coolinbun - You never know who will help whom. Some time, weak Albania can make big troubles with his MPPs, only question is what is decision of EDEN HQ. Everything is connect with status on field. To many times was shown that this game can expect one or max two epic battles in same time. Small cointries can serach for chance in those epic moments.

AThompson - When the ONE was formed we thought that it is going to be really hard to fight against Romania and Croatia, but in the end it came out it was not. The weak links were always the smaller countries like Bosnia for example

NFM - In your opinion AT, what were the hardest military campaign(s) ONE ever fought?

AThompson - I can only tell you about the first half of 2011, after that I wasn’t too active. That time the hardest was the first deletion of Romania, and the campaign when we were defending Serbia.

Keers - Well EDEN are traditionally actually quite good at defending allies. I have to say their “brotherhood” thing isn’t all crap. In ONE we always prioritised the damage-dealing countries because if those went down, everyone did. But EDEN often sacrificed major players to protect weak members- not very clever maybe, but worthy of a little respect. I suppose the weak links in EDEN are - like in all alliances - the inactive ones. Turkey obviously is selfish as hell, and does what it wants. Finland was less active I guess, and did its own thing. The core is Cromania. Croatia isn’t as strong as it was, but it was always a pain to fight because their elites were so organised, and obviously the tanking. It was very difficult for us to move enough troops just to counter their tanks, and we always lost division 4. RWs is EDEN’s strong point, and direct battles their weak point.

NFM to Iain Keers - Can you tell us a bit about NightWatch, an initiative to counter EDEN/TERRA's greater 24hour coverage, what it was and how you became involved in it?

Keers - NightWatch was basically a Hungarian idea for creating a unit of players who were awake during non-European hours and could fight to win overnight minibattles. When ONE was founded it was suggested that we make a ONE NightWatch to oversee the night rounds, and maybe, through prioritising, win 2-3 minis a night in key battles. It was a good idea, but the problem is that ONE had no treasury, no quartermaster and no “tax” on its members, so it was very difficult to supply. I began working with it as a soldier, then became commander. The problem is that the unit was poorly supplied, didn’t always have access to the right orders and because of this morale was low. It was eventually disbanded due to a lack of funding. In my opinion we have to learn from past attempts at this sort of thing that a good alliance needs a treasury if it wants to perform any sort of direct military action. Otherwise it has to be reliant on its members.

QUESTION: As someone who was sometimes at the heart of ONE planning, can you share some of its earliest military objectives? Was the plan always to dominate the Balkans, or move into Asia or the Americas?

mikel_ahone - Our first military objectives were to protect us from our enemies. You have to remember that we were only 4 countries surrounded by countries that were angry cause we left them and create something new. Spain, for example, had to deal with Brazil, USA or France many times. Once we protect our own regions and the structure of the alliance was formed, we could afford more ambitious objectives.

AThompson - Oh there were a lots of plans. At the start they were mostly against Croatia and Romania, but after they got deleted several times we started to make up plans against Asia and the USA. I’m a bit sad that we could not finish all of them : deleting China, moving Hungary to South America or South Africa etc.

Coolinbuns - From month to month objectivities was changed. If you ask me, what is biggest goal of future alliance or exONE is: destroying China. They have to long 10/10... to much for my taste

Keers - ONE’s original plan was obviously USA. After that it was just about maintaining bonuses where possible and destroying the enemy heartlands. There’s no strategic reason to be in Asia, it is just lulz. ONE can get everything it needs in the European theatre, and you tend to find extending beyond there overstretches the alliance fatally.

ONE HQ for the ONE World Tour
Lead Guitarist : AThompson
Drummer : Ernst von Jacob
Rhythm Guitar: staruszek
Lead singers: hunnia91, angeldav
Keyboards : Valnad, gid1, aVie
Drunk fan boy: GregoryG
Drunk fan girl: vingaer
All-life fan boy: StrozeR

Courtesy of <> - All rights reserved.

QUESTION: Which countries do you believe contributed most to the successful running of ONE, many people from the outside looking in believe it was Serb-Hun dominated – any truth to this?

AThompson - Well if I take the netto work time from people’s in leadership the Top 3 would be Hungary, Poland, Spain, but if I take the overall dominance inside the alliance the Top 3 would be Hungary, Poland, Serbia.

coolinbun - I don't agree with that. None country cant stay alone. When you have alliance, every member contributes equally, even if they dmg is smaller then others

mikel_ahone - Though it’s true SerHun had a very important role in the creation of ONE, it couldn’t have formed without Spoland. All of us gave our best to overcome our differences (that ofc we had) and prioritize our common interests, resulting in the best alliance this game has ever seen (hello EDEN).

