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Merits of a New *Inclusive* MILITARY for the eUS

Dia 1,850, 05:19 Publicado em USA Canadá por New Faustian Man
Hi people, this article is going to be a short analysis of the military situation in the eUS, the problems regarding the 'Political Take-Over', and at the end I'll tender a possible solution of sorts.

First of: A Brief History of eUS Militaries

The eUS has had two "official" Militaries in its history, in the beginning this was the United States Military and, after the break between the United States Military and the then US Government, the United States Armed Forces took over.

I’m not going to go into any depth regarding the merits of either outfit, but I am going to trace some synergies in the histories of both, specifically in the conflict of political and military power both outfit's have experienced, albeit there are considerable marked contrasts how this happened and is happening.

A motivating factor behind the US Military’s split from the then US government was conflict between political (specifically congressional) power and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the leadership of the US Military. Conversely, the current official military of the US – the United States Armed Forces – have underwent something similar, if not quite as dramatic.

Where the old US Military were first and foremost officers of their respective branches of the US Military, the USAF have always been both politicians and military officers. This has culminated in a succession of high-profile USAF officers winning the presidency, and almost 18 months of important US administrative posts being re-cycled amongst USAF officers and fellow-travellers.

The Problem Then

The problem put as simply as possible is this: the blurring of political and military power. How it manifests differs in either case, but it is no doubt the problem. In the US Military’s case – and forgive me if this sounds a gross simplification – it was a failure of the Joints Chiefs of Staff (the body controlling the US Military) to acknowledge their subservient role to the elected representatives of the eUS people, which ultimately coincided in them acting independently of the US government, and fighting outside of 'official' orders -- rightly or wrongly. With the USAF its different, where the US Military maintained a strong independence with its own command structure and guidelines regarding political participation by its members, the USAF have been the common thread in the political life of the eUS since its formation, political parties have always taken a backseat to it -- and its provided 100% of the presidents of the eUS since December 2011 -– with the exception of Glove. The problem with USAF is not its independence nor -- like the US Military -- is that it pursues objectives at odds with the presiding government, the problem is the blurring of lines between who runs the US military and who runs the White House. Simply put: There is no difference. Where the US Military had a streak of willful independence that ultimately saw their funding froze, the USAF are positioned – intentionally, no doubt – to ensure this could never happen. By commanding the purse-strings and firing the guns, the USAF have effectively established themselves as the ruling dynasty in the eUS. If we take the USAF as a whole, then we can comfortably say they've enjoyed the longest tenure as rulers of the eUS. And whatever my concerns may be regarding the separation of power, this needs said: many -- if not the majority -- of these months have been good months for the average US citizen.

Conflict of Interest Between the White House & the USAF

On the surface there is no “conflict” – not in the US Military Split-sense anyway. But its just this lack of conflict, this lack of division between the political and military ruling bodies that harms the eUnited States, and has been harming it both through principle and often due to certain situations that arose directly as a consequence of this state of affairs.

Much of the eUS’s recent history has been marred by unpopular wars, championed by an executive pursuing policy not always consistent with the eUnited States best interests. The CanAm War mark II for instance, as well as being illegal from what we’ve learned ex post facto, was an example of an executive abusing its own power and the US military structure to, in this instance, speed up the realization of CTRL, in other words dump MPPs that the US people’s elected representatives voted to create. The second CanAm war is testament to the fact the USAF have no opposition in the US and are accountable to no one – including congress. A second example is the attack against Taiwan. The NE and eventual attack against Taiwan was precipitated by a charm offensive by a US administration trying to repair and solidify relations with two old TERRA allies, Brazil and Russia. In a period of shifting alliances this strategy was no doubt timely and even productive, however stepping up a gear to full-scale war against an actual ally to pacify Brazilian desire for Asian colonies is and was a pretty huge change of tactics by the US.


