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[POTUS] Aussie Soap Opera

Dia 1,897, 10:50 Publicado em USA EUA por fingerguns

I was hoping my next article to you would be a progress report on Operation: Gangnam Style. It has been pretty exciting so far, with them dumping MASSIVE money into trying to win a single battle. Good stuff.

Alas, I cannot get into that right now. There is something more pressing that needs my immediate attention and that is the subject of Australia. As a quick aside, I just want to say that I am very thankful to be a part of the eUS. While many complain that we have no unity and the majority of our population is completely uninformed, that is extremely far from the truth. That becomes rather evident when working with other nations. Compared to some nations, we seem to be one of the most unified and informed nations in the game. However, Australia's drama is highly entertaining, so they do have that on us.

Anyway, I'll give a little personal background here because this is somewhat personal for me. Last month, my main priority in the State department was negotiating a deal between Chile and Australia. With us leaning toward CoT, we wanted to see if it would be possible to bring Australia with us because we like them sometimes. For that to happen, there would need to be better relations between them and their occupiers- Chile. Not an easy job, but I was confident that we could make it happen.

It took ALL MONTH, but we finally reached an agreement. Chile would start returning regions to Australia while both nations worked on friendlier relations in the hopes that Australia would eventually join CoT down the line. As something of a safety net, should either side break the agreement, the US and Brazil would get involved, militarily.

Australia is a high-drama country, so I really wasn't sure if the next Administration would be interested in continuing the deal with Chile, or if they would be of the faction that believes they have leverage against their occupiers and other nations actually owe them something. We see now which one they ended up with.

Almost immediately this term, my inbox was flooded with gossip and drama about Australia. I'm not a fan of gossip and I will not take action based on unsubstantiated information, so I started doing some digging. What I uncovered was just as muddy as what had been delivered. From one person I heard that Indonesia was rolling up on Australia and threatening to invade them unless they give them specific bonus regions. From another person I heard that Indonesia asked Australia to pass through their regions to fight a specific enemy. From yet another I heard that Australia was trying to use Indonesia to break the treaty with Chile or at least force Chile to surrender more regions.

That last one bothered me quite a bit and unfortunately it seemed to have more merit than the other two. Still, no smoking gun means no action from me. And really, so much conflicting information and politicians talking out of both sides of their mouths made me lose interest pretty quickly in trying to follow their soap opera. Each of those scenarios came with logs backing it up from various officials in the Aussie govt. Clearly they weren't all on the same page with what was going on.

We have problems and objectives of our own to be concerned with, so I put Australia on the backburner. Not worth the headache.

The messages kept rolling in. Mostly warnings that Australia was on the brink of being invaded, but those invasions never seemed to actually happen. Their officials weren't too fond of my refusal to jump into the middle of their drama, so I started getting daily messages accusing me of saying things in conversations that never took place, with people I've never spoken to. This was from their CP, their ambassadors, FA people and general citizens (former leaders). Apparently, according to Australia, I spend all day and night balls deep in Australian politics, gossiping and stirring the pot. If I were a 16 year old girl, I may have fallen for this and been provoked to becoming involved. But...I am not. I continued my 'backburner' policy and focused on American issues. It was becoming more and more clear to me that Australia would probably soon get the high drama they were looking for.

My interest was suddenly piqued when I was informed (by TWO) that Australia was aggressively pursuing support from TWO and was trying to negotiate a deal with Indonesia to pull them away from CoT and into TWO with allies. This would be the same Indonesia they were slandering at every turn and labeling as aggressors and instigators and infiltrators. The Indonesia that has apparently been on the verge of invading them all month long, but never actually did. The plot thickens.