Keers - Haha this was propaganda from ONE, Phoenix- even PEACE when people said it was dominated by Indonesia and Pakistan. The truth is that there were always people from Poland and Serbia in HQ (they were by far the strongest and most populous nations). Hungary too had a few semi-permanent members. It’s always good to keep the big countries there, because they effectively control the military. I guess the UK probably had 5-6 members in HQ more or less constantly from our joining. We all work together, and I do love the Serbs 😛

And now for some controversy: 'How ONE Functions' - Was this the truth or just TEDEN propaganda? - Courtesy of Glove -- Used with permission

QUESTION: In your opinion who were the greatest and who the worst leaders of ONE?

Coolinbuns - I dont know for greatest, but I am sure for worst - siddy. That is all I want to say about this issue

AThompson - I would pick the greatest, I wasn’t active when the ONE has ended, most of the not that good leaders came from that time. For the first you can pick anyone from the leadership from the first half of 2011. Gid, Gregory, staruszek, angeldav, StrozeR and vingaer, Baltazar8, mikel_ahone and the others. If I should pick one I would say angeldav gave really a lot to ONE.

mikel_ahone - I don’t like to personalize, so no comments.

Keers - I couldn’t say on either account. The ONE HQ was very organic- usually about 15-6 guys and girls. A few names changed each month, but the leadership was always shared and discussion was always open there. If anyone takes blame for mistakes, everyone does. I guess that the obvious way of judging would be who led during victories and defeats, but leadership is always hardest in the tough times.

Day 1357: Turkey lurches toward EDEN! After a dispute in ONE HQ, Turkish-Spanish relations quickly deteriorate - In the images above we see some notable Turkish tanks avenge themselves against Spain in a US RW - Courtesy of Emerick -- Full details here [Permission pending]

QUESTION: Did ONE have any plans that never saw the light of day, e.g. a major invasion that for whatever reason, was shelved?

AThompson - Yes, moving Hungary to South Africa and South America, giving a way for Spain to Asia just for fun etc. J ONE basically has always focusing on one thing, and that way we’ve achieved everything we wanted to achieve except a few.

Coolinbuns - Many plans never see the light of the day. I hope, those planned will be reactivated in new alliance.

mikel_ahone - I don’t remember any.

Keers - Oh of course, we had many. Often problems solve themselves before they need to go any further. Nothing dramatic though- let’s face it, everything that could have been done was done.


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Aries Prime Dia 1,898, 17:11


BadMail Dia 1,898, 17:15

too long LoL

Angeldim Dia 1,898, 17:16

this is stupid Macedonia was a strong member of One too but it is not mentioned even once

Gooffree Dia 1,898, 17:18

V+Capcha+S 😮)

Great article indeed!

Respect! o7

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,898, 17:21

@Angeldim - I appreciate what your saying, but I contacted absolutely loads of people who were involved with ONE at one point or another from all the different countries, unfortunately not everyone could spare the time. Having Macedonian input would ofcourse have been great, I'm sorry it didn't happen.

Tiamati Dia 1,898, 17:23

Awesome detail and a wonderful article regarding eRep history.

GameChanger Dia 1,898, 17:28

I really like this. You obviously put a lot of time and effort into it!

AndrijaSrbija Dia 1,898, 17:48

Great article. Hail ONE! o7

IndoBot Dia 1,898, 17:50

“A Phoenix rises from the Ashes”
Long Live PHOENIX..... (in my heart)
past is past, now this time to see the future...

Good Job. o7 Vote and Subscribe

kuckuck Dia 1,898, 17:59


War3hous313 Dia 1,898, 18:00

great article!

Markozlol Dia 1,898, 18:02
Great article, i enjoyed it. U sir have my deepest respect. _O_ (BOW) :>>

Rastko1991 Dia 1,898, 18:22

Rastko1991 Dia 1,898, 18:58

procito : D

Candor Dia 1,898, 19:02

Voted, outstanding work went into this. Should be international without a doubt.

Plugson Dia 1,898, 19:07

solid article ~ worth re-reading a couple times : )

Mystela Dia 1,898, 19:10

Great article! I love the format & really looking forward to rest! o7

nimnul Dia 1,898, 19:18


Mr. Jester
Mr. Jester Dia 1,898, 19:42

Great stuff! Love my eHistory!

Aspadora Dia 1,898, 20:05

Wow you must be crazy 😃
It is simply perfect, but ofcourse i as a eMacedonian am feeling left behind 🙁

You got my shout !

SaJrUs Dia 1,898, 20:23

big BS

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,898, 20:38

@SaJrUs - Cry me a Vardar!

Like I say above (read the comments): "I contacted absolutely loads of people who were involved with ONE at one point or another from all the different countries, unfortunately not everyone could spare the time. Having Macedonian input would ofcourse have been great, I'm sorry it didn't happen."

