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Suck it, S.E.E.S.

32 Dan 864, 20:40 Published in USA USA

Honestly, we're flattered.

But you've crossed a line.

She's ours.
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Oh, you think you're soooo smart.

10 Dan 862, 19:04 Published in USA USA

When PiZ was running for office, he had a lot of really great ideas to fix the economy, boost our population and streamline a bit of government. I know he didn't get into the … preberi več »

FG/DC Congress Update

4 Dan 860, 21:37 Published in USA USA

So far there have been some procedural type votes. Nothing too exciting.

On the forums we have discussed banning Ajay from the Congress forums. I disagreed with the proposal and … preberi več »

I quit.

15 Dan 858, 22:29 Published in USA USA

Alright, so I am serving in Congress now. I am also the President of the Federalist Party. I am also the Chief of Staff in the White House.

This is too much stuff.

I have a strict rule- 1 party job, 1 national job.

I know the Presidential

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I crushed him... as promised.

19 Dan 857, 01:05 Published in USA USA

Well... hmmm.

I find myself in a rather interesting predicament. My party placed me as a blocker in DC because I strongly dislike Harrison Richardson and we thought it would be funny to make him nervous about losing an uncontested race.


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