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Napalm, son. Nothing else in the world smells like that.

Everything was lie

35 Dan 1,754, 04:06 Japan Političke rasprave i analize Političke rasprave i analize

One day after the presidential elections I left the Nippon Power and joined the Japanese Imperial Army. Geezus lost and I rightly thought that the future is the state-running MU.

Our ever beloved president, Hizaya Nobunaga also [url=http://www.

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War Alert

5 Dan 1,722, 09:03 Japan Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

A little more than eight hours and we will be at war against our … čitaj više »

Rocket factory for everybody

16 Dan 1,680, 08:30 Japan Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

New buildings added to the game, you can produce rockets now!

The limited offer, Q1: 5.6 gold, Q2: 16.8 gold, Q3: 56 gold, Q4: 112 gold (later 10, … čitaj više »

Let's go to Korea!

18 Dan 1,667, 09:09 Japan Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

Fellow Citizens,

it's time to be even with Taiwan and also help our old Korean friends. Join the Japanese Volunteer Forces and fight against the … čitaj više »

Glorious victory

12 Dan 1,645, 09:15 Japan Analiza ratovanja Analiza ratovanja

I have my first million. Not one million yen, but the damage in a campaign: 1 123 410, achieved while successfully liberating Chubu on day 1,645.

It was a great honor to … čitaj više »