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To some, it's a lifestyle. To others, it's why they play the game. For the rest, it's just 4 letters that show up repeatedly.

Care to find out what it's about?

[WTP]Life's a beach

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This is a congressional candidacy article. It's important for We The People members to write one when running.

But there's a problem. I'm on vacation. Writing a damn article on vacation. I know, right? Now I firmly believe that RL>eRep but in

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WTP is the place for me.

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WTP is pretty great cause opinions vary greatly but we work together.
I'm in congress currently for the first time in quite some time.
For me it's about making real changes.
We lowered the work tax.
Time to … citește în continuare »

[ST6] CLOSED Elite MU for competition

31 Ziua 2,405, 09:18 SUA Ordine de luptă Ordine de luptă

That’s right, we’re NOT opening our doors for everyone. Seal Team 6 is an elite specialized force … citește în continuare »

Stop Complaining About It and Do Something

21 Ziua 2,375, 05:41 SUA Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică

This game is funny. Over my 5+ years of playing I’ve seen it all, and by “it all” I mean how much Plato yanks our chain.

I’ve also seen the ebb and tide of the eUS political game. As the Commander of

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[SEAL Team 6] Join us for contest - Let’s rock the world once again

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We did it once, let’s do it again!

It’s time once again people, the 2nd big military unit … citește în continuare »