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George Griffin for Gulf of Mexico

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Hello friends and supporters,

This month on the 25th I will be running for Congress in the Gulf of Mexico under - We The People’s party. I ask you to join me and get me back into Congress for my 5th term as a Congressman.

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I'm Back eAmerica!

5 Dan 1,711, 12:29 Objavljeno u USA USA Društvene aktivnosti i zabava Društvene aktivnosti i zabava

Ohhhh how I've missed you eAmerica! I am finally back and ready to dominate.

George Griffin

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Congressional Voting Record

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Welcome Readers...

Voting Record - Feb 26th - March 9th

President of Australia proposed a mutual protection pact with USA
= Voted: Yes

Do you agree that USA should buy a Defense System of quality 1 from čitaj više »

Congressional Voting - Stop In Kansas

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Welcome Readers...

As I sit here in my house watching the election day float by, I now can be settled here in Kansas and čitaj više »

Congressional Video

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Welcome Everyone...

I am hoping for your support in electing me for congressman of Kansas.

Congressional Platform



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