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Under My Thumb

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Oh yeah

Aurora take your best shot. And then we will take ours'.
Take it easy babe

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You are doing this wrong Александар

75 Dia 2,489, 04:18 Published in Greece Greece Análises de guerra Análises de guerra

Once upon a time there was an air-strike

somewhere in Atlantic ocean...

meanwhile at Canada...


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81 Dia 2,458, 14:59 Published in Greece Greece Análise e debates políticos Análise e debates políticos

Απλα nope
Καποτε, περιπου 1400 μερες πριν, οταν υπηρχαν οργανισμοι και ειχα το προηγουμενο account, ειχα εκδοσει αυτο το αρθρο. Μιλουσε στη χωρα των admin, για τους λο

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AN ADVICE TO eGreece No1

29 Dia 2,428, 10:40 Published in Greece Greece Entretenimento e interacções sociais Entretenimento e interacções sociais

To νου σας ρεμαλια, θα εχουμε προβλημα. Δε ξερω απο που θα κανουμε τη χωριστρα.
Μια καποια λυσις θα ηταν να σηκωσουμε μοϊκανα.
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Strange sense of time.. Erep sense of time

51 Dia 2,425, 13:45 Published in Greece Greece Análises de guerra Análises de guerra

- 1st place: +1 Determination Bonus for 10 days in all battles

The rewards of the New World Cup will be given tomorrow, Day 2,415, 6:00 eRepublik time.

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