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[Aminta] Forgiveness day

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[ENG] Version
Macedonian version below

Dear Macedonians,
Dear allies, friends and enemies,

Today is a great day for all Orthodox Christians... today is Forgiveness day!

Today is a day for honest and sacrificial love towards … citește în continuare »


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Поздрав МТО,

Со оглед дека на ден 2.261 почнува долгонајавуваниот турнир од Плато кој треба да трае до крајот на денот 2.267 [url=ște în continuare »

For the first time I need your help! [Aminta]

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Dear friends,

recently Admins out of nowhere decided to punish me so they put me in very bad situation.
First they took all my assets and then they put me in a huge … citește în continuare »

MTO & Friends

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Fun is NOT everyday clicking work, train and fight buttons... fun IS sharing good moments with friends!

Во овие најтешки моменти за еМакедонија сакам со оваа стат … citește în continuare »

MTO во Прилеп! [ПИВОФЕСТ]

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*Just to apologize to all Indonesian friends that cant understand or read this article since it is on Macedonian language and it is and invitation for a beer festival this citește în continuare »