There are however certain unique circumstances that background the USAF’s actions. First amongst these is the US’s trenchant view of Hungary-Serbia, which should go a way to explaining why renewing bonds with Brazil and Russia at this point was viewed as so significant. US military/foreign and now even its domestic policy has been a reaction for a long time to the antagonism it feels toward Serbia and Hungary – rightly or wrongly. This position is a mainstay of domestic US politics, it’s the grand theme of a continuing melodrama that’s excised everything else from US political life: the phantom PTO that – again rightly or wrongly – has been accused of emanating from the dark machinations of the Hun-Serb High Command. The fact that the combined populations of Hungary, Serbia and sister-states like Slovenia dwarf the US’s is never mentioned; nor is the ineptitude with which Hungary-Serbia are carrying out this PTO ever mentioned: relying on mainly low-level immigrants to the US instead of mass multi-making etc. is perhaps the dumbest way imaginable to PTO the US. Which ofcourse isn't to say that's not the strategy they've adopted -- just unlikely is all. But we'll not go into that now.

So whilst many nations have shared antipathies for whatever reasons – Bulgaria-Turkey, Serbia-Croatia, Hungary-Romania etc. – the US’s bogey is mainly a figment of the collective imagination, stirred up by a caste of USAF-aligned political parties in order to leverage the US electorate against the only genuine ‘Second Force’ (sic) resident in the US: Ronald Gipper Reagan. As things stand Ronald Gipper Reagan and his affiliates are the only congresspersons to effectively use their congressional powers to hamper a US government from doing its job -- and only recently this included messing with donations from the Treasury in order to hamstring the US war effort against Canada. I’m not condoning what RGR has done in the past, but I don’t believe the line he’s Serbia’s "secret agent" within the US either. Whatever his connection is with eSerbian leadership, in the case of US domestic politics the relevance is mostly incidental.

So, conditioned by its visceral “e-hatred” of the Serbs, the US populace have set themselves up as easy pickings for the Cold War-style propaganda that it’s the “American Thing To Do” to vote AGAINST RGR and FOR a client party/candidate of the USAF.

These are the facts.

I haven’t mentioned the mutual dislike and history Henry Arundel and RGR share – the two champions of the Establishment and Opposition – because I don’t wish to bring whatever’s went on between them into this, despite this shared antipathy being the reason why everything is pretty much as it is in the US.

The Solution

Let’s just recap the problems (though I appreciate the term ‘problem’ is open to interpretation) this article's highlighted:

– Lack of clear division between the military command and the White House

– Foreign and domestic policy dominated by anti-Serb-Hun scaremongering

– A zero-tolerance approach against all “forigs” and presumption they mean the eUS harm that tips into outright xenophobia

– A continuing rift in eUS society between the former official military, the US Military, and the USAF governments

Perhaps these ‘problems’ don’t have a common source, but they do all feed into a set of circumstances that are inextricably linked and result in a continuing self-absorption of the US and a reduction of its military capability. And there perhaps couldn’t be a worse time for this to happen, considering what’s happening to our allies elsewhere – and by ‘allies’ I mean those countries who’ve sweated blood for us and we them. The true allies.

There have been a numerous strategies to tackle the potential for a PTO, for instance. Uppermost was the release of foreign regions that gave the US economy its boost, a ploy aimed at forcing both PTOers and EDEN commune holders to vacate the country. This proved unsuccessful, especially in the case of the former. So the stick – and the most extreme kind of stick imaginable for a game where military victory often hinges on the slimmest of economic margins – has failed. Cutting bonuses, executing (often successful) “ATO” operations etc etc etc – and all the other programs – none of this has worked.

So how to combat and fix what is broken? How to restore a Military independent of the executive and in the process encourage a more mature appreciation of where the US is in the world, what its major concerns really are and should be; as well as develop an immigration policy that encompasses all, that offers 'amnesty' to citizens from enemy states if they agree to become bona fide US citizens?

According to the latest White House Press release I too am an illegal immigrant -- irrespective that I was granted citizenship by the eUS's largest political party xD

The change we need is a US state which doesn’t attempt to (impotently) render pariahs of people because they've entered the country "illegally" or are from an enemy state, a policy which until now has resulted in these ‘forigs’ pulling together and creating one of the largest parties the eUS has yet seen.

The problems may not have a common source, but they do perhaps have a single solution.

