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Old Fu-ks United

Id-partypresident George Armstrong Custer     US États-Unis     Classement national : 8    

Vice President

0ea187812e09058d4e48fd7f77477892 Zheng He

Secrétaire Général

9d6528b57de4be79fc8abeac09d7045a tsewell


296e03bda05d119f77ca73413383ec3c TheHarvester


446c6fc681bbc2ac5caedbf155b108c6 Jason the Great


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Maybe you're tired of the same old same old Party politics. Maybe you're a 2-clicker and don't want anything expected of you. Maybe you just don't care anymore. Maybe you're quitting eRep and seek a quiet, dignified death. Old Fu-ks United is a good place to rest. Nothing happens here.

Membres 25

Orientation Centre droit, Autoritariste

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