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So, you’re thinking about switching to The Feds?

38 Dan 900, 10:27 Published in USA USA

Can’t say I blame you, what with all the drama and merging and failing going on. For the last year, The Federalist Party has impressed the nation through our hard work, great ideas and dedication to the country above all else and we now sit as the

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New logo design

23 Dan 896, 19:31 Published in USA USA

Since their current logo suggests they are still the USWP, I took it upon myself to throw together a graphic idea that captures the true essence of the new American Progressive Front.

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I should be HR's Vice President

22 Dan 893, 11:29 Published in USA USA

Or at the very least an adviser. Afterall, this whole 'next generation of leaders' thing is straight outta my PP campaign from 2 months ago.


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Bug or prophesy?

20 Dan 889, 13:34 Published in USA USA

When I logged on this morning, I stumbled across this-

click for larger image

A rare Plato Claus sighting in late

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We all know now, right?

25 Dan 888, 10:47 Published in USA USA

That he's a manipulative self-serving douche. I mean...common knowledge at this point? Yeah?

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