01[16:54] <Xavier_Griffith> if they pull out completely, we will have all our regions, as far as I'm concerned you can rent WA for 5k per month
01[16:54] <Xavier_Griffith> I know alot of eIndonesian's aren't hot on the idea of region swapping
01[16:55] <Xavier_Griffith> it would make more sense but you can't help how people feel, same happens here on occasion
[16:56] <def0> Hmmm
[16:56] <def0> The problem is
[16:56] <def0> When we come and Chile said they got no interest in u
[16:57] <def0> It will be not only WA im afraid that will be in our occupation
01[16:57] <Xavier_Griffith> I understand that, but I'm also going to rip CoT apart and Chile will be branded Treaty Breakers publically
01[16:58] <Xavier_Griffith> USA can't do anything, they are only trial members

I will say, there are things I'm leaving out here, beyond just the rest of that conversation (full context). There were meetings and half-assed renegotiations attempts between Australia and Chile that went nowhere for a variety of reasons. Any country trying to play all sides against each other is difficult to work with and it's becoming evident that's what Australia is all about. The above conversation happened after one such half-assed renegotiation attempt.

I didn't post those logs as the smoking-gun proof of all of the claims I make. It would take piles of logs that do that (which I have). They've been posted to my cabinet and distributed among my staff throughout the month as they continue to roll in. Just showing that I has them.

I seek confirmation.

Screenshots are apparently not allowed. Here is the content:

fingerguns to Xavier Griffith | 5 days ago

I hear you're trying to join TWO?

Xavier Griffith to fingerguns | 5 days ago

I have asked if TWO would accept us as members.

There was a bit more to that message. Mostly him saying it's America's fault and we have driven them into the arms of TWO by not jumping into the middle of...whatever it is they're trying to do. Then he sent me some heavily edited meeting logs I already had the complete versions of.

The agreement between Australia and Chile has clearly been broken, but I don't think it's going to be so easy to pin it all on Chile as they think it will be. Read this for details. Even with Chile's inner turmoil and political upheaval, they still manage to conduct their foreign affairs with more consistency than Australia. They held their end up, even while they faced significant threats from their enemies.

Australia has broken the agreement. They didn't hold their end up. They weren't acting in good faith, more or less from the beginning. So now here we are. We stuck our necks out to try and get Australia their regions back and help their relations with their neighbors so they can start to regain a bit of power in this game. Not for us, but for them. The end of this deal would've been a fully restored Australia with powerful allies. They'd rather hedge their bets with TWO. Good luck to them.

I made it absolutely crystal clear to Australia last month that if they broke this agreement or messed with it or tried to manipulate the situation, they would face our wrath. We did what we could to help them and create a better foreign affairs situation for them. We tried to restore their regions. I am absolutely confident that the eUS has gone above and beyond to try and help Australia. No doubt in my mind. They have betrayed the agreement and fallen back into shady patterns. There are consequences.

I shed no tears for Australia. They have brought this on themselves.

Thanks for reading,

Watch this paper for more end of term updates. Man, this month flew by.


Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,897, 10:54

first denied... hey FG, 3 non-AFA Congressmen voted to impeach you... wonder who they are 😉

fingerguns Dia 1,897, 10:56

Stalk much, RGR?

Pfeiffer. Dia 1,897, 10:56

Australians be crazy, yo. Not Ajay crazy, but crazy.

John Killah
John Killah Dia 1,897, 10:56

Stalker RGR strikes again! It must be time for his bimonthly shower or something ...

Anyways, Australia ... why you in such a bad light! ;_;

GregoryG Dia 1,897, 10:57

your fakes RGR

emdoublegee Dia 1,897, 11:00

Australians be crazy, yo. Not Ajay crazy, but crazy. x2

come on guys, it can't all be middle and high schoolers playing in Australia....any people grown up enough to take responsibility for their country and step up to lead that place over there?

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,897, 11:03

Well Australia, it was nice knowing you.....cause something tells me your drama will be coming to an end rather quickly

Artela Dia 1,897, 11:04

Whiny Australians being whiny? Who would've thought!
Is Australia entirely run by 12 year olds?
Good job by the eUSA team in making sure we didn't fall for their empty and deceptive rhetoric!

Petsku Dia 1,897, 11:05

'chile will claim australia broke their treaty so that they can let indonesia wipe australia.'

