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[MoHA] Interview with the MoFA Monster!

Dia 1,846, 11:45 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por eUK Home Office

Whilst we're enjoying our cup of tea we have a lot of people working hard, like Jimbojoy trying to convince countries to MPP us! Together with Kravenn the unstoppable workhorses behind the MoFA.

1. How's it hanging these days oldfag Jimbojoy?

It's hanging great in my world, still enjoying meeting so many cool people, and grinding for that elusive Tank medal that will one day be mine!

2. So your days in eRepublik are filled with grinding for that elusive tank medal? And nothing else?

Well currently I am the UK foreign affairs attache to Brazil, and which you may have heard a bit about recently, and is an enjoyable and semi-important role, as we seek to strengthen old ties between our two great countries.

3. Ofcourse the MPP with 'Brozil' is a big thing for the eUK, how did you 'convince Brazil of this magnificent catch for eUK'

I was the first of a small team "sent" down there to re-open communications by Talon Karrde in the middle of his presidency. I opened up low-level chats with the ambassador to the UK and his superiors, who engaged in conversation about the possibility of coming together When their CP got involved, I stepped up efforts, drafting replies for Talon and generally helping things along. I've kept in contact with my opposite numbers, and as Ambassador this term hope to move out there (taking advantage of the Brozilian media) and publish articles, with the goal that is best simplified as "Getting to know you!". Kravenn finished off the whole affair brilliantly and slam-dunked that MPP through!

4. As an ex-Military Commander, do you miss the Military scene or have you relived in the MoFA scene?

Military wise, I doubt that the awesome of Navy days, and the height of the UKSF can be reached again. I enjoy the quiet life with TUP Familiy's 12th Regiment, and can just hit in our battles and those of our allies.I'm just enjoying getting to know people from all over the world and gain a more consumate knowledge of the MoFA side of the game.

5. Ofcourse the hottest topics are there for a nice finish, with the podcast you have had a great glory. Dreaming of something bigger and going professional?

I have gained a loyal podcast following, albeit from peoples love of Woldy, and not myself :'( However I am looking to be part of the new radio scheme, and if this doesn't happen will no doubt set up my own solo show to dazzle the world! I really think it's easier to articulate my points over the airwaves, than in an article. I'd like to think of myself as a poor radio entertainer/journalist

6. And the final question: How's your mermen?

I'd prefer not to dicuss my mermen in public. :3

Thanks Jimbojoy for this wonderful interview!

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Jimbojoy Dia 1,846, 11:47


Boer Charel
Boer Charel Dia 1,846, 11:48


Bohemond4 Dia 1,846, 11:48


Danie Fox
Danie Fox Dia 1,846, 11:49

Who wrote this? You should put your name & get credit for your work.

WayneKerr Dia 1,846, 12:13


lancer450 Dia 1,846, 13:21


Niemand Dia 1,846, 22:45


MR. HANK SCORPIO Dia 1,848, 06:30

Jimbo is a pretty kewl guy

Lily Jayne Summers
Lily Jayne Summers Dia 1,848, 10:38

Needs more Woldy.

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