A possible solution: Restore to the eUS a politically-independent Military: fully-funded by the eUS treasury with a budget overseen by a congressional committee with specialized knowledge of the military, this committee will have the power to legislate on all matters pertaining to the working of this new Military, including:

– Recruitment

Recruitment will go hand-in-hand with ‘indoctrination’ – as a US military unit all members will be fighting for US interests. And the inducements to do this, in the form of supply, will be readily available. Ample reason, if it’s needed, not to import RL nationalism into an online game and play the game as a game. The committee would ensure no discrimination in recruitment.

– Maintaining Independence

The congressional committee will also have the task of securing the Military's independence – even against hostile administrations. This could include using their congressional powers to hamper the executive’s ability to operate effectively should the Military come under threat.

– Budget For Supply & Retention

I don’t know what the synergy is between supply and retention in this game – I strongly suspect the first impacts hugely on the latter, and that the 'new' citizen with a store full of Food and Tanks is – common sense would say – more inclined to stick around than a new citizen with no Food/Weapons. Military spending geared toward retention is going to be massively significant for the leaders of any new Military.

– Enforce Discipline

There are two main infractions that should be mentioned that the committee would have overall jurisdiction over: members hitting against the US or US interests; and members importing politics into the MU, be it through the feed or over-representation of a single party in the military unit’s command structure etc.
Penalties should include anything from withholding supply up to – and including – discharge from the unit.

Re-establishing a politically independent Military outfit, that's jointly commanded by the CP/Commander-in-Chief (or an appointee of the CP), his/her Secretary of Defence PLUS a congressional committee to protect the Military's independence and monitor its performance will terminate the days of shady wars being foisted on the eUS populace. It will also empower congress without detracting from the operational capability of the Military, and ensure they're not rode roughshod over or duped into support of illegal wars.

Now this strategy doesn’t have to be 100% effective in terms of recruiting the ‘hostile forigs’ resident within the eUS. It doesn’t have to be 90% effective, or 80%, or 70% – success could more readily be measured at recruiting something like 50% of the 'hostiles' currently indigenous to the US and supposedly intent on wrecking it.

The objective of building up a level of trust, encouraging good relations and feelings of camaraderie between citizens from traditional eUS enemies within the new Military, ensuring zero tolerance for the xenophobia aimed at most ‘forigs’ in the eUS these days -- Do this successfully and the US will turn the terminal weakness caused by its high number of regions – into a strength. By creating an atmosphere were people WANT to fight for the US - which shouldn't be that difficult - may also establish a strong new US presence on the battlefield.


The stick has been used to death in trying to defeat the forig PTOers -- and its failed miserably. Perhaps its time to try something new. No one has the divine right to rule from the eWhite House. Ultimately an RL Serb has as much "right" as an RL American. And that according to game mechanics. The fevered absorption of the US in trying to defeat the pesky PTOers is a shambles. Perhaps its time something akin to the agreement numerous administrations had with iNCi be extended to AFA and their representatives? iNCi OWLs quickly established themselves as one of the strongest MUs in the eUS, the eUS has another chance at another iNCi and another chance at greatly bolstering its Damage output. And having learnt, this time its better prepared.

Tame this PTO, create a Military that's able to mop up all immigrants and concentrate their Damage FOR the eUS, that doesn't discriminate and that's not at the mercy of one small cabal of players, but is overseen in all its working parts by Congress -- and the eUS creates a way of permanently neutralising ALL future PTOs.


I don’t wish to misrepresent my own feelings on this and how important I think it is for the eUS to unify into something like its old self: and if this includes Serbs, Hungarians or Slovenes willing to kill for the eUS against their fellow countryman -- then what exactly is the downside here?

My view is that the destiny of the US is bound forever with the destinies of our close neighbours and those allies we've already made -- and this is something that’s unlikely to ever change. CTRL taught me this, it spelled it out in glaring letters that you couldn't miss. So re-establishing a US presence in Europe and re-asserting some sort or parity there with EDEN forces against TWO/CoT is the only long-term strategy that make’s sense. I’m not advocating EDEN membership, the more independence the US has the better, what I am stating is that this game has grown pretty long in the tooth where alliances are concerned. The lines have been drawn and are unlikely to ever change now. So the sooner the US starts to once more represent in Europe and relieve embattled allies the better.