Just saying, they aren't clean birds either.. ^^

Waruda Dia 1,897, 11:06

"Screenshots are apparently not allowed."

I can edit those vowels for ya!

Molly Jo
Molly Jo Dia 1,897, 11:07

This is complete crap, its not the whole story it is just the one you chose to present to suck up to CoT and your new friends, instead of admitting you just shit on your old friends...again.

fingerguns Dia 1,897, 11:09

If you want to know what's going on with Australian politics, it seems the last person to ask is an Australian politician.

Artela Dia 1,897, 11:10

Molly Jo. The logs don't lie. Apparently people do.

Fhaemita The Apostate
Fhaemita The Apostate Dia 1,897, 11:18

Australians be crazy, yo. Not Ajay crazy, but crazy. x3

Azazel Romanov
Azazel Romanov Dia 1,897, 11:21

If eRep was a collection of movies, Australia would be Mean Girls.

Don Ori
Don Ori Dia 1,897, 11:26

tldr ....

Bucephalus92 Dia 1,897, 11:31

If eRep was a collection of movies, Australia would be Mean Girls.


Derphoof Dia 1,897, 11:31

If eRep was a collection of movies, Australia would be Mean Girls.


Molly Jo
Molly Jo Dia 1,897, 11:33

That isn't the whole Log, that is out of context, secondly you all had a meeting with out Australia. Thirdly Argentina did most of the damage in the RW Chile is up in arms about, and this act that Chile could defeat Arg on its own is crap, the map shows that. And call me a liar again Fingerguns, shows your level of maturity.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Dia 1,897, 11:36

FG, "Asking" if TWO would accept a membership from us if we asked, is NOT the same as "Joining". I asked. Any move in that direction would have to have been approved by at the very least our Congress. I also agree the USA had its own problems, and yet you failed to off any response to my question to you on that portion of my response to you.

It's funny how only a small portion of comments are brought up and the overall discussion ignored. Not only the USA has been trying the balancing act this month, but that log you produced a small portion of contained every option chile and Australia discussed and what could be done to help Indo based on all of those proposed occurrences.

Tim_Holtz Dia 1,897, 11:37

no context anywhere lol ive read the entire log. this is a load of crap

incase you arent aware indo did not seek approval to their invasion hence the breaking apart of CoT because indo was breaking the charter

oh and USA is hanging on by a thread in CoT is what is meant, make a move on Aus's behalf then the veto that NZ did would be reapplied and you would be kicked out of CoT.

fingerguns Dia 1,897, 11:37

Would you like me to publish full logs?

I'm sitting on piles of them. All sorts of interesting things coming from XG and his administration.

lancer450 Dia 1,897, 11:46

There's no context whatsoever. lol

An Idiot Abroad
An Idiot Abroad Dia 1,897, 11:46

Get your facts right, Chile broke the treaty, i fought for Chile as instructed by my government. Those irc quotes are completely out of context. You've read something into them that isn't even there? Where does it say we are trying to get Indonesia to move to TWO with us. It's an out right pack of lies. Next time everyone gangs up on the US again I'll think I'll join em rather than fighting for them. WHAT A BUNCH OF TRAITORS.

fingerguns Dia 1,897, 12:01

I could publish full logs or I could take the logs out completely. The conclusion would be the same.

Israel Stevens
Israel Stevens Dia 1,897, 12:06

I shed no tears for Australia. They have brought this on themselves.

Evil.Elvis Dia 1,897, 12:54

.... awkward!

Tiamati Dia 1,897, 13:09

Given your style of Governance I am grateful you are not running for a second term; not that you would have won given the current crop of candidates for February's PotUS election. If these International Affairs were so weighty it *should* have been mentioned in article form weeks ago to your true constituency the eAmerican citizenry.

Personally, I think its all revisionist history given your involvement in the treaty negotiation as it seems this issue 'boiled over' in the past 24 hours due to eChilean hyper-sensitivity over battlefield participation which had 0 impact upon the battleround; let alone the campaign. But it is good to see you write an article regarding a current topic.

