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Comment about the Weekly Report

8 Dan 2,469, 10:44 Objavljeno u United Kingdom United Kingdom Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

In fact it isn't weekly.

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The global comparative wage

6 Dan 1,900, 06:49 Objavljeno u Australia Australia Financijsko poslovanje Financijsko poslovanje

The List of maximum salary:
1. Portugal(110,00)
2. Bosnia-Herzegovina (70,00)
3. Albania (30,00)
4. Saudi Arabia (15,50)
5. Ukraine (15,15)
6. USA (15,02)
7. Poland (15,00)
8. Spain (14,53)
9. China (14,00)

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The Spirit of Australia

5 Dan 1,766, 05:40 Objavljeno u Australia Australia Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

Where is the Spirit of eAustralia?

a) Don't exist.
b) We are eChilis.
c) Came back at the moment.
d) Doesn't matter, I have Vegemite-Sandwich.

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War against Indonesia ?!

12 Dan 1,696, 01:29 Objavljeno u Australia Australia Političke rasprave i analize Političke rasprave i analize

Dear eAusssies,

The next war is coming!
At the moment Indonesia elect their Natural Enemy. They cose us as their Natural Enemy so we need to stand up and fight against Indonesia.
We, the Australian congress also proposed Indonesia as Natural

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Invasion in Victoria

3 Dan 1,662, 13:22 Objavljeno u Australia Australia Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

After a long time without war at the Australian Continent the Kiwis started a military campaign to conquer Victoria from us. The most citizens are angry because of this act of agression againt our homeland.
In fact it isn't very kind if they try

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