Else who’s going to come to our rescue when the true evil once more rears its ugly head: a Serb-Hun-led invasion of continental United States



Thanks for taking the time to read,


Send love to Plato
Send love to Plato Dia 1,850, 08:23

Voted, Can't say I am up to scratch with current goings on in the USofA but I enjoyed that article and found it very informative..the picture of a hot chick is always a bonus and appreciated O7

Always said you should run for CP one day

obenitedang Dia 1,850, 09:33

Interesting read, I'm not buying it yet, but better than the drivel propaganda coming from both sides.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,850, 09:34

You shouldn't be seen talking to me, Hugh! According to this official US government article -- -- I'm an illegal immigrant and thus 'black listed', best watch or they'll round you up and send you to a concentration camp with the rest of us! Cheers btw xD

fingerguns Dia 1,850, 09:37

VERY interesting article.

Thanks for writing and posting. Voted with fervor.

Jimmy Cincinnati
Jimmy Cincinnati Dia 1,850, 10:04

You the man, I tried something to cut the discrimination down. It has gotten good reviews. As not as well thought out as this was, but it's pro-active:

Hey, let me know if I could help you with #1 or #3

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,850, 10:26


Viarizi Dia 1,850, 11:42


Salahudin el Ajub
Salahudin el Ajub Dia 1,850, 11:57


LordRahl2 Dia 1,850, 11:58

Great article. However, you are wrong about how PTOs work. You are ignoring the other side of the coin -internal politics in the PTOing state (Serbia in this case).

Ruthain Dia 1,850, 12:27


CptChazbeard. Dia 1,850, 12:34

Voted o/

Dyzas Dia 1,850, 12:44


klop123 Dia 1,850, 13:20


K1tho Dia 1,850, 13:35


Technician Dia 1,850, 17:20

I support this article well done.


tdwester Dia 1,850, 18:51

-1 point irregardless is not a word.

Skripatch Dia 1,850, 22:37

Твоюжмать!!! Ну найди себе друга-переводчика, печатай статьи на двух языках. Тема интересная, и картинки весёлые, но воспринять такую стену текста на английском для меня не по силам ((

bigcdizzle Dia 1,850, 22:43

You obviously put thought onto this article, kudos for that, it's a shame that it's so far off base. Plus I'm curious why you've come back to eUSA when you've been so vehemently opposed to us lately. As evidenced by shouts, comments, and obviously this article. Why not just stay in an EDEN country?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,850, 22:58

@bigcdizzle - I was formerly in eRussia, an ex-TERRA nation -- NOT an EDEN nation. eRussia still contributes massively for former TERRA allies, and they it. So citizenship there made sense, unfortunately the language barrier made participation difficult. So I returned to the eStates.

The only reason I originally left the US was to take up a position as Irish MoD.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 23:07

I'll presume the 'us' in "vehemently opposed to us" refers to the eUnited States generally? I don't think things are that black and white. The only thing I'm 'opposed' to -- like a lot of eAmericans -- is the terrible policies of the last few administrations.

And what this has to do with EDEN is beyond me. I fight for friends and countries and allies that I've been fighting alongside for nearly 2 years -- if some of these are EDEN, so be it. Windsock US policy isn't ever going to change that.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 23:19

I don't understand how recent US administrations can be both rabid anti-Serbian AND rabid anti-EDEN? Its one of the other surely.

And whatever misgivings an administration has about EDEN -- surely policy should be NOT to air them in public? Considering the extent to which the US has relied on EDEN nations in the past to free them from the "evil Serbs", bad-mouthing them constantly for the last 6 months seems naive, no?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 23:23

If by EDEN people actually meant EDEN HQ -- that would make sense. But I know, with a few exceptions, most US citizens don't know the difference. So when they say "Fup EDEN" they mean Fup Croatia, Fup Romania, Fup China, Fup Turkey etc. Which is just LOL

With TWO and CoT sharing almost identical MPPs -- who else is there?

This is why the US needs a change at the top. The constant idiotic policy and anti-EDEN rhetoric is getting the country nowhere.

