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Foundation 'Future for Youngsters' is now available in Norway!

18 Ziua 2,322, 13:06 Norvegia Primii pași în eRepublik Primii pași în eRepublik

Hello :)

In August 2012 I created a small foundation called 'Future for Youngsters' and the main goal was to help young players by giving them some food for a better start in game. With time, I began to help more experienced players too; the main

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Hello, Norge!

9 Ziua 2,317, 06:21 Norvegia Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment


"Congratulations, your citizenship application in Norway has been accepted! You now have the right to vote, join a political party and run in elections.Your companies will now citește în continuare »

January summary

8 Ziua 2,266, 06:55 Filipine Dezbateri și analiză politică Dezbateri și analiză politică


A short summary of the January term and some thoughts on the current situation in Philippines.

1. Regions
Under the [url=

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A moment of fun

10 Ziua 2,262, 11:02 Filipine Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment


I think that airstrike on Serbia was awesome idea, even though it ended up on one lost battle.
That was something new and some fun in eRep boring reality ;)

Kosovo is Filipino! :

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More respect, please

34 Ziua 2,249, 10:34 Filipine Socializare și divertisment Socializare și divertisment


Today the party elections results were announced. And just a short comment from my side.

Seriously? Everyone has the same right to be here as you.
I understand that some people

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