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Edition Nr.1◘ Feel Free.

7 Giorno 2,519, 11:38 Published in Greece Greece Primi passi in eRepublik Primi passi in eRepublik

Good day to you all maties.

Today i'm presenting you first article of many other that are awaiting to be published.
This articles purpose is to endorse creativity and also have some fun by feeling free to answear everything.
Have you ever

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For ya'll maties

4 Giorno 2,501, 13:47 Published in Greece Greece Svago Svago

For the mission

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Greece vs Romania

2 Giorno 2,483, 10:25 Published in Greece Greece Svago Svago

Hello to ya'll.
I am an eCit of eGreece with an eRomanian eNat. (Was that spelled corect?)
I bring this fact in the first place because i want to make some mentions regarding Romanian and Greek friendship, inside and outside the real world.

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Because neighbourhood

16 Giorno 2,412, 09:15 Published in Greece Greece Svago Svago

Yea mateys! For the love we hold to our neighbours i share this...

....and this...!

And a reliving of a comeback , cause you might get this sooner or

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Todays menu : Raped Italy

4 Giorno 2,404, 15:18 Published in Greece Greece Svago Svago

Ahoy Mateys!
As the titled says, today is a good day to pillage and plunder boot-like country called Italy.

With 4 wars on going, i wonder how would ye handle the "heat"? Looks like ye hold a big booty since everyone is on ye! Heeve ho!

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