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[MoD] eUK Armed Forces Group

Dia 1,914, 11:40 Publicado em United Kingdom Reino Unido por Ministry of Defence

The is the official newspaper of the Ministry of Defence, the Country President’s representative on military matters.

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eUK Armed Forces Group

Back in October, the then-Country President Talon Karrde, seeking to find an effective national military to replace the failing British Expeditionary Force, named The Legion as the eUK’s official military. Ever since then, there has been discussion on if The Legion should be the only official unit, or should the country be represented by every worthy unit.

Since then, the opinion of the nation has consistently leaned towards the latter, but this comes with a new swathe of problems. Who exactly gets to say which units are in and which are out, and what standards should a unit representing our country hold itself up to? Well, Rodney McKay has been hard at work devising a system to do exactly that, and soon we shall be launching the eUK Armed Forces Group.

The eUK Armed Forces Group will be a group of Military Units led by a committee comprised of representatives of every member unit, as well as the CP and MoD. The group will be recognised as the Official Military of the eUK, and receive appropriate recognition in MoD and government articles, and will benefit from a closer working relationship between it’s member units. The committee will manage communication, cooperation and coordination in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and all the Military Units of the eUK, with an aim to maximise damage, increase reaction speeds and give newer players a system that funnels them into stable and well maintained MUs.

The committee will be responsible for bringing in other units into this group, both via applications from units wanting to get involved, and by committee members actively engaging with and inviting units that can both contribute to the nation and would benefit from membership. Each unit coming into the group must be approved by the committee, as well as meeting and continuing to meet the standards for membership laid out below.

Membership Requirements
Disclamer - these requirements are subject to tweaking and change over the coming days as the group is being formed. If you have an opinion, make it known.

1) Non-Political

No political messages from command to be circulated within the MU.
Members can't be asked to vote a certain way on political matters.

2) Consistency

Independently verified supply system, so that we know they will last longer than next week and are sustainable.

3) Unbiased

Membership and full supply are open to any and all.
(No extra weapons to those in a party)

4) UK Loyalty

Fights for the eUK’s interests at all times.
Follows MoD orders.

5) Progression

Offers all members the option to climb ranks within the MU.
Anything from Captain below ought to be open to all, obviously anything above is pretty selective.
(Expecting high activity/involvement is acceptable.)

Rodney McKay has been working hard to lay down these ground rules and has already been in contact with a few units about joining the group, and whilst we’re still working out the details, we’ve decided to publish the membership requirements of the group so that if you feel your unit would benefit from membership of the eUK Armed Forces Group, as well as being a benefit to the nation by becoming a member, you can contact Rodney or one of the MoD staff - Blue And Evil, Garth Lidlington, Daniel Quayle or Saiwun - for more details about the process.

We hope to hear your feedback on these requirements, as well as your interest in the group, and we look forward to bringing out the rest of the details in due course, and ultimately to bringing in The eUK Armed Forces Group as the country’s official fighting force.


Blue And Evil & Garth Lidlington

Ministry of Defence


Rfeist Dia 1,914, 11:49

voted o7

John F Baker
John F Baker Dia 1,914, 11:56

It'll be interesting to hear of the practical solutions to "manag[ing] communication, cooperation and coordination in conjunction with the Ministry of Defence and all the Military Units". Great idea nonetheless, and one that's arrived far too late.

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,914, 12:06

There are plans on how that will work, the big one being bringing back a central IRC channel for exactly that purpose - if anybody remembers how #cmd used to be back in the days it was useful - I'm aiming for something like that.

But for now, the plan is very much a work in progress, with more details to be announced as and when they're polished up and ready.

John F Baker
John F Baker Dia 1,915, 03:32

I'll catch you on IRC later 😛

lancer450 Dia 1,914, 12:51

Voted. o7

Bohemond4 Dia 1,914, 13:06

I approve of this idea

good stuff, nice to see what Talon started finally coming into fruition!

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 11:34

Talon didn't start this. :3

Jimbobfrey Dia 1,914, 13:41

Voted. This is a good idea.

nathaner Dia 1,914, 13:44

voted , great idea.

Emergy Maxfell
Emergy Maxfell Dia 1,914, 13:54

Voted! Good stuff.

Sexagenarian Dia 1,914, 14:34

Good idea an its interesting to see the Legion fails on point 1, pushing ESO in this article

Bohemond4 Dia 1,914, 15:48

By a UKPP member? : O I think that has more to do with the banner he uses is an older one rather than a deliberate attempt to recruit for ESO...

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 00:53

Sometimes people need to do more research I think 😃

Pom Poko
Pom Poko Dia 1,915, 01:09

Im not sure about this idea. Sort of takes the fun out of role-play if its official.

Pom Poko
Pom Poko Dia 1,915, 01:10

I guess it does encourage the idea to bring us all together though..

John F Baker
John F Baker Dia 1,915, 03:33

It doesn't at all; "official" is just a label for "will be helped by government", rather than "your MU is no longer a place for fun".

