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A little help to our friends

22 Dan 2,580, 14:24 Objavljeno u Canada Canada Zapovijedi za bitku Zapovijedi za bitku


Hey everywho, well there are some winter wars a wagging, and I think Canada should show some force for our good friends.

Argentina has led a pretty kick ass campaign against Poland, and as many of you Canadians may remember, … čitaj više »

Proposed Comptroller Act

18 Dan 2,572, 21:08 Objavljeno u Canada Canada Financijsko poslovanje Financijsko poslovanje

Proposed Comptroller Act

Comptroller General Act

This Act represents a committed effort by Canada to regulate how funds are distributed, particularly for Combat Orders issued by the Canadian Civil Defense, by the Canadian … čitaj više »

Congress what do you think?

16 Dan 2,567, 23:07 Objavljeno u Canada Canada Financijsko poslovanje Financijsko poslovanje


Since I am not a Congress member this month, I am going to do my best in keeping our current members active and working for Canada. Lots of people talk the talk, but where is the walk?

This article will address the current topic … čitaj više »

Where is Smokey?

22 Dan 2,565, 21:21 Objavljeno u Canada Canada Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava


With all the recent bickering about who has the smaller wood pecker collection, I am happy to be pretty darn remote with limited internets! So where is old elitist Smokey hiding these days?

Way up in the gold light of the Yukon!
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Coalition, a Take

35 Dan 2,560, 19:46 Objavljeno u Canada Canada Političke rasprave i analize Političke rasprave i analize


Hey everyone, so I just wanted to put out a little opinion piece on coalitions and where I see them in Canada. First off congratulations on the 3 parties for coming together as a unit to add a “third” voice to Canadian Politics. It … čitaj više »