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The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday

The Annihilation

93 Ziua 2,331, 08:44 SUA Analiză militară Analiză militară

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The Annihilation; A.K.A The bullying

I am one of those that do not like Canada in this game. My dislike is not based on me disliking the average Canadian, my dislike is based … citește în continuare »

The Prodigal Son

70 Ziua 2,329, 14:03 SUA Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică

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The prodigal son is back!

Some of the older players might recognize my name from my time in … citește în continuare »

Joke of a tournament

22 Ziua 2,310, 04:35 Danemarca Analiză militară Analiză militară

This tournament is useless if you want personal profit. You are going to use a lot more than you normally would to get less. 1% in this tournament is roughly 5.3 FFs, which means to get 1000% you need 5300 FFs, which is 530 EBs. This result is

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How to become my friend

8 Ziua 2,282, 08:49 Danemarca Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment

P.S I'm the duck. … citește în continuare »

Seppo is in the house!

24 Ziua 2,199, 23:49 Danemarca Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment

Hello my new fellow countrymen and women!

Seppo has now arrived to the party and will be here to make eDenmark a slight bit sexier than before. I mean you got some seriously sexy people here in n0s3, ilphen and Libertas, but now you have … citește în continuare »