Hardly my fault.

BucephalusIII Dia 1,898, 20:39


very nice..v+s

PsyCokenin Dia 1,898, 20:55

Nice Article

ONE was an important Alliance

PsyCokenin Dia 1,898, 20:55

v 338
s 1133

nunol Dia 1,898, 21:17


r3cond3vil Dia 1,898, 21:29

Great Job!

SaJrUs Dia 1,898, 21:30

@New Faustian Man

The Phoenix pic without Macedonia is innocence mistake, right?

@How ONE Functions - Courtesy of Glove -- Used with(out) permission

this is only good attentional joke (no hard filings), right?

@And "important" people who never mention eMacedonia full member of ONE and one of the strongest country in ONE, really?


don't explain me please, I read I give my comment...

Mary Chan
Mary Chan Dia 1,898, 21:34


Muhammad Noman
Muhammad Noman Dia 1,898, 21:35

Awesome man,must have taken hard work.
Ah!!! Those old great days.

Dio Czenishkov
Dio Czenishkov Dia 1,898, 21:36


New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,898, 21:56


The Phoenix pic isn't meant to be comprehensive of the entire Phoenix alliance all through its history, just a snapshot lifted from an old article. Chill with the persecution nonsense,

The 'How ONE Functions' image was published by Glove and is a great distillate of how a lot of people from EDEN and TERRA saw ONE: as a hierarchical structure with Poland/Serbia at the stop. As such its very relevant to this entire piece, as it shows how ONE's enemies perceived the alliance. I'm sorry if this offends you, however I will say that I have numerous Macedonian friends in this game who pretty much share Glove's assessment, many are of the opinion Macedonia were forced to play second-fiddle to Poland in the alliance, and that Macedonia were forced to starve while Poland enjoyed 10/10s. Correct me if I'm wrong. Also the expression "Erase the Pink" that I use on a couple occasions in the article -- wasn't that coined by a Macedonian?

"important people who never mention eMacedonia full member of ONE and one of the strongest country in ONE, really?"

True, Macedonia were and still are one of the strongest countries in the game, I doubt anyone would disagree with you, I'm certainly not. However I don't believe any of the interviewees really spoke as representatives of their own RL or e-countries (except when I asked them a direct question) so I don't exactly know what the problem is? All the interviewees were speaking as ONE HQ staff, and not as e-nationals of eUK, eSerbia, ePoland etc.

I agree with you though, missing the input of Macedonia, Indonesia, Slovenia etc is a real shame, but I still believe the article focuses on ONE and not the individual countries that comprised it.

Plainswalker Dia 1,898, 22:16

I think this article portraits ONE in the real way. eMacedonia being forgotten really is within the ONE spirit.

SaJrUs Dia 1,898, 22:31

@New Faustian Man

Hey man don't get it personal, I don't like the article how it come out for eMacedonia and I comment nothing more...

Just one thing
"Erase the Pink" expression is forced by mercenary group who don't have nothing with eMacedonian official politics at any time, this group and they moves were never supported by no government from eMacedonia
so please don't put em on the neck of eMacedonia and eMacedonians for they moves

Tjutg Simzb
Tjutg Simzb Dia 1,898, 22:56

Hypocritical comments for Turkey in ONE as expected.

I will realy like to read the second part of the article which TWO will lick CoT as a real 3rd power on the game, while they were mentioning Terra only as a puppet of EDEN.

Mr_Pornstar Dia 1,899, 23:12

good read

Luna30 Dia 1,899, 23:16

v 537

GregoryG Dia 1,899, 23:22

CTRL-F GregoryG: 2 results.

Now I'll go back to secrecy to the people who know I am among the evil geniouses behind all this.

Nice article btw.

Rommel Erwin
Rommel Erwin Dia 1,899, 23:58

omg, what an article


Finway Dia 1,899, 00:14

U MAD *.*

John Bokinski
John Bokinski Dia 1,899, 00:38

Very interesting reading. The only comment is that, although, in a way, PEACE is a predecessor of ONE, you have to consider that PEACE had two phases, the first before July 2010 and the invasion of the USA and after that. PEACE before the summer of 2010 had very different ideals than when Serbia/Hungary definitely took control of the alliance, and move her closer to the ideals that ONE professes. In the end it was this change that killed PEACE.

Saltukoglu Dia 1,899, 00:42

Hypocritical comments for Turkey in ONE as expected.

I will realy like to read the second part of the article which TWO will lick CoT as a real 3rd power on the game, while they were mentioning Terra only as a puppet of EDEN.


A Rock Star in Tanzania
A Rock Star in Tanzania Dia 1,899, 01:07

need a full history of eden

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