Pom Poko
Pom Poko Dia 1,915, 04:23

Ah ok

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 11:34

The idea is to create a much more stable and friendly system between MUs, we will all be members of a group, with the same ideals, working together to help the eUK.

Not separate entities all vying for power and members.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Dia 1,915, 04:58

>"Who exactly gets to say which units are in and which are out, and what standards should a unit representing our country hold itself up to? Well, Rodney McKay has been hard at work devising a system....."

That'd be Rodney McKay the 2nd Commander of 'Legion' then?

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,915, 04:58

That'd be Rodney McKay, at the request of the elected Country President.

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Dia 1,915, 05:10

So Rodney Mckay, second in command of Legion/member of ESO at the behest of the country president.

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,915, 05:16

Correct. Your point?

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 00:55

Everyone is in an MU or a Party, can't keep everyone happy, the CP made the call.

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 11:28

Y u no love me Alfa. 🙁

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Dia 1,915, 05:17

1. Non-political;
Define 'Command'?
Can 'Command' be political?
What messaging formats are censured from politicalisation?

2. Consistency - There is no such thing as consistency.
If Carlini, Slaxor, Keers and Myself were suddenly taken out by rogue Canadians then that'd be alot of supply capacity wiped off the board.

Only way consistency is established is in the traditional sense - companies on multi-access accounts which ofc 😕= security.

3. Unbiased;
Does this mean a flat supply is essential or will there still be levels within supply such as those that Legion operates/Communal MUs and Elite units?

4. UK Loyalty;
Doesn't specify who tells us what 'UK intrests' are.

Some would have us defending Polish resource regions, some of us would define it as going after Resources ourselves, Others as attacking neighbours or forging links with previously hostile nations.

In addition, MoD orders are sometimes retarded!

5. Progression;
Seems to of been included to round the points out to 5 as its rather obvious that anyone can rank-up and become a captain.

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 01:01

1 - I believe Command is those above Captain. I am also lead to believe they can be political as long as they do not push that in their MU feed, forums or Pms.

2 - Sure, if I was taken out by a Canadian The Legion would take a hit, however the Legion has quite a comprehensive supply system behind the scenes. I am coming up to working 365 days in a row, should be pretty safe.

3 - Unbiased means everyone gets equal opportunity. I think this is mainly aimed at not supplying people more for their political party, however as this is you you have obviously gone to attack the system you oppose. Once again, I am sorry The Legion promotes activity and gives people something to aim for other than clicking work. However it is an unbias system as has been pointed out to you over and over and over and over. I can see stats from your party lets remember, it is living proof making people just click work doesn't make them active.

4 - Gunna have to presume the MoD chosen by the Cp who is elected by the people.

5 - Meh

Grampa Alfagrem
Grampa Alfagrem Dia 1,915, 05:19

To expand on one point ->"In addition, MoD orders are sometimes retarded!"

By this I don't mean MoD are dumb rather that we should be trying to educate players as to where and when they need to lay down damage rather then spoon-feed them orders and turn them into mindless drones.

(Pretty much the same argument UKPP once had on CS when it was a 'YES/NO' affair ran by one guy.)

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,916, 00:11

Which is why you may notice that MoD Orders Articles now include reason for why we're fighting in the battles we are. You should try reading them some time.

mick cain Dia 1,916, 04:27

Comentário apagado

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,915, 09:39

eUK Armed Forces Group. Think your copying my idea there

The people in charge are a joke , you don't know yr a...hole from your elbow

Congress voted on the Legion on being the national MU they LOST the vote, so really you are not the national MU in my eyes more like the foreign Legion run by the Polish who need 1 man Carlin , if he got knock over the legion would fall apart this is no way to run a national MU,

and now 2nd commander Legion is coming up with these ideas , your whole group is dodgy, we have the Commander of the Legion who is also MoF that in it self is wrong , you have a national MU run by a Polish player again this is wrong , who's who supply is based in Poland,

The legion is ESO, ESO is the Legion

"Founded, funded and run by EVERY SINGLE ONE" that is a quote from your own lips ! no one out side ESO funded the legion corruption at its highest level !

As not a commander no more so I'm speaking as a person who doesn't like scammers, stop pulling the wool over people eyes !

Blue And Evil
Blue And Evil Dia 1,916, 00:10

Don, ESO has no relation with The Legion, and hasn't done so for months. You know this. Stop being a fool.

Carlini is in Poland for production bonuses, just like you are. His first priority is to the UK. You know this. Stop being a fool.

The military isn't run by congress, it's run by the President, and EVERY president has supported The Legion. You know this. Stop being a fool.

Rodney has organised this because he came forward and offered to help, which is more than YOU have done - especially since we're all apparently copying your ideas, although this is the first I'm hearing of it.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 00:52

YOU ARE THE FOOL TO THINK OTHER PEOPLE DONT THINK THE SAME AS ME , 1 Legion was set up by ESO, Legion was Funded by ESO legion is run by ESO You can say fool fool fool 100 times mate its wont changed the FACTS !

