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[[EA][JLO4CP] Together, We're invincible

Dia 1,925, 08:53 Publicado em USA EUA por EnterAwesome

Hello Once Again Readers,

I’ve never really been too keen on government affairs. I usually never know what is going on, and I barely post in the PDB like I should. However, one thing that I do know is who works hard and who is devoted.

Jefferson Locke is a person I’ve known for a while and when I heard he was running for president I got really excited…

Listen, I don’t really care what Jefferson Locke promises to do or what other people are promising to do.

I just try to not base my actions on promises but recent actions. Jefferson_Locke is one of the brightest shining starts in this month’s cabinet. He works tirelessly day in and day out and is always around. He truly cares about the eUnited States and proves it. There has never been one person disappointed with the work that Jefferson Locke does, he always excels.

If there is anyone that should be CP, he deserves it.

He explains his experience here,
I know that there will be questions about experience, so allow me to address that. I have served in the national government for the past three month, first as dept. CoS under Inwegen, then as Chief of Staff under Fingerguns, and I am currently the Vice President under John Killah. I have also been the Fed Vice Party President twice under Duncan Crowe and once under BigCDizzle. I served as retention director under Paul Proteus. These jobs have given me a wide range of knowledge and have allowed me to see what goes on at both the national and party levels, helping me better serve all of you. I have worked with a wide range of groups and opinions, and have learned to respect them all. I believe that diversity is a wonderful thing, and serving in a wide range of capacities has strengthened that belief.

America I love you… So much. Please join me and Support J-Lo For CP. Together, we’re invincible.

No matter where we end up,
No Matter where we go,
No matter who our enemies are,
We will fight with the eUSA,
We will fight with respect,
For we are Activity,


I love you.




Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,925, 08:57

First for Jlo4CP!

Dio Salaar
Dio Salaar Dia 1,925, 08:58

JLo 4 CP

One Sky
One Sky Dia 1,925, 12:29

Jlo 4 CP !

Emperor Zorokian Dia 1,925, 12:44

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fingerguns Dia 1,925, 13:17

Now that's one adorable endorsement.

Hale Kane
Hale Kane Dia 1,925, 13:57


SColbert Dia 1,925, 14:47


Ovidiu Nuta
Ovidiu Nuta Dia 1,925, 17:55

Still dont have MM Medal? Need votes, subs or FB likes? Order them here:

100% safe 100% legal!

SinaAria Dia 1,925, 22:27

JLo 4 CP!

The Original Fawkie
The Original Fawkie Dia 1,926, 23:39

/me demands credit for photopoop



Tyrannocopters Dia 1,926, 00:34


Give America a war worth fighting Jefferson, and I'll vote for you as many times as I can! (once)

Jefferson Locke
Jefferson Locke Dia 1,926, 21:04

; D

tuPole Jr Dia 1,926, 03:18

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yanyali Dia 1,926, 06:55

add friend pls, i have too few friends 🙁

Fitisin Dia 1,926, 07:21

Good luck, does it matter who is cp anymore?

ReMiiX Dia 1,926, 07:24

Voter Club used!

El Marin
El Marin Dia 1,926, 16:27

I do sub for sub

A E N E A S Dia 1,929, 03:04

Good Luck o/

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