Luis Mendez de Haro
Luis Mendez de Haro Dia 1,851, 23:55


soil3d Dia 1,851, 00:47


well.. Was the grass greener on the other side of the river?

Death and Taxes
Death and Taxes Dia 1,851, 02:33

FACT is, unless US/Canada/Brozil and EDEN reach an agreement - a pro-CoT friendly agreement, you can all say good bye to sovereignty, although I'm sure some of the above countries can remain on the map as they're 'special'

John Largo
John Largo Dia 1,851, 03:06

well written. I don't agree with some of your conclusions...but I think you are the first person I have seen from the AFA write an article that can be comprehended.

morningblur Dia 1,851, 03:37

"and if this includes Serbs, Hungarians or Slovenes willing to kill for the eUS against their fellow countryman"

And here is a huge flaw in what you are saying. Most AFA members don't even stay in the eUSA for most of the month. They return to their real countries they are loyal to so can fight for them and against us. For most in the AFA the only days they spend in the eUSA are election days. They fight in Servia or wherever then come here to cast their pto vote then they return home.

Iliya The Great
Iliya The Great Dia 1,851, 03:47

Not completely correct on the split or the current power structure but a good read and some decent points.


morningblur Dia 1,851, 03:55

When talking about the AFA the INCI example has been brought up numerous times. It has been mentioned they were a foreign group that we worked with and became a productive part of our country. Here's the difference, at their strongest INCI could have taken the presidency and a majority of congress, but the did not. INCI made agreements for a set number of congress seats and staying out of presidential elections and stuck to it with honor. The AFA for months has tried to take the whole eUSA.

morningblur Dia 1,851, 03:57

The AFA's goals are to take by force the presidency and a majority of congress. They haven't tried to fit in like INCI did they have tried to rule over us not work with us. That's a big difference between INCI who were a foreign immigrant group and the AFA who are a foreign pto group.

Artela Dia 1,851, 04:54

In addition, "forigs" *are* able to fully integrate into eUS society and take a fully active part. Trying to take control by force by supporting a party that was formed in the first place to satisfy RGR's ego and lust for power at all costs is _not_ the way to integrate however 😛

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 05:14

@Artela - So AFA are trying "to take control by force". Define "force" exactly? AFA are politiking like every other genuine political party in Erepublik, and their means are no worse than anyone else's. Its not AFA that are bribing foreign congressman to slap an NE on the US, is it? By rights the fallout from the CanAm war should've been the catalyst for real change in the eUS. Instead the same regime clung onto power due to lack of real opposition in US politics.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 05:25

Fact is, outside of the US Military, the AFA are the only genuine opposition to the ruling regime in the eUSA. So its predictable that RGR gets demonized as some crazy person driven by "ego and lust for power". We can all see the logic in caricaturing him like this -- as he's consistently been the only rival to the USAF political bloc. Its typical establishment rhetoric. The truth is though he's a capable politician who won't dance to the establishment's tune, that's about the height of it.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 05:44

@morningblur - Most of what you say seems either intentionally misleading or outright untrue. Like the comment "They [AFA] haven't tried to fit in like INCI did" -- so selling cs and votes was "fitting in" in your book? iNCi did as they wished, I don't remember them ever trying to "fit in".

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 05:48

Secondly, the description "The AFA's goals are to take by force the presidency and a majority of congress" could be extended to include every party in the New and real world. Winning the presidency and a congressional majority should be EVERY party's goal. Or else what exactly are they doing? Being successful politically isn't a crime, you seem to think it is.

Vanek26 Dia 1,851, 05:53

Not at all. WTP provides a very different group of people for the enrichment of all.

You are a fool if you think the Feds, AMP, WTP, and USWP are all the same.

As for USAF, you just don't seem to comprehend it. It isn't political in nature. If it was, Oblige wouldn't be running SF. He does a good job with it, so he is. There is a ton of diversity in the structure. ST6 and SF are very different 'elite' units. USAF is simply the umbrella organization and funding source for different units.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 06:03

"WTP provides a very different group of people for the enrichment of all." Lol, bandying around phrases like ''enrichment of all' in this context...!? We're talking about a political party that's had minimal success -- how has this been to the enrichment of all? At least make sense.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 06:13

"You are a fool if you think the Feds, AMP, WTP, and USWP are all the same."