Quote from ESO wiki

Finally, in late 2011 an idea was hatched between Emergy Maxfell, Jamesw, and Rednoahl to enter the MU market with an MU that would blow the others out of the water. Much thought was put into the idea, which was intended to reflect the ESO principles of support for newer players and equal access for all players. The MU was named Legion, and with an aggressive marketing campaign (full of fun Lego graphics!) it took off.

ESO is the Legion , set up and run by ESO members , Funny enough You are in ESO so you would defend buy im RIGHT

Your own Quote
Founded, funded and run by EVERY SINGLE ONE

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 01:07

I presume you stepped down as commander as you are a hilarious excuse for one who planned to buy his way to power and when you found out the majority of people in the eUK hate you because all you do is play nice until people no longer want to do as you say you stepped down.

Attack people trying to help the eCountry all you like but you are never ever positive and that is only detrimental to our country. You are also a complete idiot.

1. You attack me being in Poland when you were in Poland for MONTHS AND MONTHS while running your MU.

2. I have done more for the eUK than you ever will, everyone knows I am eUK and not Poland, jeeze, it was funny back in June, try getting another joke.

3. ESO don't run Legion, I run Legion. I was in ESO for 3 months of my eLife, I am about to hit 12 months. The politics in this country is so retarded (you are part of that reason) that I stepped far away from it long ago.

4. As I am out of ESO I can tell you The Legion is funded by people outside ESO. The Legion also owns saltpeters, not ESO, The Legion.

I always tried to work with you, I only ever got abuse. Enjoy running your MU from a different account of yours.

Enjoy retirement (on this account), it should have come sooner.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 02:06

LOL sorry we feel the British Army should be run my a British Player and I have much Love from good people not EVIL SPITEFUL ORCS aka trolls , you try and put down people who speak the truth , I dont trust you I dont trust JamesW , funny how you run the countries orgs and money ,funny how when Jamesw money went missing

You are corrupt and you don't like people telling the truth !

Birds of a feather flock together !

You lot are so dodgy ESO and the Legion run by a load of wanna be Del boys !

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 07:00

Oh dear god, you are special.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 07:43

and you are dodgy mate ,

Viridi Dia 1,915, 18:31

No entry for militias that don't supply?

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 11:21

There will be support for them.

My ultimate plan is pretty extensive and takes all these into account.

Basically, the idea is to give new players the best possible chance, so those giving weapons to members are obviously much better for that.

I aim to have the bigger MUs who have large supply systems offering supplies to smaller MUs so that more players get access to supplies, and we increase overall damage.

We are all on the same team here, that's what we need to realise.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 00:55

This is why the country is corrupted

Taken From ESO wiki

The offer was accepted and opened up to other military units in the eUK, but no others accepted and “The Legion” became the only military unit to be called “official” and mentioned in MoD articles.

NO other units at the time was offered this so why lie ? it was a backroom deal with Talon , you people are not good people , sly underhand , with no morale fiber , lie out your back teeth ,Shameful

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 01:08

I don't want to be the National MU, people would still join The Legion if we weren't simply because WE ARE THE BEST. Some people don't join us because we are the national MU. In my eyes it keeps people away from us.

If there was another good MU out there that could handle the kind of influx then I would happily step down. Shame you couldn't handle that.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 02:01

Your speaking rubbish I have data showing the legion were 3rd in damage before National MU so you wasn't the best , You are missing the point if things are done above board this would be fine but it has not been , you never renamed your self , the deal given to you was shady at best no one else was given the chance, congress also voted agasint' the Legion being national MU, you don't tell people the levels you supply and it different to all members , look at you were the best we are the best grow up, without you the Legion are gone this is no way to run a national MU. it is also dodgy how you run all the country orgs and are MoF transactions are not accounted for and no one knows what is going on, this whole set up is dodgy plus the fact you are Polish running a national MU , don't shy away from the truth and the facts and silly remarks face the truth this is a sham and not right and needs proper looking into !

Carlini8 Dia 1,916, 04:22

Wow. I am sorry that The Legions greatness has destroyed your power trip.

The MoF finances are all tracked in articles, as is The Leions supply. Try reading, you might learn something.

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 07:39

See childish remark again Greatness you are weird dude go get some sun

Prince Harry.
Prince Harry. Dia 1,916, 07:43

You cant answer none of the proper questions you know I'm right you either make a weak personal attack or say how wonderful you are , this avoids the real question I posed , You are corrupt ,

WayneKerr Dia 1,916, 10:50

This article is not about The Legion nor the British Army. It is an attempt to figure a way to unify our military units into a cohesive force. FFS guys, take the epeen waving to PM's not official government articles. Makes you both look like dicks...

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 11:26

Thanks Wayne, It's nice that some people can see thru all the shit, and truly understand what I'm trying to get at here.

WayneKerr Dia 1,916, 11:43

I know your intentions are honourable an there's no ulterior motive behind you being the one to kick start the discussion. This isn't the final piece, your not pushing it on to anyone. Simply giving the public a chance to give there input and feedback.

Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 11:52


WayneKerr Dia 1,916, 12:10


Rodney Mckay
Rodney Mckay Dia 1,916, 12:13


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