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The Red Flare is a military newspaper, bringing you the battles from the viewpoint of a soldier, a country and an alliance.

The Red Flare tries to bring the many battles in eRepublik to live...

RedFlareTV : Election week = Comedy week !

5 Dan 1,902, 10:10 Belgija Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

With election week upon us, things will get serious in eBelgium. Candidates introducing themselves, publishing their programmes and recruiting ministerial candidates.

But sometimes, you grow bored with the debates. Sometimes, you want it to be a

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Red Flare TV

13 Dan 1,900, 02:16 Belgija Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

Now, for something totally different.

I have been thinking recently on how we can bring much more into the game than it now actually offers. All it needs is a bit of creativity. And while I admit it is totally opposite of what some call 'the game

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Day 1,897 : Burning Moose

4 Dan 1,898, 23:40 Belgija Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

I could already see the building from a distance. The lights out, heavily fenced, the barb wire entangling through the old iron gates. The nightly sky was lit now and then…..flares shone their eerie light over the otherwise pitch dark city. Alarms

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Day 1,892: Operation Beachboys

3 Dan 1,892, 02:12 Belgija Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

Thebes, Abydos, Karnak…names out of history books. Names of legends and pyramids.
To be in Egypt alongside our Bulgarian allies is as if you stepped into a history lesson.
And in war, there is a simple truth: always pay attention to your history

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When it rains...

7 Dan 1,891, 23:25 Belgija Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

The eNetherlands wake up from another military hangover. As a new Eden HQ is forming, the former eDutch President Van Spijck and his team lost their vote of confidence and stepped down.

More and more eDutch start to doubt the use of an Eden

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