I wouldn't include the Feds there, but otherwise the AMP, WTP and USWP are obviously different sides of the same coin. What exactly is the difference other than personnel? Different ideologies or policies? If so, what are they?

Honestly speaking we all know whatever differences there are are nominal, and aren't really taken seriously.

Technician Dia 1,851, 06:15

The Feds, AMP, WTP, and USWP get together to decide which USAF elitist should get elected.

solve this..
– Lack of clear division between the military command and the White House
– Foreign and domestic policy dominated by anti-Serb-Hun scaremongering
– A zero-tolerance approach against all “forigs” and presumption they mean the eUS harm that tips into outright xenophobia
– A continuing rift in eUS society between the former official military, the US Military, and the USAF governments

Technician Dia 1,851, 06:23

You called New Faustian Man a fool you are the fools if you do not see the above as the real issues in the eUSA. Solutions for player like me are typically stop playing the game or move.

The guys getting thousands of tax players dollars should not be in charge.
The PTO menace is scape goat used to vote in the same people month after month.
Look up the term xenophobia
The rift will go a way between the USAF and JCS when the White House and Military are separated.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 06:27

Vanek - "As for USAF, you just don't seem to comprehend it. It isn't political in nature. If it was, Oblige wouldn't be running SF."

I disagree. Its absolutely political. You don't seem to have understood what I'm getting at. Oblige is SF's CO, and a 4-time president of the US, which is consistent with my claim the USAF's have an unhealthy hold on the presidency -- no? Like I say above, other than Glove, the presidency is permanently recycled amongst USAF personnel.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,851, 06:36

You are dead wrong about RGR. He's a scumbag who has repeatedly abused numerous players by violating their privacy, intruding on their personal lives outside the boundaries of the game and 'meta-game', threatened and bullied players who neither asked for nor deserve to be placed into a position of choosing to leave a game or stay and subject themselves to *real* harassment disrupting *real* life.
I would have more respect for any PTO group, Serbs included, if they refused to reward that POS.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,851, 06:43

You are also very wrong in respect to Oblige and his role as CO of SF.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,851, 06:48

How do you hold Glove as an exception to being a USAF President?

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 06:57

@Rainy Sunday -- Regarding Oblige's role as CO, who's got it wrong? Couldn't be me as I haven't said anything derogatory about it. Maybe you should re-read.

And your RGR rant is better suited in a ticket to admin, not here.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,851, 07:14

My rant is perfectly suited here. Players deserve to know what they're subjecting themselves to.

More to reply when I'm at a keyboard.
It's clear you've put time and thought into your article. It's more than I've seen in a while. +1 for that
But there are several points where your background info is inaccurate.

I do agree re: xenophobic sentiments
Game or not, I've read things that sicken me.

rainy sunday
rainy sunday Dia 1,851, 07:25

Re: So AFA are trying "to take control by force". Define "force" exactly?

Have a look at AFA sponsored impeachment proposals and misrouted donation proposals lately?

Bia Pandora
Bia Pandora Dia 1,851, 07:25

I've said it before, I've screamed it before and I'll say it again

political leadership and military leadership should not intertwine, it is a conflict of interest and huge integrity issue. We need our military leaders FOCUSED on taking care of our troops and retaining them, not on running for political office. We need our politicians FOCUSED on doing their job.

We need DIVERSITY back. This crap we have isn't working.

New Faustian Man
New Faustian Man Dia 1,851, 07:43

We need DIVERSITY back x2

Lack of separation of our military leadership and the White House is a huge reason why the scandal of the bribed Canadian congressman had no political victim in the eUS. Its like it never even happened! And look what Canada's suffered since it was maliciously painted as plotting against the US: three wipes, one by the US and two by Poland, and a disintegrating society...

Obviously that plot was hatched right at the top. But where's the accountability?

Luthiens Love
Luthiens Love Dia 1,851, 08:46

This is a mu made up by the afa..

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