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Viva La Reagan Revolucion!
http://www.thebrunoreport.tk -My Official eRepublik Blog

Vote Ronald Gipper Reagan for President of the United States!

64 Giorno 2,813, 21:11 Pubblicato in USA USA Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

These words are truer than ever in the eUSA today. Government is indeed the problem. My name is Ronald Gipper Reagan, and I was one of the … leggi di più »

Interview with Hungarian Ambassador to the USA skyambrian

15 Giorno 2,779, 09:49 Pubblicato in USA USA Dibattito politico Dibattito politico

How did you start playing eRepublik?
I got an invitation from Grepolis.

Would you share with us a little bit about yourself?
I am Máté Molnár. I live in Győrújbarát,a little township … leggi di più »

Rest in Peace Lord Haldir

33 Giorno 2,750, 12:14 Pubblicato in USA USA Svago Svago

I saw the deeply saddening news today that one of our former brothers-in-arms in the eUSA, Lord Haldir, who also went by the name Dalibor M has died after suffering from throat cancer. He was one of the … leggi di più »

The Force is Strong in the Reagan Family....

36 Giorno 2,707, 20:22 Pubblicato in USA USA Svago Svago

Why should you support me? It's simple.

My eFamily has a long history of fighting on the light side against the forces of darkness, despite the many tragic deaths that evil eSith Lords have horribly inflicted upon us.

The force is … leggi di più »

Proposals To Change The Economic Module.

10 Giorno 2,694, 18:19 Pubblicato in USA USA Finanza Finanza

*REPUBLISHED in the USA by Request of XxVan HelsingxX*

For a long time plato began to implement "great" changes for the benefit of their pocket, but does not realize that these changes are killing the game, these changes have made the … leggi di più »