In this article there is no mention of the extended PTO of eAus which consumed eNZ during your two-year vacation; if you weren't aware you should have been informed by your staff; thus earning a coveted

Additionally, It frightens me to see this type of 'we did what we could' mentality coming from someone working within the nursing profession.... this entire article reminds me of the joke regarding throwing a drowning man a rope 50 feet long when he is 100 feet out only to state after their death that 'I met them half-way'

@Artela; Any type of log can be modified as FG mentions in her article; worst case its pains-taking 'cutting and pasting' frame-by-frame and has been done for over a century. This will remain a finger-pointing scandal.

Mr Crumpets
Mr Crumpets Dia 1,897, 13:10

Ouch.... there's a knife in my back... thanks America for not asking us for our side of the story... jerks 🙁

Ronald Gipper Reagan
Ronald Gipper Reagan Dia 1,897, 13:22

All we need to know about FG

Luna30 Dia 1,897, 13:34

v 601

Sozo Dia 1,897, 13:36

Brilliant NE Chile, there goes our MPP.

Majester Dia 1,897, 13:38

Publish the logs. We have nothing to hide.

Viarizi Dia 1,897, 13:46


Marcos Arolia
Marcos Arolia Dia 1,897, 13:48

Publish the logs. We have nothing to hide. x2

Also adding an extra line after you publish your article to the logs to anger your people is a dishonest thing to do.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dia 1,897, 13:48

you do know that log comes from 4am right?

And I am glad you did that much investigating that you actually asked him.... you certainly never spoke to me which is a little surprising if you wanted to find out something about Aus.

It seems Fingerguns has an agenda, be careful friends....

BOUD1CCA Dia 1,897, 13:49

I have never got around to reading US papers before.
Surely then cannot all be this standard?
Overly dramatic drama queen poseing - I am so disappointed : (

Publish the logs you silly little girl - I think you are not quite up to the office you are somehow holding

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dia 1,897, 13:53

"I didn't post those logs as the smoking-gun proof of all of the claims I make. It would take piles of logs that do that (which I have). They've been posted to my cabinet and distributed among my staff throughout the month as they continue to roll in. Just showing that I has them."

Yet you post the same log that XG posted in Aus senate, hell of a coincidence there. Truth is you only have this, which Aus senate were made aware of last night after XG finished going through his IRC logs looking for this nonsense evidence you claim to possess.

The only evidence is the log (posted) which was a convo with the Indo CP.

Truth is Fingerguns, you've got nothing.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dia 1,897, 13:55

should I point out again that the Aus/Indo conversation happened at 4am in the morning? You should see some of the logs from Indo during that time period for them... considering their english isn't great at the best of times, a tired Indo is a borderline psychopath apparently.

Majester Dia 1,897, 14:00

Please publish the logs, we have nothing to hide.

I hope you are okay with me linking this article as your official response to our call for mediation.

PsyCokenin Dia 1,897, 14:04


Guacolda Melian
Guacolda Melian Dia 1,897, 14:10

Australians be crazy, yo. Not Ajay crazy, but crazy. x4

Bobby Canell
Bobby Canell Dia 1,897, 14:29

I am disappointed with this decision.

Drew Blood
Drew Blood Dia 1,897, 14:33

'Would you like me to publish full logs?'


luisbuho Dia 1,897, 14:39

La verdad... no leí nada.. sólo vi las fotos de




lancer450 Dia 1,897, 14:41

I am disappointed with this decision. x2

LanyIsLost Dia 1,897, 14:46

I would like to see all correspondence she has had with any and all Aussie govt. officials, whether it's logs, screen shots or whatever. If she can't produce the proof, the decision is a farce.

AL Commando
AL Commando Dia 1,897, 14:48

And it´s shame have Aussie politicians overnight changed their opinions from EDEN to CoT/TWO.Just to say shame on them 🙂

Rona1d Dia 1,897, 15:00

Kill eAustralia, save the eWorld

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