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[FACA Update] DoFA Alliance White Paper-Forums

Dia 1,820, 07:07 Publicado em Australia Austrália por Lord TJ


Two updates in this article.


DoFA has updated it's request for assistance from the public for more Foreign Policy Advocates. According to recently released data, I am the only one so far who has offered to step up and write a brief.

In his latest request, Minister Tim Holtz has said the idea is to take a side and push it.

"Sell the positives whatever they are. Should we join an alliance or stay neutral?", the minister said.

Advocates who complete their assignment for the government will receive remuneration, funded from the personal accounts of the Prime Minister.

FACA joins the department in encouraging experienced hands to help shape the future of our discussion and where we are headed as a community.

To register as a Foreign Policy Advocate, click here to message MoFA Tim Holtz.



Official eAustralian Forum Owner and FACA board member Xavier Griffith has generously gifted FACA a presence on his forums. There are sections provided for all board members and government representatives to the board to discuss foreign policy issues and work on joint initiatives.

MoFA and FACA Co-chair Tim Holtz and myself are moderators of both groups, although Tim will be the more frequent forum attendant. I will continue to work with the members by site messaging and Skype as it is easier for me.

XG has already added FACA members to the groups. To access the board, click here (FACA members must be signed in using their registered details in order to access).

Thanks to all for your support.

TJ Norton

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Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Dia 1,820, 11:14

They are not my forums, they are for the community. I just administrate their hosting.

Aleks79 Dia 1,820, 11:39

Important!!! Let`s beat those multies! - - - уништимо мултије!

James Rellori
James Rellori Dia 1,820, 13:16

Pff. I can't even be bothered to comment on your little eliteist club.

Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen
Daenerys Stormborn Targaryen Dia 1,820, 15:22

aww James didn't get an invite... hey James as a MoFA Intern, maybe you should apply to join?

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dia 1,820, 21:19

James there are 3 or 4 people that come to mind who have joined FACA as a result of articles. There is very little - actually I'll rephrase there is NO bureaucracy or rules attached to the group whatsoever. In basic form, FACA is a hub for foreign policy-minded citizens to come together and work on ideas to take to bilateral levels. It's open for MUs and really .. anyone who has something to bring to the table. FACA is a good forum to learn about foreign affairs without pressure.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Dia 1,820, 21:21

With all that in mind .. TL;DR just say you want to be part of it. Mind you - and I will say this openly in front of everyone - have fun by all means but no screwing around like you used to do. You know what I'm on about. Besides that, come on board.

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