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[NaN] Welcome Cyprus and Malaysia!

Ziua 1,975, 19:45 Publicat în Australia Australia de Alternation

Greetings citizens of the eWorld!

After several weeks of planning and preparation, the NaN Alliance HQ is happy to announce the creation of the official newspaper of the NaN Alliance. Here, you will get the latest news and information regarding the NaN and its member countries.

This being the first publication of the NaN Alliance, it will be somewhat brief. Here is an update on the state of the alliance and the introduction of some of our newest members:

eCyprus a New Member
On the 5th of April, eCyprus joined the NaN Alliance, bringing alliance membership to a total of three nations, matching the number in Asgard.

eMalaysia a New Member
On the 11th of April, eMalaysia joined the NaN Alliance as a trial member, bringing the alliance membership to four nations, officially surpassing Asgard for fourth place on the eRep Rankings list.

Coordination is Going Well
Alliance coordination is going well as membership stays in touch, discusses daily orders, and is discussing an alliance Military Unit. The Official NaN Forum is making communication easy for membership as well. As the alliance grows our coordination efforts will become apparent in a big way.

Alliance Leadership
The CPs of each member country, and their representatives, met together, discussed, and this will be the HQ of the NaN Alliance for the upcoming month:

Consul (eSouth Africa): Grimstone
Consul (eAustralia): DraimAlexander
Consul (eCyprus): NoGuts-NoGlory

eAustralia: irule777
eSouth Africa: Fhaemita Malodorous
eCyprus: Fikibokk

eAustralia: Ausssie Bloke & lancer450
eCyprus: NoGuts-NoGlory & kthniatros
eMalaysia: Muhammad Hifzan & Monkeyboom Yau

eSouth Africa: Miyagiyoda & Cody Caine(Media)
eAustralia: Majester & Xavier Griffith

eSouth Africa: Wilpanzer1
eAustralia: Valentyme

Since the birth of the alliance quite a few nations have expressed interest in the NaN Alliance, some through statements of support, others through interest in joining - as we grow this will only increase.

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!


Cody Caine
NaN Media Director


lancer450 Ziua 1,975, 19:46

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!

HAIL NaN! o7

irule777 Ziua 1,975, 19:47

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!

HAIL NaN! o7

Xanthar Zaiban
Xanthar Zaiban Ziua 1,975, 20:04


ViciousDeeds Ziua 1,975, 20:05


Kooguy Ziua 1,975, 20:06

Hail eUSA!
Hail eBelgium!
Hail eSouth Korea!
Hail eChile!
Hail ePeru!
Hail eMexico!
Hail eBulgaria!
Hail eIndonesia!
Hail eLithuania!
Hail eFYROM!
Hail eSwitzerland!
Hail eJapan!
Hail eRepublic of Moldova!
Hail eParaguay!
Hail eNew Zealand!

HAIL CoT! o7

lancer450 Ziua 1,975, 20:07


lancer450 Ziua 1,975, 20:07

lol : P

Kooguy Ziua 1,975, 20:11


greg L
greg L Ziua 1,977, 02:44

get lost, CoT is evil and pathetic, we don't need enemies commenting in our newspapers, CoT can go to hell

greg L
greg L Ziua 1,977, 02:47

Besides, why did you name all those countries ?.. they are just Lackeys and brown nosers.. CoT is ruled by Chile and Indonesia... all the rest have to bow to their leader.. Childonesia

Jack Lantos
Jack Lantos Ziua 1,975, 20:23

I found the alliance mascot:

atrawall Ziua 1,975, 20:24

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!

HAIL NaN! o7

supereviloverlord Ziua 1,975, 20:36

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!


Fail eUSA!
Fail eBelgium!
Fail eSouth Korea!
Fail eChile!
Fail ePeru!
Fail eMexico!
Fail eBulgaria!
Fail eIndonesia!
Fail eLithuania!
Fail eFYROM!
Fail eSwitzerland!
Fail eJapan!
Fail eRepublic of Moldova!
Fail eParaguay!
Fail eNew Zealand!


1411605 Ziua 1,975, 20:42

"...officially surpassing Asgard..."

Hey, we value quality over quantity :p

Good luck guys o/

P.S. Do you get a free NaN with every curry?

DMV3 Ziua 1,975, 20:45

I lol'ed

Charlotte Quintao
Charlotte Quintao Ziua 1,976, 03:14


Video Jack
Video Jack Ziua 1,976, 03:18

Sadly no. We need to get eIndia into this alliance.

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,976, 09:27

It was tried apparently.

DraimAlexander Ziua 1,976, 17:09

It was, and I still think it would be a great move and am hopeful it will happen. Their CP was very interested (and applied) but their congress still believes they have a chance to join CoT and doesn't want to write that off yet. Obviously we feel that is unlikely but I wish them all the best .

Léon Reno
Léon Reno Ziua 1,975, 20:43

2 US citizens in HQ. CoT is everywhere. lol

Lord TJ
Lord TJ Ziua 1,975, 21:03

It's true but each country has an interest based on circumstance. eAustralia has been sidelined for a while based on the fact that each of its traditional allies are either too far away regionally to be of mutual use, or are better suited to other alliances based on their national need. NaN is no threat to CoT, CoT understand this and I think this is a decent insulator to prevent any effect outside of the status quo.

Xavier Griffith
Xavier Griffith Ziua 1,975, 22:11

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!


Binda33 Ziua 1,975, 22:54

It was hailing here earlier. Now it's very cold.

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Ziua 1,976, 00:52

runs up and gives Binda a big smooch and a hot chocolate

Binda33 Ziua 1,976, 01:17

with marshmallows?

argi the eliminator
argi the eliminator Ziua 1,976, 02:21

*argi gives binda marshmallows* she is mine

Henry the 8th
Henry the 8th Ziua 1,976, 07:37

knocks Argi over setting him on fire, skewers his marshmallows and lightly roasts them for Binda over his smoldering body

DraimAlexander Ziua 1,976, 17:07

well that escalated quickly

M.Windu Ziua 1,976, 00:51

Hail MASC!

AlAlphaone Ziua 1,976, 00:54


Arfman Ziua 1,976, 02:16

I mean hail.

Ezrafel Effendy
Ezrafel Effendy Ziua 1,976, 03:01

Hail ALL NAN mambers

Charlotte Quintao
Charlotte Quintao Ziua 1,976, 03:15

May this alliance benefit one and all!

AzrulSyafiq2 Ziua 1,976, 05:10

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!


Haryati Abd Hardy
Haryati Abd Hardy Ziua 1,976, 07:22

Hail eAustralia!
Hail eSouth Africa!
Hail eCyprus!
Hail eMalaysia!


St0L3n1 Ziua 1,976, 18:54

Voted & Sub o/

ComKar Ziua 1,977, 09:22


Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris
Master Lobban Le Rub Klitoris Ziua 1,977, 13:54

Strength and Honour

akamiil Ziua 1,979, 10:31


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